Pine Autoflower Seeds

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Pine Autoflower Seeds

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Pine autoflower cannabis seeds from premium breeders of the best marijuana strains. Seed Supreme discreetly ships worldwide with free weed seeds in every order.

Pine autoflower cannabis seeds

Have you been pining for a relaxing stroll through the woodlands with the smell of morning dew and freshly rained earth? Grow your own mini Alpine forest with Pine autoflower cannabis seeds and puff on the herbal fruits of your toil.

Read on for our breakdown of Pine autoflower, including its effects, aromatic profile, growing tips, and similar strains.


What are Pine autoflower seeds?

If you're looking for a low-maintenance strain with strong cerebral effects and a generous harvest, Pine autoflower seeds are perfect. 

Pine weed seeds are named after their refreshing woody aroma delivering effects just as uplifting as the fresh forest scent. The strong cerebral buzz and soothing full-body stone make it an ideal midday toke.

Autoflowers are excellent for stealth growing as they're typically moderate-sized plants. With Pine autoflower cannabis seeds, there's no triggering flowering by changing light cycles. The plants begin budding independently, so it's a great pick for low-maintenance growers. 


Growing Pine autoflower

Pine autoflower cannabis seeds are easy to cultivate but best suited for growers with some experience, as they can over-stretch like most sativas. When the heavy buds start coming in, they weigh down the branches, so low-stress training techniques and staking are essential. 

You can cultivate Pine autoflower weed seeds in any medium, depending on your needs. For faster growing and a bigger harvest, go for hydroponic, and for more flavorful buds, choose soil.

When cultivated outdoors, they thrive in a warm, sunny climate. Harvest before the weather gets too cold, usually in September or early October.

If you grow Pine autoflower cannabis seeds indoors, ensure they get sufficient light as these are typical light-heavy sativas. They flower for 12–13 weeks—surprisingly long for an auto—but it’s worth the wait when you collect mountains of buds.


Fragrance and flavor

High levels of pinene give this cultivar a distinct pine-needle aroma. Thanks to its rejuvenating aromatic profile and wide range of terpenes, the buds from Pine cannabis seeds are commonly used to make extracts and concentrates.

From the first puff, it teleports you to a freshly rained pine forest. The smell of wet earth encapsulates the smoke, fulfilling your petrichor desires and leaving you refreshed and awake.

Pine autoflower tastes like a forest in your mouth—herbal, warm, and fresh. It has a similar flavor experience to sipping high-quality green tea or tasting a fresh dewdrop in verdant valleys. The aromatic profile is mildly grassy with hints of sweetness and divine dank notes.



Pine autoflower clears your mind and uplifts your spirits like a relaxing walk through the forest. The effects are mainly cerebral, sending waves of positivity and pumping euphoria through your veins.

Prepare for a major case of the giggles as the uplifting buzz makes you happier than ever. The giddy, cheery effects also make it an excellent social strain.

It's a top toke among artistic types as it stimulates creativity and frees your imagination. True to its sativa-dominant nature, the electrifying effects of the buds from Pine autoflower cannabis seeds last for a while.

Eventually, a gentle body buzz soothes sore muscles and alleviates tension without causing couch-lock. With 17–20% THC and 0–1% CBD, Pine autoflower has the perfect range to comfort beginners and entice veteran smokers.


Other recommended strains

There are many strains with high pinene levels, boasting a similar forest scent. Here are our top three: 

  • OG Kush: Our OG Kush fast version seeds give you quick harvests, a dank, grassy scent, high THC buds, and an uplifting, couch-lock-inducing stone.
  • Northern Lights: Northern Lights feminized seeds deliver a euphoric psychedelic buzz via its sweet pine flavored buds. It's straightforward to grow, hardy, and generous.
  • Green Crack: Fruity and pine aromas flavor the intensely electrifying smoke of the buds from Green Crack feminized seeds. It's an easy growing and heavy yielding high THC strain.

Pine autoflower seeds

Breathe in the fresh, crisp forest air with a puff of the buds from Pine autoflower cannabis seeds. These autos are low-maintenance, generous plants producing buds with an uplifting cerebral buzz and gentle physical waves.

Our Pine autoflower seeds boast stable genetics and consistent yields and are feminized for your convenience. Shop our wide range of top-shelf cannabis seeds and join our community of happy customers.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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