High Yield Seeds


High Yielding Marijuana Seeds from SeedSupreme


High yielding pot seeds - the mack daddy marijuana of all strains - are understandably among the most highly sought-after specimens in the cannabis community. Nothing beats a heaving bounty of buds after all your hard work (except perhaps a combination of epic effects, flavors aroma AND yields).


Here at SeedSupreme, we’re dedicated to making sure your crop is chock full of the most potent high yielders around - proven strains guaranteed to deliver gigantic gems of ganja, fit for commercial crops and connoisseurs alike.

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What are high yield cannabis seeds?

High yielding weed seeds are exactly as advertised - beans specially bred (in many cases, though some are au naturel and still prodigious as hell) to produce overflowing harvests that’ll fill your jars for months.


Of course, that’s a spot of hyperbole (depending on how regularly you toke or your reasons for growing), but you get the gist - high yield seeds are your best bet at scoring an abundant stash of marijuana.


Keep in mind though, the effects, flavors and aromas of these strains can still vary dramatically from seed to seed. A ‘high yielding’ tag doesn’t mean this is the strain for you - always check the bud bio for what you can expect from the cured nugs to avoid any disappointment.


Is it worth getting strains that aren’t high yielding?



Some of the most exotic, fanciful and experimental hybrids out there aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be high yielders, but that doesn’t stop them being incredibly desirable.


Quality over quantity, dear friends (unless you can have both… then go with both).


Are all high yielding strains the same?

The short answer is no. Far from it, in fact.


Considering the variety between phenotypes of the same strain, this shouldn’t be a surprise.


Some high yielding strains will be famously simple to cultivate, amounting to little more than a plant and go kind of situation. Others will present far greater challenges that are better suited to the talents of those who’ve honed their chops and developed those green thumbs.


It’s all in the strain, so never assume that a high yielding strain is perfect for you (even if the reported yield potential does make you drool a little). Always do your research, figure out how suitable any given strain is for you in terms of your growing experience, equipment and desires for your buds.


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Do you need high yield seeds to get high yields?

Growing top-shelf quality ganja is, as you’re hopefully aware, about more than choosing the right strain and setup or taking care of your plants - it’s about all of the factors combined.


As such, it’s entirely possible to rake in substantial rewards from plants on the lower end of the high yielding spectrum, or even from seeds not typically considered generous yielders.


With the right setup, environment, seeds, phenos and TLC, enormous yields are often possible. That said, opting for beans that breeders and growers alike have reported as being heavy yielders is always a safe bet.


Why do some marijuana strains yield more than others?

It’s known as genetic diversity, and it’s one of the most appealing aspects of marijuana and genetics as a whole.


Some strains are genetically predisposed towards producing larger yields than others. In most cases, this begins with the landrace strain at the root of the gene pool, which provides solid building blocks for greatness - strengthened over millennia growing in nature.


Breeders, in their unending quest to bring us the best buds imaginable, are always looking for the most desirable qualities in strains - it’s how they select the parent phenos which will create the next generation.


Across decades of breeding, they’ve gotten pretty damn skilled at the whole process. It’s practically an art form in itself, and it’s how the modern marijuana market is today blessed with absurdly generous hybrids which boast the best of a variety of flavors, aromas and effects.


It’s also why high yielding is never a trait to look at on its own - if the rest of the genetics don’t stack up, you’ll be in for a heaving bounty of dud buds, and no-one wants that!


And, of course, the way you treat your crop (from nutrients to lighting, training techniques, growing medium and more) can all serve to boost yields.



What are the drawbacks of high yielding cannabis seeds?

With great buds comes great responsibility (sorry, not sorry).


Whether you’re looking at a generous Indica or Sativa, you need to be aware of the inherent challenges these prodigious strains can present. Thankfully, any reputable purveyor of pot seeds should offer you all the grow tips they have to help you identify if you’re up to the task.


Common hurdles to overcome can include;

  • Stems which require additional support in the form of stakes or trellises just to hold their own weight when the buds start booming
  • Plants which require attentive pruning, trimming, general maintenance and TLC to ensure all their budding sites receive adequate airflow and light penetration
  • Finding space for your crop


As most cannabis cultivators will attest to though, these are hardly ‘drawbacks’ when weighed against the end result.


What are the best high yield marijuana strains?

The answer to this will vary from person to person. It’s too subjective a topic to give a definitive answer on.


That said, the following are perhaps some of the most famously generous ganja strains on the marijuana market. And while you may not find the strains themselves to your liking, you can always keep an eye open for their presence in the genetic ancestry of other hybrids which catch your eye (a strong indicator that said appealing hybrid has a tendency towards bountiful harvests, too).


Big Bud

An absolute monster and true icon in the community, this cannabis comes from Afghani, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights genetics. While not the most delectable or exotic of strains on the scene, Big Bud forms the backbone of many incredible high yield hybrids.


Critical Mass

The result of industry legend Mr Nice and his efforts to improve on Big Bud - this herb is the definition of explosive and known for her enormous ‘donkey dick’ colas. Careful though, a crop of Critical Mass can blow up in your face if you don’t provide your plants enough support!


Blue Dream

West Coast staple Blue Dream is always a dependable shot for high yields. What’s more, the Super Silver Haze and Blueberry genetics at play in this hybrid afford this herb a perennially popular reputation among connoisseurs worldwide.