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Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

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A super potent, hard-hitting blend of Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian, Great White Shark Feminized is also known as White Shark or Peacemaker, for reasons that quickly become apparent after just one toke of this potent ganja...

The Only Peacemaker That Can Devour You Whole


Bud Basics

A super potent, hard-hitting blend of Super SkunkBrazilian and South IndianGreat White Shark Feminized is also known as White Shark or Peacemaker, for reasons that quickly become apparent after just one toke of this potent ganja.


Winner of Best Hybrid at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, she’s only grown in popularity since then, as a potent, sedating strain that can truly devour you whole.


Taking her Sativa make-up from both her landrace parents, Great White Shark is more noted for her immense Indica-dominant properties, and with a THC level that varies from 15% to 21%, you’ll feel the Super Skunk presence in this high.


Semi-psychedelic in nature, even the most seasoned smokers will be one and done with a joint of this beauty, as the trance-like euphoria she induces can be too much even on a second toke. Still, this can be a wonderful relief from mental fatigue and stress, and as such she’s a popular strain with ADHD and PTSD sufferers, as well as those looking for simple pain relief.


Indoor growers can delight in the small stature of these plants and their simple growth cycle, as Great White Shark Feminized is easy to cultivate and bountiful to harvest, with all-female seeds.



Flavor and Fragrance of Great White Shark

If old school, pungent classics are your thing, Great White Shark Feminized has you covered. Predominantly skunky and earthy in scent, there are notes of citrus and pineapple to be found in buds of this strain, and she’s known to be particularly alluring - though often a tad overwhelming for new consumers.


Similar in taste, expect a sharp citrus tang, offset with a dash of something like sweet tobacco that nicely balances out the pungency, which is far sharper on the exhale. The aftertaste is also particularly strong, and with just one toke you’ll find that taste lingering for hours.




A herb for Friday nights and long weekend sessions, there’s a good reason Great White Shark Fem is highly sought after. Even the most seasoned of stoners might struggle to smoke more than a toke or two of this lady, as she’s not for the faint of heart.


Full-body stress relief is the magic of this strain, and she’s a powerful smoke due to the one-two punch of Sativa and THC that induces a trancey euphoria that keeps you sane enough to enjoy the high and the moment without being overwhelmed.


Since Great White Shark is Indica-dominant though, you can expect her to kick in with a soothing, calming sensation that rolls over the entire body, easing out the kinks in every muscle until all tension is gone. Often referred to as Peacemaker, this is a strain that delights by bringing on the most chill state you’ll ever experience.


This body stone with uplifted euphoria isn’t a short state either, lasting at least a few hours - just about long enough to get you thinking deeply about obscure ideas like the scale of the universe or even how time works… the usual. Those who choose to meditate whilst high on Great White Shark Fem might find that she’s useful for relaxing even deeper into a state of calm.


Though this bud beauty might bring on some creativity, don’t for one minute expect to get any work done while you’re riding this high. A potent sedative and calming influence, you won’t be leaving your couch with Great White Shark - in fact, as the high begins to fade, you might prefer to be in your bed, ready to fall into a deep, restful, restorative sleep.



Medical Uses of Great White Shark Feminized

Due to her potent, sedative properties, Great White Shark Feminized is a popular choice amongst patients who struggle with anxiety, depression and even PTSD. By combining a boost of positivity and wellbeing with a calming, soothing effect, she can be the ideal companion when intrusive thoughts loom on the horizon, ideal for keeping negativity at bay.


Hyperactivity, ADD and ADHD symptoms are quickly and easily calmed by Great White Shark’s Indica leanings, easing the body and the mind into a stress-free state that ends with a night of deep, peaceful sleep.


As for pain management, this sedative hybrid's got you there, too. Due to her effectiveness at relaxing muscles and her mild analgesic properties, she’s a wonderful relief from migraines, nausea, PMS, arthritis, muscle spasms and sometimes even Crohn’s - a magical marijuana cure-all, by some reports.


Be warned though, the most wonderful things in nature can come with downsides, and much like her namesake, Great White Shark is no different. Those with a low tolerance for THC or those that are new to the cannabis community may find that this strain's potency is overwhelming even in small doses. Dizziness, headaches, elevated anxiety and increased paranoia can taunt those who can’t handle this strain. As such, proceed with caution - if you struggle with 10% THC then at over double that, this is not the ganja for you.


As with most strains, Great White Shark Fem may also result in dry eyes and cottonmouth, and proper hydration before, during and after smoking her is recommended.



Growing Great White Shark Feminized

Taller than the average Indica plant, Great White Shark Feminized is great for indoor growers with limited space and is particularly well suited to a Sea of Green (SoG) setup using hydroponics.


Since she’s a sturdy specimen, outdoor growing can be easily accommodated for as these stunners can withstand poor weather conditions reasonably well. As with most marijuana though, warm sunny locations are ideal.


Great White Shark loves her nutrients, so ensure that the plants are properly fed and provided with the correct lighting at all times if you want her the thrive. Harvest time is at around 8 to 9 weeks, and fully grown you’ll find she’s a particularly beautiful specimen - generously coated trichomes blanketing dark, round, olive buds like heavy snowfall. She’s likely to have a bountiful harvest too, of around 800 grams per square meter, and sometimes even up to 1kg.


If grown outdoors in suitable weather conditions, the yield can reach up to 35 ounces per plant if harvested around the beginning of October.




Award-winning for good reason, Great White Shark Feminized is a hard-hitting high of critical renown, perfectly willing to lure you in and take a bite right out of you.


Earthy, citric and pungent, subtle notes of pineapple underpin an old school, unforgettable skunky flavor and long-lasting aftertaste.


Unwitting victims beware of Great White Shark, as newbies and seasoned stoners alike can be easily overwhelmed and pulled under by these oh-so-potent effects. Relieving you of mental and physical fatigues instantaneously, this is a strain that’s to be approached with caution, but if smoked responsibly can bring on an unparalleled, chilled-out state of euphoria.


Undercurrents aside, the blissful cerebral effects of this potent hybrid make her a perfect choice for ADHD, ADD and PTSD patients, since she’s so damn good at clearing the head of intrusive thoughts, and calming the body of aches and pains.


Since these seeds are fully feminized, males are nothing to worry about when growing this strain, and all you need to focus on is keeping her well fed and cared for to land yourself with a plentiful supply.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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