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A cornerstone of the cannabis industry for decades, G13 Feminized is more than a visually appealing, easy-growing super Indica strain...

The Definition of Dank


Bud Basics

A cornerstone of the cannabis industry for decades, G13 Feminized is more than a visually appealing, easy-growing super Indica strain - she’s also one of those quintessential marijuana mysteries, with origin stories that evoke awe and intrigue alike.


Rumor has it that CIA and FBI scientists had a hand in developing hybrids with insane potency back in the sixties, of which G13 was a prominent feature. Why the government would aim to create uber-Indicas is a question we’ll let you chew over - and why not ponder the motives of the purported lab tech who supposedly stole and reproduced this incredible wonder weed, while you’re at it.


Speculation and shrouded history aside, the facts speak for themselves.


G13 is a brain-bogglingly powerful specimen capable of average THC hitting 24%. Once an entirely pure Indica, these days you’re looking at closer to a 70/30 split in favor of Indica - a balance which grants a wider and more enjoyable experience for tokers.


That Sativa influence adds an exquisite cerebral edge to these buds, while never detracting from the total and inevitable domination of the Indica’s sedative pull.


Make no mistake - G13 Feminized is not the strain to turn to for your next wake and bake. Reserve this stuff exclusively for those afternoons, evenings and weekends where you have little to no demands ahead of you.


The feminized nature of these beans makes this already beginner-friendly crop even easier, removing any risk of crop-ruining pollinating male plants. And perhaps the best feature? - this hybrid is abundantly generous come harvest time, yielding substantial buds to even the less experienced growers who choose this cultivar.


Thank the likely inclusion of pure Indica landrace strains like Afghani for those stable growth traits, as well as this herb’s old-school sweet and sour skunky profile.



Flavor and Fragrance of G13 Feminized

Boasting berry hints and dank earthiness for days, the flavor and fragrance of G13 is a classic homage to the strain’s Afghani lineage, bearing a myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene terpene profile which translates as pungency re-defined.


These skunky nuances can be quite divisive among the uninitiated newbies in the cannabis community, but connoisseurs and those who’ve done the rounds will recognize this sweet and sour profile anywhere as the definition of dank.


Beyond the berries and sour skunkiness of the scent, the taste translation is far less of a crowd-splitter, offering up that tantalizing sweetness packed with pine and sandalwood tangs that are more prominent and absurdly moreish.




G13 Feminized wastes absolutely no time getting to work and letting you know that 24% THC is gearing up to melt your face (in a good way).


Things start out with a decidedly Sativa jump start that sends your mind soaring after a mere toke or two. Euphoria surrounds you, uplifting the mood and banishing negativity.


It’s entirely possible that you’ll feel the added rush of creative inspiration and motivation flooding through you, but you’ll need to act quickly if you’re going to capitalize on this invigorating stage of inspiration - the Indica influence is coming soon, and you’re not going to feel quite as functional when it hits.


How long it takes will depend on your dosage and THC tolerance, but eventually, you’ll notice your limbs leadening and a profound sense of sedation joins your serenity. Suddenly, the couch becomes the most inviting place in the world, and all forms of strenuous activity are pretty much off the table.


Hence why G13 Fem is best enjoyed in the afternoons, evenings or weekends when you have the time for some unashamed ‘you’ time. Kick back with a good book, tunes you’re vibing with or a classic Netflix binge and enjoy yourself to the fullest - it’s what these buds were made for!


In time, the munchies are almost guaranteed, so be sure to stock your cupboards with plenty of snacks because even short journeys are going to seem like a massive chore when couchlock fully sets in.


As the high intensifies or drags towards its end, sleep is practically inevitable, and even those with insomnia will struggle to resist the Sandman’s call.



Medical Uses of G13 Feminized

If you have no interest in the psychoactive nature of pot, chances are this marijuana isn’t the medicine for you. With CBD averaging 0.7%, those hunting high CBD strains with low THC are out of luck, however, G13 Feminized is still more the capable of an array of therapeutic uses.


The mood-modulating effects of this herb are so swift to influence that these buds have been used for decades by those seeking solace from stress, whether it’s your average post-work stress or the chronic variety.


Conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar and PTSD can also be effectively alleviated through the careful dosage of this stuff.


Of course, since G13 is a largely physical strain, there are plenty of benefits for those suffering from mild to severe physical aches and pains, too, and the powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents found here can treat a range of conditions.


Relief from headaches, migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, and even the likes of multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia is all possible with this pot on the job.


Appetite disorders can also be treated effectively with G13, which simultaneously works on quelling nausea and stimulating hunger to ravenous levels.


Finally, even severe cases of insomnia can be overturned when the compelling sedative nature of these buds is flowing through your system.


Just be careful if your THC tolerance is low - the high THC content in this herb makes it easy to overindulge and invite the less desirable side effects of marijuana like mild dizziness, cottonmouth or bloodshot eyes. Stay hydrated and consume in moderation though and you’ll be in for a truly enjoyable treatment.



Growing G13 Feminized Seeds

In true Indica style and paying homage to those reliable landrace genetic building blocks, growing G13 Feminized is an absolute breeze that even novice cultivators can easily succeed with.


These plants tend to remain around the 1 meter tall mark, making them highly suitable for indoor setups and famously simple to manage. You’ll also find these fierce and striking beauties boast incredible resilience to mold, pests or pathogens, helping to guarantee a generous harvest.


The yielding potential of this pot is truly off the charts, but you’ll want to allow your crop ample room to grow and develop those innumerable dense budding sites. For this reason, occasional trimming and pruning will be an absolute must to ensure adequate airflow and light penetration reaches every region of your plants.


If you’re able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, this will go miles towards making the most of all your available space and helping your crop reach its maximum output potential. Combine this with a hydro cultivation medium to encourage explosive growth, or organic soil to boost that terpene production for flavor, aroma and medical efficacy.


Besides a little plant training and choosing the right setup for you, there’s very little involved beyond the usual TLC to see these beauties to fruition.


If you have access to a warm Mediterranean climate, this suits G13 Feminized best - if not, then emulate these climes with an appropriate indoor rig for the best possible results.


The main consideration you need to factor in is the lengthy 10 to 12 weeks of flowering these plants require. Given the sheer ease of the entire grow though, such wait times are a small price to pay.


When those weeks are up and you’re facing that stunning crimson and orange-hued display of dense crystal-coated nugs, it’s time for the coveted cut-down. Indoors, you can expect a bounty of up to 600 grams per meter squared, while outdoor crops can yield up to an astonishing 1000 grams per plant - don’t mind if I do!




Created in a secret government lab to be the super Indica strain that she stands today - makes G13 Feminized sound like the feature of a conspiracy theory or science fiction spin-off show.


Whether you believe the rumors of this hybrid’s origins or not, the facts remain and the facts are clear. This skunky marijuana masterpiece and her 24% average THC level is potent as hell and the definition of dank.


Divisive among some audiences, yet most cannabis connoisseurs’ dream come true. As the icing on top, growing G13 Fem is an easy experience and surefire path to even novice cultivators scoring a humungous yield of this glistening ganja.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthNovember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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