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Big Devil Autoflower Seeds

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Rumor has it that Big Devil Autoflower has Jack Herer in her direct lineage, but the exact origins of this award-winning strain remain something of a mystery...

Large and in Charge


Bud Basics

Rumor has it that Big Devil Autoflower has Jack Herer in her direct lineage, but the exact origins of this award-winning strain remain something of a mystery (even with such prestigious accolades as 1st place in the 2014 Auto del Año Soft Secrets High Life Cup on the trophy shelf).


Erring slightly towards the Sativa side of the scale (60%), Big Devil Auto is an extremely well-balanced hybrid with a variable THC content. Depending on the quality of the grow, this stuff has been known to test for anything from 15% THC to more than 20% THC. Suffice to say, that extra 5% in one direction or another can make a big difference.


Pairing a soaring cerebral high with a deep and long-lasting body stone, these buds bring the best of all worlds into the mix.


Best reserved for relaxed evenings and quiet weekends with nothing on the calendar, a potent batch of this stuff has the potential to glue you to the couch for hours on end. All while keeping you entertained with a radically altered mind for the duration, edging close to the full-on out of body experience.


Big Devil Autoflower is becoming a staple at discerning dispensaries across the United States, though is best enjoyed when grown from seed at home. Keep in mind though - in order to get the best out of this stuff, you’ll need a fair amount of space to let the plants do their thing.



Flavor and Fragrance of Big Devil Autoflower

There’s nothing particularly complex about the fragrance of Big Devil Autoflower, which for the most part is just about as old-school as it gets. The whole thing is dominated by buckets of classic Skunk and wave after wave of dankness.


There’s a small hint of pine freshness or citrus tang in the background, but it’s basically the dictionary definition of ultra-heavy Skunk. More or less how you’d describe the stink of good weed to a newbie.


It’s pretty much the same story on the palate – masses of classic skunkiness with just a hint of sour fruit. Burning Big Devil Auto buds releases an almost hash-like fragrance, making for an enjoyable and uncomplicated smoke that’s surprisingly smooth. Which is precisely where the danger of the whole thing comes in – you can enjoy this stuff too much and quickly take things a toke too far.


Vape it if you like, but the classic skunk fragrance and flavor of this herb is best enjoyed the old-fashioned way.




Some strains are quite deceptive during the early stages of the high. Initially, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were hitting a pure Sativa strain. Big Devil Autoflower gets to work instantaneously with an inspiring, energizing and uplifting high, bringing on bursts of creativity and almost insatiable motivation.


You suddenly find yourself exploding with the kind of drive and determination that makes it difficult to sit still, firing you up for tasks you’d usually find mundane.


Not that you’ll want to take on anything particularly tasking – the hard-hitting physical side of the high is never far behind. Give things around 45 minutes and the initial wave of energy is replaced by a feeling of utter bone-idleness. You’ll still have the motor functions needed to pick up the guitar or play video games, but anything more physical than this will be completely out of the question.


Sensory perceptions are altered for the duration of the experience and you can expect new levels of satisfaction from your surroundings. Conversation with those in the vicinity will be far from impossible, though may become nonsensical as the high progresses.


Sooner or later, you can expect a bout of the munchies that all the take-out food in the world won’t satisfy… so be warned!



Medical Uses of Big Devil Autoflower

The relatively balanced nature of Big Devil’s genetics make her an exceptionally versatile strain in therapeutic cannabis circles. Though the hard-hitting nature also makes this a strain to consume in moderation and approach with caution.


Famed for her uplifting and mood-boosting properties, this is the perfect strain to turn to for the alleviation of mild to moderate depression, stress and anxiety. This herb’s also earned a stellar reputation for its effectiveness against the symptoms of PTSD, or when negative thoughts are clouding your mind for any reason.


The fact that Big Devil Autoflower also brings on prolonged bouts of the munchies also makes this ganja great for tackling appetite issues and nausea.


Big Devil’s connotations with couch-lock and a numbing body stone make this stuff a great choice for the treatment of mild to moderate pain conditions. The intensity of the body stone varies in accordance with potency and the quantity consumed – measured and moderated intake being the way to go. In any case, conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and frequent migraines have been known to respond positively to measured consumption of this cannabis.


Users with a low THC tolerance are advised to tread carefully when experimenting with this herb, due to its tendency to bring on mind-race followed by extensive periods of couch-lock. Both of which can prove overwhelming for the uninitiated, or for those with a history of paranoia or panic attacks.



Growing Big Devil Autoflower Seeds

While it’s possible to keep Big Devil plants to a relatively compact size, these beauties thrive when given all the space they need to do their thing. Outdoors, Big Devil Autoflower plants can reach up to five feet in height, though can be taken all the way from seed to harvest in less than 10 weeks.


As this is the autoflowering variant, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage when the time is right – no need to worry about appropriate lighting cycles.


Consistently warm and sunny conditions will ensure the best possible results, though Big Devil isn’t afraid of the occasional bout of bad weather. Get it right and you could be looking at up to 8oz of potent weed for every plant grown outdoors, aiming to harvest towards the middle of October at the latest.


You’ll get away with absolutely no specialist knowledge, skills or experience, though be sure to factor odor control into the equation. Not only does Big Devil Autoflower stink as she begins to flower, but these plants have the kind of quintessential cannabis funk that’s 100% unmistakable. Something to bear in mind, if discretion is a priority.




Big Devil Autoflower is the kind of strain that asks very little and yet offers so much in return. As long as you can give these beauties enough sunshine and space to do their thing, the rest takes care of itself.


Powerful, punchy and perfectly versatile, Big Devil Auto is a well-balanced strain with an endless list of recreational and therapeutic applications. The perfect choice when craving the classic old-school skunk experience, which gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness.


Just be sure to approach those first few hits with care and caution - Big Devil Autoflower is renowned for taking even seasoned stoners off guard.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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