Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower Seeds

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Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower Seeds

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Despite leaning slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, there’s really no discernible ‘weight’ on either side of the experience. Good vibes, positive energy and a relaxing body stone, courtesy of an exceptionally flavorful strain that does both of her parents proud...

Who Said Bigger Isn’t Always Better?


Bud Basics

Bigger isn’t always better? Nonsense – bag yourself a batch of this oversized herb and see for yourself!


Precisely as the name suggests, this potent and punchy hybrid was created by combining the genetics of Blueberry and Big DevilExquisitely balanced and with a pretty perfect THC content in the region of 20%, Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower impresses with a soaring cerebral high combined with a blissful body massage.


Despite leaning slightly towards the Indica side of the scale, there’s really no discernible ‘weight’ on either side of the experience. Good vibes, positive energy and a relaxing body stone, courtesy of an exceptionally flavorful strain that does both of her parents proud. Going back for more is impossible to resist after that first tasty toke, after which it's hour after hour of all-things smiley and silly.


Not unknown for bringing on relentless fits of the giggles in no time at all, Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower is also renowned for her sweet and sour berry fragrance with masses of classic skunky stink.


Generous yields, a relatively easy cultivation process and no requirement to keep tabs on light/dark cycles, this is a strain that delivers far more than she demands.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower

The most dominant terpene in this Indica-leaning hybrid is Ocimene, though this alone doesn’t give much of an indication of what to expect on the nose.


Sweet and sour fruitiness is the most immediate aroma, like a plate of forest fruits with a heavy backdrop of dankness. The dank and skunky scents are intensified massively when the buds are burned, at which point the berry fragrance takes something of a backseat.


This is more or less what can be expected on both the inhale and the exhale – a definite and unmistakable blueberry flavor, though somewhat overtaken by classic spicy skunk. The stink of this stuff when properly cured is undeniable, making this an herb that's difficult to keep under wraps where discretion is necessary.




Interestingly for an Indica-heavy hybrid, you’re highly unlikely to find yourself locked to the couch with this strain. You’ll melt yourself into a puddle of helplessness if you get really carried away, but otherwise this herb's not one to have you flat on your back - precisely what makes her such a fantastic strain for more or less any time of day, though is perhaps best reserved for lazy afternoons and social situations.


The initial effect is near-exclusively Sativa in nature, filling the head with a warm and tingling buzz that leaves you feeling on top of the world. Nothing particularly racy or overpowering – more a case of flipping your ‘good mood switch’ and plastering your face with a silly grin.


This is quickly complemented by a warm and relaxing body stone, which isn’t nearly as heavy as you might expect. Giggles and massive hunger pangs are more or less inevitable, so be sure to plan ahead accordingly.


Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower isn’t going to energize you to accomplish anything particularly physical, but also isn’t going to leave you completely incapacitated. Afternoons and evenings really are the perfect time for this stuff – bringing these buds into the average working day probably isn’t the best idea!



Medical Uses of Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower

The balanced nature of this strain’s high combined with a relatively moderate THC content (around 20%) makes this herb an extremely useful and versatile medical strain.


Rather than blasting you into oblivion or knocking you clean off your feet, these buds ease you into a pleasant and long-lasting state of complete positivity and gentle physical relaxation - all of which makes it a great choice for newcomers to therapeutic cannabis, who may not have the highest THC tolerance.


Stress, anxiety, depression and mood issues are quickly reversed, replaced more with a sense of contentment than uncontrollable euphoria. It’s the same on the physical side of things – pain, tension, stiffness and so are gently melted away, rather than numbing your entire body from head to toe.


It’s extremely unlikely you’ll take yourself over the edge with Blueberry x Big Devil Auto, unless you take things to extremes. Taking things slow with those first few tokes is (of course) sensible, but shy of massive munchies and pretty dry mouth there are no real side effects to worry about.



Growing Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower Seeds

As this is an autoflowering strain, you won’t have to worry about keeping tabs on the light/dark cycle. In addition, auto strains naturally reach fruition faster than their regular counterparts, while at the same time remaining comparatively compact in size.


It’s worth noting that Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower does grow slightly larger than the average auto – often reaching up to 150cm in height.Not that this is a bad thing; give these plants the space they need and they'll reward you with a potentially huge haul of sweet, sour and sticky weed.


You’ll typically be looking at approximately 70 days from germination to flowering, at which point odor control should be prioritized. 400g of bud for every square meter of grow space is the norm, making for a stink that travels quite remarkable distances.


Outdoor growing is possible in cooler northern climates, as this is a strain that isn’t afraid of changeable conditions or the occasional cold snap. Still, you’ll get the best results by bringing things indoors and treating your crop to a solid 20 or so hours of sunshine a day.




This is one of those no-brainer genetic amalgamations that was never going to fail. You really cannot go wrong when combining two of the world’s most celebrated and successful strains, which in this instance resulted in a true ‘best of both worlds’ specimen.


Despite being Indica-heavy and generous with the THC, Blueberry x Big Devil Autoflower isn’t nearly as overpowering or incapacitating as you might expect. 20% THC is just about right for an enjoyable experience, getting to work on body and brain for a few hours of pure enjoyment.


All of which is sweetened further by a comprehensively simple cultivation experience, from a strain that more or less grows herself.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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