Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

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Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

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A wake-and-bake in the morning or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, Super Silver Haze Feminized does the trick to provide a sweet-citrusy kick of energy and invigoration...

A Shining Sativa Star


Bud Basics

Once referred to as the King of Sativa strains, Super Silver Haze Feminized earned her title fair and square, and what was said of her in the 90s remains true today. With a THC content that reaches up to 23%, she’s not the strongest modern strain available, but her effects can’t be argued with. Trust us, it’s no coincidence that she’s one of the most famous Sativa-heavy hybrids on the 420 scene.


It’s hard to emphasize just how legendary the genetics in this ganja are, as her powerhouse ancestry includes such cannabis classics as Skunk #1, Haze and Northern Lights. All of which combine to create a herb with a euphoric kick and a stroke of relaxation, an energizing high and an earthy lemon flavor.


Super Silver Haze Fem dominated the High Times Cannabis Cup in the 90s, winning in ‘97, ‘98 and ‘99 consecutively, as well as collecting several awards at the High Times Harvest Festival. When you consider her medicinal benefits, her invigorating, calming high and her enviable yields, it’s no wonder that this superstar has continued to rise and won’t be falling… well, ever, as far as well can see.


Able to relieve physical pain as well as psychological troubles, cultivators will no doubt want to get their hands on these feminized beans. But be warned, she’s a tricky specimen for any inexperienced grower, and excellent weed doesn’t come for free.


Requiring plenty of maintenance and a keen eye for nutrients, this weed is at least simplified by being pre-feminized, but she’s still hard work and requires plenty of TLC to pull in those huge final yields.



Flavor and Fragrance of Super Silver Haze Feminized

Citrusy and sweet with just a hint of skunkiness, Super Silver Haze Feminized is aromatic without being overpowering, with fresh and summery notes that are as energizing as her effects.


In taste, this scent intensifies into a burst of lemon that lingers on the tongue when inhaled and leaves a grounding, earthy note in the mouth that quickly has you going back for more.




A shining Sativa star on the 420 scene, Super Silver Haze Fem is ideal for daytime consumption as a wake-and-bake strain, inducing a strong cerebral buzz within a few tokes that serves to enhance the senses and stimulate sounds and visuals.


Brightening colors and sharpening music, these buds bring on a trance-like, hazy state of contemplation and enjoyment that borders on psychedelic in nature. Though this effect is fairly short-lived, waning to make way for the burst of creative energy that follows.


Long-lasting in her high, some tokers have reported this ganja’s effects lasting for almost an entire day, as her invigorating, energizing effect motivates you whilst soothing the mind and body and keeping you calm.


Many stoners prefer to smoke this weed alongside their morning coffee for a little bubble of reverie and introspection before the day begins. As such, Super Silver Haze is a choice strain for working professionals and nine-to-fivers looking for an herb that can promote productivity without hyperactivity, and her Indica side serves to nicely temper things so that couchlock is never an issue.


As with most marijuana strains, adverse effects can include dry, red and bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth. Both of which can be remedied with ease by ensuring you remain hydrated while you toke, and with the use of eye drops where necessary.


For first-timers or those with a low THC-tolerance, this pot can become overwhelming, especially in larger doses, which can lead to unwanted headaches, dizziness, increased anxiety or heightened paranoia. Take it low and slow, but if these effects persist, we suggest switching to a milder strain.



Medical Uses of Super Silver Haze Feminized

Well-considered as a medicinal marijuana (MMJ), Super Silver Haze Feminized is an excellent go-to for patients struggling with health concerns both physiological and psychological thanks to her all-natural potency and ability to reprieve various ailments.


Due to the non-sedating, focusing and uplifting qualities of this weed, she’s a sure choice for soothing mental conditions. Capable of easing the troubles and worries of those under stress, suffering from anxiety, depression and even disorders such as ADHD and PTSD.


Though not the strongest on the market, Super Silver Haze Fem contains both analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that work together as a muscle-relaxant. As such, she’s often prescribed to patients with complaints such as migraines, headaches, arthritis and PMS.


Most weed will bring on the munchies, and this strain is no different. Capable of inducing serious hunger pangs in tokers, those struggling with a lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting or requiring an appetite stimulant will find that this cannabis can help to fill your stomach again.


In addition, the vigor-boosting effects of this pot can also be of benefit to those suffering with chronic fatigue, for that much-needed extra lease on life.



Growing Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

With a chunky stalk and gorgeous forest green leaves, Super Silver Haze Feminized is a gorgeous specimen. As she matures, her leaves gradually turn a lovely golden-orange in color that serves as a visual reminder of how skunky, mouth-watering and resin-coating those nugs will be.


Though a beautiful specimen, she’s not a strain recommended for newbies or those with little experience, as she can be a challenge to cultivate correctly. She’s Sativa-dominant, but she requires more monitoring than the average Sativa. Particularly when it comes to her nutritional needs, as her fertilizer needs to include plenty of iron, zinc and magnesium for her to thrive.


She might be challenging to cultivate, but despite her 3.5 feet height, her yields will reward you generously. Indoors, Super Silver Haze takes between 9 and 11 weeks to flower, and by pairing a hydroponics setup with a Screen of Green (SCROG) technique, you’ll find her harvests are boosted up to a tasty 2.62 ounces of nugs per square foot.


Outdoors, these all-fem beans prefer a spot that’s warm and sunny, with a gentle breeze and no adverse conditions. In the northern hemisphere, she’s ready for harvesting in the second week of October and will yield around 21 ounces of buds per plant if grown optimally.


If guerilla growing methods are an option in your area, take into consideration that this beauty is aromatic even before she’s fully mature, which can be a problem when it comes to secrecy and subtlety.




A wake-and-bake in the morning or a pick-me-up in the afternoon, Super Silver Haze Feminized does the trick to provide a sweet-citrusy kick of energy and invigoration that sets you for the day, boosts your mood and focus and gets those creative juices flowing.


Definitely a must-try for Sativa fans, these buds are ideal for getting you through the workday without the worry that her cerebral effects will push you into hyperactivity. There’s just enough Indica in here to keep you grounded and calm with that skunky lemon smoke.


Just as an MMJ, this star’s mood-lifting qualities can work to alleviate stress, anxiety and depression alongside functioning as a painkiller and muscle-relaxant for those seeking reprieve from physical symptoms. Though growing this ganja isn’t the simplest of tasks, Super Silver Haze rewards patient cultivators with a good-sized harvest and is ready for consumption thanks to her all-fem seeds. Keep a keen eye on her nutrient intake and environment, and in 10 to 12 weeks she’ll flourish and mature indoors or out.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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