Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds

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Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds

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An exceptional Indica-heavy strain of secretive origins, Purple Urkle Feminized is stunning in shades of purple and mauve, bursting with fruity, earthy flavor and potent as hell. Capable of knocking veterans and newbies alike onto their backs...

Potent in Purple, Don’t Mess with “The Urkle”


Bud Basics

Striking in gorgeous purple shades, California native Purple Urkle Feminized is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain of mysterious origins, boasting heavy-hitting full-bodied effects that though slow to arrive, are devastating when they truly set in.


Though this 80s herb’s exact lineage is unknown, most believe that she shares genetics with Granddaddy Purple and is likely a phenotype of Mendo Purps, since the two share several characteristics - including their marvelous mauve coloration and earthy grape aromas.


Visually captivating and flavorsome as she may be, the true Indica effects of this weed are her real selling point. With a THC content of between 22% and 26%, this is potent pot with the ability to knock flat even the most experienced toker, though she’s a little roundabout in the way she goes about it.


Beginning with a mellow but euphoric effect in the mind, this herb's body-stone soon follows to intensely and profoundly slow you down and relax every inch of you into a soft, jello-like mess - ideal for medical tokers looking for pain relief.


Easy to germinate and easy to manage throughout her growth cycle, Purple Urkle Fem’s genetics, while secretive, are still decidedly Indica. Average-sized, this hybrid strain is great for beginners to ganja growing, and requires only the simplest environmental controls to thrive and yield a copious amount of weed ready for drying and curing.



Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Urkle Feminized

With a hefty nod to her roots, break apart the nugs of Purple Urkle Fem to be greeted with a dank and skunky earth aroma that subtly blends in a mix of grape and berry notes to great effect.




Averaging at 22%, Purple Urkle Feminized can stretch up to a 26% THC content, so it’s fair to say she's mighty potent weed, and can devastate even veteran smokers.


The high begins on the mellow side, swarming into the head on a wave of euphoria that lifts the mood and melts away everyday stress and worries. An upbeat outlook and sense of happiness will fill your mind to boost mental clarity and get your creative juices flowing by heightening the senses and honing focus.


Soon, these cerebral effects will make way for the more physical Indica side of Purple Urkle, which develops into an intense calming sensation that wraps the body in warmth and laziness. As relaxing as a deep, hot bath, your body will soften and limbs will loosen as this herb’s buzz gradually grows more intense, urging you to chill out and enjoy the ride.


Since this weed is long-lasting in her effects, this profound relaxation brings on a feeling of drowsiness that makes this herb ideal for evening and nighttime sessions as she’s sure to induce sleep.



Medical Uses of Purple Urkle Feminized

In addition to her truly excellent recreational effects, Purple Urkle Fem can also function effectively as a strain for the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community, containing high levels of THC that can be utilized alongside a complex terpene profile for her physical and mental medical qualities.


As this high begins in the mind, this is where this herb's medical properties first come into play, as the uplifting, euphoric qualities can aid in the relief of stress. In addition, Purple Urkle boasts antidepressant, anxiolytic and antipsychotic properties that can provide relief and restore normal functioning to those with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and more.


Once this weed begins to exhibit her more physical effects, the full-body relaxation she provides can work in harmony with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the painful symptoms of such maladies as muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, migraines, headaches and fibromyalgia.


Purple Urkle Fem can induce drowsiness as her high goes on, and in combination with her couch locking capabilities, this tranquility and lethargy can be used to ensure sleep in those with insomnia.


Like most marijuana strains, the adverse effects of this pot can include dry, red eyes and cottonmouth, which in most cases can be mitigated by drinking plenty of water. In some cases, dizziness can be induced too. For those sensitive to THC, new to toking or those who over consume this herb, radical reactions such as heightened anxiety and paranoia can occur.



Growing Purple Urkle Feminized Seeds

These seeds will germinate within 48 hours using the paper towel method, and should be moved into small pots to continue to grow. When fully mature, these plants are small to medium-sized, growing no higher than 120 centimeters. Since they’re compact and don’t require much vertical space, these plants are ideal for cultivating indoors.


A straightforward enough strain even for beginners, the ins and outs of growing Purple Urkle Feminized include only the most simple of instructions. Throughout her growth cycle, she requires a regular watering schedule, the correct nutrient mix and monitoring of her pH, temperature and humidity - but all of these are fuss-free and standard to most cultivators with a little experience.


As Purple Urkle Fem matures and her branches stretch out, her foliage will grow denser. As such, regular pruning and trimming of her lower regions will help to ensure that not only is her growth kept in check, but light and air circulation are optimized, and the plant is able to divert her energy to the bud sites of the upper canopy.


This plant will flower for around 8 to 9 weeks, after which - in optimal conditions - you should be able to harvest around 300 grams of nugs per square meter, if a Sea of Green (SOG) setup is utilized successfully.


For outdoor growers, Purple Urkle’s all-fem seeds grow best with plenty of sunshine - though she’s likely to take considerably longer to mature if grown outside. In the northern hemisphere, harvest time usually falls between the middle and end of October, yielding around 400 grams of buds per plant.




An exceptional Indica-heavy strain of secretive origins, Purple Urkle Feminized is stunning in shades of purple and mauve, bursting with fruity, earthy flavor and potent as hell. Capable of knocking veterans and newbies alike onto their backs, she’s known as a nighttime “two-hitter quitter” strain. A few tokes is quite enough to get the full effects of this herb.


These calming Indica effects are great for medical patients looking to soothe the mind and the nerves or aid in pain management. Since a little goes a long way with this pot, her hefty turnouts make her a favorite amongst growers, as she lasts longer once in the bag. Of course, that’s in addition to her excellent growth traits and easy-to-manage environment.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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