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Descended from Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold, this Sativa-heavy lovely borrows from her parents both her beautiful coloration and her trichome production to result in a 22% THC strain that’s subtly sweet and perfect as a wake-and-bake...

Profoundly Pleasant Purple Positivity

Bud Basics

With heritage that hails from Thailand, well known as the birthplace of the world’s oldest and most revered Sativa landrace strains, Purple Thai Feminized was bound to stand out from the crowd in shades of mauve and purple, and with a profound, euphoric high.

Descended from Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold, this Sativa-heavy lovely borrows from her parents both her beautiful coloration and her trichome production to result in a 22% THC strain that’s subtly sweet and perfect as a wake-and-bake.

Energizing in the extreme, a few tokes of this quick-hitter will have you ready and raring to go within moments, bursting with vigor and ready for the day. Your mood will be lifted as well as your attitude, and the long-lasting cerebral effects and honed focus of this high make for a far better way to start the day than a cup of java.

These energizing effects make Purple Thai Fem a great choice as a medical strain, as she’s intensely therapeutic to the mind when it comes to stress and anxiety relief. She’s not too bad at pain relief, either, and can increase appetite and give life to those lagging from fatigue.

Despite her landrace genetics, this plant is not the simplest to cultivate due to her extreme height. Prior experience is required to keep these beauties trained and in check, but though the flowering time is long, the yields are heavy with beautiful mauve marijuana.

Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Thai Feminized

Subtle and unassuming, the aroma of Purple Thai Fem is pleasant with faint earthy notes, accentuated with sweet undertones of coffee, chocolate, and a delicate nuttiness.


Slight Sativa-leaning, Purple Thai Feminized is potent at 22% THC content and more than capable of inducing a high that’s cerebral, euphoric and highly energetic - but for newbies, could be a tad overpowering.

Since this herb is fast-hitting, it only takes a few moments after your first hit for the energizing effects of this high to set in, swiftly overtaking the mind to shift your mood up a gear and bring on happiness and pleasant positivity. For this reason, this strain is usually considered a wake-and-bake for morning consumption, as she’ll provide you with focus, mental clarity and plenty of vigor for an active day, sometimes even accompanied by a boost of creativity that gets ideas flowing freely.

Purple Thai is long-lasting in her high, and for a while it might seem the energy she lends is limitless - however, the truth is it will only last for a few hours. Still, this plant is perfect for social gatherings and can be excellent at increasing your talkativeness due to her mood enhancing effect - you’ll feel livelier, more upbeat and far chattier than normal, even if you’re the shy type.

Since the psychedelic effects of this pot are pretty strong, her cerebral effects can be profound and in some cases stimulate your auditory and visual senses to bring on an altered state of mind. With a moderate dosage, this can just intensify the focus of your high, but in larger doses, could shift you to introspection that isn’t the intent.

Larger doses may also lead to adverse side effects beyond the usual dry eyes and cottonmouth. Toking too much (or for those who are sensitive to THC) can lead to dizziness, increased anxiety or paranoia.

Medical Uses of Purple Thai Feminized

The immediate result of this herb’s energizing and vigor-inducing high is that those with fatigue will find themselves uplifted and able to engage in activities once more. In addition to this Purple Thai’s mood-boosting high can calm the nerves and melt away feelings of stress, which in turn can help to ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

For those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking reprieve from physical ailments, Purple Thai Fem can aid in the management of pain from multiple sclerosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Like many other strains of weed, it’s normal to find yourself feeling intensely hungry after sampling Purple Thai Feminized, and due to this, the plant can help those with nausea and lack of appetite to overcome their troubles, calm a queasy stomach, and encourage a healthier appetite.

Growing Purple Thai Feminized Seeds

Since Purple Thai Feminized has a heritage that hails from some of the most pleasant climates in the world, including Mexico and Thailand, it’s not unusual that she, too, thrives particularly well in a warm, humid environment. As such, when growing this plant indoors, this is the weather that should be imitated for her to flourish.

Since this herb has a few issues that require experience in cannabis cultivation, she’s not recommended for novice growers, despite her all-fem sides simplifying some of the work.

Sativa-heavy and fairly tall, this ganja can reach insane heights of up to 20 feet tall in extreme cases, meaning that plenty of vertical space is required unless it’s your intention to train this strain. For her height to reach her max, we’d recommend powerful HID grow lamps to imitate the sunlight of her parent strains’ homelands.

The main trouble with a plant of this height is that no matter how powerful your light setup, the distance from the upper canopy to the lower budding sites is significant, and less light can reduce underdeveloped buds. Side mounted lamps can help to some extent, but the excessive heat can lead to scorching.

Ideally, growing Purple Thai Fem in a Sea of Green (SOG) setup will rectify this. By crafting a screen over the upper canopy and manipulating her branches to spread evenly across (ensuring the bud sites are in turn, spread evenly) this will allow all sites to receive ample light without too much heat. Carried out correctly, this can also boost your yield up to 2.13 ounces per square foot, which makes the 11 to 13 weeks of flowering seem far more appealing.

Growing this herb outdoors differs slightly, as natural light affects the plant in a different way. In ideal conditions, harvest time for Purple Thai Fem falls between the end of October and early November, and yields should be around 35 ounces per plant.


Stimulating and chocolatey sweet, Purple Thai Feminized descends from lush Thailand landrace heritage to usher in joyous moods and lift the mind by providing newfound vitality and energy.

As a medical strain, this herb's nutty coffee flavors work in favor of those with stress and depression to ease feelings of dread and worry and replace them with a more upbeat attitude.

Indoor growers need plenty of experience and a whole lot of space to let Purple Thai Fem grow freely - however, given the issues her height causes with light penetration, it’s recommended that a SOG be utilized to ensure you’re getting the most from your budding sites.

Since she’s a tall tree of a plant, this hybrid takes her time to flower, but since her seeds are feminized, there’s at least one less job to do while you wait for the copious yields she eventually provides.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthNovember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time12-14 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
YieldVery High
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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