Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

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Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized Seeds

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From the pure Sativa and famously fruity genetics of Durban Poison, and the CBD-rich makeup of mellow marijuana strain Carmen, comes the medicinal masterpiece that is Carmen x Durban Poison...

A Sumptuously Fruity Sativa Star


Bud Basics

From the pure Sativa and famously fruity genetics of Durban Poison, and the CBD-rich makeup of mellow marijuana strain Carmen, comes the medicinal masterpiece that is Carmen x Durban Poison.


This heavenly union of strains has resulted in a hybrid suitable for even those with lower THC tolerance, while retaining enough psychoactive influence to hold the interest of the seasoned daily recreational smokers, too.


Durban Poison is as pure as it gets - a Sativa landrace strain from South Africa with average THC levels between 15 and 25%, a sublime fruity profile, and enough energizing influence to sharpen the mind, motivate creativity and modulate mood.


While undeniably popular (so much as to become the foundation for a great many popular modern hybrid strains throughout the years), the high THC levels in Durban Poison have placed this cornerstone cannabis strain out of reach for many novice tokers for some years now.


By combining these potent landrace genes with the gentle Indica nature of Carmen - a strain possessing less than 10% THC and up to 13% CBD - the marijuana maestros behind this exciting pot progeny have successfully tamed the THC buzz, delivering a Sativa-dominant specimen as adored among recreational as medicinal users worldwide.



Flavor and Fragrance of Carmen x Durban Poison 

Much of this hybrid’s Durban Poison lineage is felt in the flavor and fragrance of this standout specimen, which derives from a terpinolene, myrcene and ocimene terpene profile and translates to those delightfully fruity, herbal and mintynotes.


Despite a decisive earthy sweetness on both the nose and tongue, you can expect a real jolt of pungent Skunk lingering in these nugs, adding heaps to the dankness and bag appeal.


No matter how attuned your palate may or may not be when it comes to cannabis, the sensory experience of drawing in a deep whiff or gently exhaling your first or last toke is a truly sweet and unforgettable pleasure.




As with the flavor and fragrance that those potent terps bring this bud, when it comes to the strain’s effect it’s very much all about those desirable Durban Poison genetics.


Much like the legendary South African landrace, Carmen x Durban Poison is known to hit you right away. Before you even think of passing the spliff or setting it down, you’ll notice that gentle and uplifting euphoria start to take hold.


Stress and worries of the day swiftly fade into memory, replaced by a social and motivating buzz which lends itself beautifully to everything from stimulating conversation to finally making progress on those goals you’ve been meaning to get to.


Durban Poison has often been referred to as the espresso of marijuana, and with Carmen x Durban Poison even those unable to handle the original landrace’s powerful high can revel in the energizing influence of these genetics.


Many tokers find themselves experiencing heightened senses of creativity alongside the increased drive to get things done and see those innovations to life. Make no mistake, however, this mental stimulation is far from intrusive, and known rather to feel like the most natural flow of one’s own energies.


Provided you’re careful with your dosage, you shouldn’t feel the sense of mind race or headrush that Durban Poison can induce, and can ride the wave of this ganja for hours on end without crashing.


Expect a very full body and mind high with these beauties, compelling the kind of relaxation that helps you focus with clarity on what matters, all without ever really fading into the more stereotypical sedative states of cannabis - though, it must be said that overindulging can always bring on marijuana’s unwanted side-effects.



Medical Uses of Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized

As with the parent, so is it with the child - meaning that, much like Durban Poison, you’ll find a host of super beneficial medicinal uses for this notable hybrid strain.


Although CBD levels are not nearly as high as the averages found in the mild-mannered Carmen side of the genetic family tree, Carmen x Durban Poison proves herself more than adept at mitigating both physical and mental conditions and helping sufferers regain a sense of normality in their lives.


The relaxation influence and deep sense of mindfulness which help make Durban Poison a legend are each found in spades with this hybrid progeny, and largely lend themselves well to those who suffer from any ailment best treated by a complete state change.


As such, those struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD have found themselves a new champion with this cannabis, many finding consuming these buds a far more agreeable treatment than your standard over the counter prescriptions.


When it comes to physical conditions, Carmen x Durban Poison’s potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties have also proven incredibly effective in helping patients manage everything from mild to severe aches and pains, arthritis, PMS cramps, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and even cancer.



Growing Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized Seeds 

Even novice growers with few to no crops under their belt can see substantial rewards when cultivating Carmen x Durban Poison Feminized seeds.


Given that Durban Poison is a natural South African landrace, she’s a strain which has learned to survive and thrive on her own for many centuries, which gifts this delightful hybrid offspring the ability to do much the same.


Adding to this natural robust resilience to mold or pest-related problems, the feminized nature of these beans means you won’t have the hassle of rooting out any males from your crop, further eliminating challenges to cultivation.


Carmen x Durban Poison plants tend to grow in a more typical Indica fashion despite having largely Sativa genetic composure, which translates to easily managed plants which rarely reach above 1.5 meters in height.


The main consideration any grower planning a crop of these ladies should keep in mind is the desired result and how your cultivation medium affects this. In essence, if you’re keen to elicit maximum flavor and aroma from your plants, aim to use organic soil to enhance the terpene production. If yields are all you’re interested in, opt for a hydro setup (which can not only boost yield output, but also shorten flowering time).


Overall, you’re looking at anywhere between 6 and 9 weeks flowering time before a crop of Carmen x Durban Poison Fem plants is ready to harvest - at which point, indoor growers can expect roughly 350 grams per meter squared, while outdoor cultivators can be looking at 350 grams of these heavily resin-coated nugs per plant if they treat their crop right.




If you’re looking for weed which will get you baked out of your mind, maybe you’d be better off sampling the South African Sativa landrace Carmen x Durban Poison owes part of her genetic makeup to.


If, on the other hand, a fantastically fruity experience akin to Mother Nature herself wrapping you in her loving and healing embrace sounds like your bag, consider a crop of these remarkable feminized beans.


You don’t need to be a medical user only to enjoy these exquisite nugs - packed with flavor, bursting with mouthwatering aromas and ready to instantly uplift, inspire, motivate and make every day just that little bit better. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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