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High yielding pot seeds - the mack daddy marijuana of all strains - are understandably among the most highly sought-after specimens in the cannabis community. Nothing beats a heaving bounty of buds after all your hard work (except perhaps a combination of epic effects, flavors aroma AND yields).

Here at SeedSupreme, we’re dedicated to making sure your crop is chock full of the most potent high yielders around - proven strains guaranteed to deliver gigantic gems of ganja, fit for commercial crops and connoisseurs alike.

Where to buy high yield seeds in the USA

Did you know that you can get your hands on high-yield autoflower seeds anywhere in the USA? It's easy! Select your products from our online seed bank, and we deliver them nationwide!

When you visit the SeedSupreme site, you get an extensive catalog of high-yield autoflower seeds for sale. All the products are of premium quality, and with every purchase, you get free seeds.

Get incredible deals when you buy bulk, and each product has strain-specific information to guide your growing journey.


Why grow high yielding seeds

When growers think of high-yield cannabis seeds, they may consider feminized varieties like Blue Dream. Typically, autos don't produce large harvests. Their compact structure means they can't carry heavy buds, but the convenience they offer growers outweighs the smaller yields.

Things have changed! When you select high-yield products, you can reap incredible harvests from autoflower seeds.

Growing autoflower seeds with a high yield gives growers the benefits of autos and negates the main drawback they're associated with.

When you cultivate high yield autoflower seeds in the USA, the advantages also include:


No light cycle changes 

When you grow photoperiod plants, they won't transition to the last maturity phase until they get a 50/50 light cycle. Only a schedule of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness allows the marijuana crops to flip to flower from the vegetative phase. 

You don't have this issue when you cultivate high-yield autoflower seeds. The plants mature according to a predictable cycle similar to fast version seeds.

Autos have ruderalis genetics, enabling them to transition through their development phases without changing light cycles.


Multiple harvests 

Cultivating autoflowers means you can grow them all year round for multiple harvests. Autoflower seeds with high yields are resilient enough to withstand colder temperatures and thrive in various environments, provided that there's no frost.


Compact cultivation 

Autoflower marijuana crops have a compact structure. They inherit this physical property from their ruderalis genetics. This makes it convenient for cultivators with small growing areas or rooms with limited vertical space

Addicionally, you can check our collection of indoor seeds that are perfect for small spaces. 

Their size also means you can implement a Sea of Green (SOG) setup and grow them close together to optimize your yield further. The method results in a canopy of buds.


Strong, sturdy plants 

Similar to all autoflower seeds, these high-yielding strains display hardy, resilient qualities. These also come from the strong ruderalis genes. Pests often steer clear of these crops, and some autos show a natural resistance to pathogens. 


Moderate THC

Veteran tokers may enjoy high THC strains, but options with fewer compounds are better suited to novice users and those with a low tolerance. 

Buds from autos typically have lower THC levels, resulting in a mellow, euphoric buzz without intense side effects.

If you want to experience a real high with energetic and auphoritic effect, check out our top high THC seeds with free products in every order.


Resource optimization

By growing high-yield autoflower seeds in the USA, you maximize the use of resources. 

Whatever you spend on supplements, soil, pesticides, and other cultivation necessities, your return is greater for each plant. You don't need to grow as many crops as with other variants to get the same yield.


High Yield Seeds


High yield outdoor seeds 

Many growers prefer cultivating their autos indoors. It offers better control over the environment. However, there are several high-yield outdoor seeds. They mature into crops with a sturdy structure that produce bountiful harvests. 

Most of these cultivars can withstand temperature fluctuations and have a natural resistance against garden pests. They're also less sensitive to humidity changes than other marijuana cultivars. 

Plant your high-yield outdoor seeds in the USA during spring and summer and enjoy harvests until late October when the frost sets in. Examples of these cultivars include:

Kush XL autoflower

These high-yield seeds have exotic genetics, stemming from a cross of Hindu Kush and OG Kush. Kush XL autoflower is a hybrid strain containing 14–17% THC.

It exudes refreshing pine scents, and when you crush the nugs, you detect musky and earthy notes with hints of hash.

The flavor profile is similar, with a smooth sweetness that tantalizes your taste buds on the inhale and an earthy pine aftertaste that lingers for several minutes. The effects follow shortly after the first toke.

A gentle cerebral buzz that brings on creative euphoria and a relaxed demeanor. Some also experience giggle fits.

Cultivating these high-yield outdoor autoflower seeds is straightforward. Provide warm, moderately humid conditions with strong airflow, and watch these crops thrive. They flower within 7–8 weeks and offer yields of 7–11 oz./plant outdoors.


Northern Lights X Mazar autoflower

Both Northern Lights and Mazar have legendary status in 420 circles. They're firm favorites among recreational and medicinal users. Fusing the two creates a potent hybrid that pleases the senses. 

When you cultivate these high-yield outdoor seeds, it’s best to provide 18–20 hours of light. The average outdoor harvest is 16–21 oz./plant.

Buds from Northern Lights x Mazar have 15–18% THC and have delectable scents of berries, wood, and earth. These translate to the flavor, but you also detect musk, pepper, and pine on the inhale. It tastes of incense and sage on the exhale, with hints of sweetness.


Yumbolt autoflower

These high-yield cannabis seeds grow into strong, sturdy crops and produce stunning olive-colored buds. The cultivar's claim to 420 fame occurred in 2001 when it won the best indica award at the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Yumbolt autoflower contains 12–24% THC and has a short life cycle averaging 8–10 weeks from seed to harvest. When the flowering phase is almost over, the buds exude pine, spices, and berries fragrances. 

Take a toke to reveal a bouquet of flavors. Mossy and earthy notes accompany sweet fruit and soft pine. Grow the high-yield outdoor autoflower seeds in a warm environment and avoid over-pruning. These crops offer around 12 oz./plant outdoors.


Amnesia Haze autoflower

Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds descend from a cocktail of delectable strains, including: 

  • Haze 
  • Thai  
  • Hawaiian 
  • Jamaican 
  • Afghani 
  • Cambodian 
  • South Asian indica

The cultivar is sativa dominant with 16–17% THC. Grow these high-yield marijuana seeds outdoors in Mediterranean conditions, and trim any unnecessary leaves. When they mature, the buds are aromatic and give off spicy notes, with subtle hints of candy

The effects of this strain are mainly cerebral, inducing an animated high. Its initial sensations uplift you and inspire creativity. After a while, you feel giggly and relaxed, without heavy body melt.

Growing these high-yield outdoor seeds in the USA typically results in harvests of around 11 oz./plant outdoors.


Amnesia Kush autoflower

A descendant of Amnesia Haze and OG Kush, Amnesia Kush autoflower inherits mainly sativa properties. The flavor profile is mouthwatering, with rich, fruity citrus dominating the inhale. There are hints of herbs, spice, and skunk that come to the fore on the exhale. 

Growing these high-yield cannabis seeds is straightforward. Crops are hardy and withstand slight temperature fluctuations. The foliage can get quite dense, so trim unnecessary sugar leaves. Gentle defoliation improves airflow and light exposure. When properly cared for, the crops offer 7–10 oz./plant outdoors. 


What type of yield can I expect? 

Each cultivar has a different yield expectancy. Some produce large harvests of up to 21 oz./m2 indoors, whereas others are only bountiful outdoors. The type of plant is only one factor contributing to your type of harvest. Other aspects include:

  • The grow medium
  • The temperature
  • The humidity levels
  • If any training techniques are used
  • Nutrients 
  • Overall plant health

Using high-yield autoflower seeds is a step in the right direction. But the environmental conditions and growing techniques play a key role in the final outcome.


High Yield Seeds


Choosing the right cannabis seeds for high yields


Many growers opt for seeds like Big Bud feminized as high yield cannabis seeds, but if you select the right options, autoflowers can offer massive harvests too. Some cultivars in this category include:


Blueberry X Big Bud 

Blueberry x Big Bud is a powerful cultivar with impressive genetics. It inherits its sugary, fruity profile from Blueberry and contains up to 24% THC. It's an indica-leaning hybrid with powerful effects best suited to veteran tokers.

The effects hit seconds after your first puff, with an intense cerebral rush that sends you into a euphoric state. Cultivating these high-yield marijuana seeds is straightforward, and they're ready for harvest after roughly ten weeks. Indoors you can expect 15–17 oz./m2.


Super Silver Haze autoflower

Super Silver Haze is sativa-dominant and contains an average of 17% THC. It offers a sugary toke with tangy citrus notes and hints of earth.

After a toke or two, the strain uplifts your mood and gives you an energetic buzz that brings out your creative side. Crops from these high-yield autoflower seeds produce around 8–10 oz./m2 indoors and 4–6 oz./plant outdoors.

The CBD feminized version of Super Silver Haze also offers growers impressive harvests.


Gorilla Glue #4 autoflower

If it's a hard-hitting strain you're after, these high-yield seeds meet that definition. Gorilla Glue #4 autoflower contains 19–24% THC and induces mind-blowing euphoria after only one or two tokes

The sensations cause an instant improvement in your mood and relax you from head to toe. The strain is also a favorite of medicinal users. These crops do well in a SOG setup, and feminized Gorilla Glue crops are also high yielding.

Indoor harvests average 15–18 oz./m2. If you enjoy growing these crops, Chocolope may also interest you.


Pineapple autoflower

A descendant of the famous Pineapple Express, Pineapple autoflower is a powerful hybrid with 12–15% THC. These high-yield seeds mature into eye-catching plants that reach roughly 3.5 ft tall. 

They produce dense, fragrant buds with tropical scents of freshly cut pineapple. The effects are calming and soothe you into a state of relaxation. Under the right conditions indoors, you could achieve massive yields of 21 oz./m2.

Fans of the cultivar also enjoy Pineapple Haze for its sugary, fruity profile.


Moby Dick autoflower

Named after the classic book, Moby Dick autoflower is a legend in its own right. Buds exude lemon and cedarwood scents that entice you to take a toke. Once crushed, they reveal hints of pine, sweetness, and earth.

Nugs from these high-yield marijuana seeds induce a tranquil high, giving you the motivation to overcome the midday slump. These crops flourish independently, with minimal maintenance required, given enough light exposure. 7 oz./plant can be achieved outdoors.

The feminized version of Moby Dick seeds also yield colossal harvests.


Characteristics of high yielding strains

High-yield marijuana seeds descend from quality genetics and have a strong immune system to guard them against pests, pathogens, and disease. Their structure is compact and robust, with strong branches that can bear the weight of heavy buds. 

Indoor varieties are typically smaller but still offer potent nugs. You won't be able to tell if a seed is high-yielding by looking at it. The best way to ensure that you're getting premium-quality seeds is by getting them from a reputable supplier.

High-yielding autoflowering seed strains have most commonly been crossed with ruderalis. This tough cultivar hails from Eastern Europe, providing these hybrids with their extra strength and resilience, especially outdoors.


High Yield Seeds


How to grow high yield seeds 

When you cultivate marijuana seeds with autoflowering properties, you don't need to worry about changing light cycles. Employ a single schedule throughout your plant's development. The more light they receive, the better.

Most growers use 18 hours of light and six hours of dark routine. Opting for a 24-hour light cycle is also a viable option with autos. Keep the growing environment warm with temperatures of 75–85℉ and the relative humidity (RH) around 40–50°.

These dryer conditions ensure that the crops from your high-yield cannabis seeds don't fall victim to pathogens. Although autoflowers are resilient, excessive moisture leads to more spores settling in the foliage.

When the crops reach the final stage of development and show signs of readiness, harvest the buds in stages. Start by removing the top colas and let the lower ones develop fully before trimming them. Use high-quality lights and ensure that it reaches the lower leaves.


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