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An outstanding new-generation hybrid with endless points of appeal, White Widow x California Snow Autoflower is everything a simple homegrown strain should be.  Typically taking just 10 weeks...

Cold as Ice

Bud Basics

White Widow will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most epic and important cannabis strains of all time. Famed for delivering an enjoyable burst of energy combined with waves of creativity, she's still in a league of her own several decades after her creation.

She's also a strain that has laid the foundation for some of the most fantastic new-generation hybrids over the years. A relatively recent example of which being White Widow x California Snow Autoflower, which in terms of looks alone is simply spectacular. California Snow having been named after her fantastically frosty buds, which somehow bring even more visual appeal to the star-studded Widow genes.

This hybrid was never going to be anything but a success story in the making. Typically measuring for a modest THC content of around 15% to 18%, White Widow x California Snow is a beautifully balanced hybrid that errs fractionally towards the Sativa side of the scale. The result of which is a gentle yet enjoyable burst of cerebral stimulation, coupled with a warm and relaxing body stone that makes for hours of blissful contentment.

A fantastic session smoke that leverages the appeal of both parent strains, White Widow x California Snow Autoflower is a true crowd-pleaser in the making. From relaxed social situations to lazy evenings on the couch to weekends spent out and about in the great outdoors, there’s nowhere this herb isn’t right at home.

Sealing the deal, she's also a seriously simple strain to grow at home, which isn’t going to bite your head off for the occasional mistake. Toss your seeds in some quality soil, keep them adequately watered and a few weeks down the line you’ll be looking at generous harvests of super sticky bud, having invested no real-time or effort whatsoever.

Flavor and Fragrance of White Widow x California Snow Autoflower

Ocimene and limonene are the two most prominent terpenes in this aromatic strain, which come together to produce something far more than the sum of its parts.

Perfectly combining the enviable aromas of both parent strains, White Widow x California Snow entices with an earthy-fruity fragrance that’s hard to resist. There’s a real citrus punch to the aroma when the buds are broken, with a warming hint of musky spice when combusted.

All of which sets the scene for a rich and enjoyable smoke, which soothes the airways and lingers on the palate for hours. Earthy skunkiness dominates the flavor profile, with just a hint of citrus and a slightly bitter undertone that’s far from unpleasant. 


It’s becoming the norm to underestimate strains like this with a moderate THC content. With so many new-generation hybrids reaching 25% THC or more, potency of 15% to 18% THC doesn’t look particularly impressive on paper. Nevertheless, strains like White Widow x California Snow Auto illustrate how potency alone really isn’t everything. Particularly when looking for an enjoyable session smoke you can hit all night, this pot is pretty much unbeatable.

The Sativa-heavy genetics of the strain get to work instantaneously, combining a burst of energy with inspired thinking and a sense of complete confidence.

You suddenly find yourself looking at the world in its entirety from a more positive perspective, while riding a tidal wave of motivation and all-round optimism. You’ll also want to talk about nothing and everything (all at once) with anyone in the vicinity, or brainstorm the avalanche of ideas that flood your mind.

Give things an hour or so and the Indica side of the strain makes its presence known, though not merely on the kind of level that’s going to incapacitate you. It’s more a case of warming and soothing physical relaxation making its way through the body, replacing the initial ‘get up and go’ attitude with contented bone idleness.

You’re unlikely to be glued to the couch unless you take things to extremes, which is why White Widow x California Snow is such a fantastic smoke to enjoy hour after hour.

Though it’s worth noting that the tail-end of the high does get a little sleepy, so it’s probably best to hold out until the late afternoon at the earliest.

Medical Uses of White Widow x California Snow Autoflower

A comparatively modest THC content in the region of 15% is more or less the sweet spot for therapeutic cannabis. More often than not, medical weed users aren’t out to blast themselves into kingdom come, simply for the sake of it. White Widow x California Snow Autoflower has a long list of potential therapeutic applications, which go beyond paralyzing the body and brain with biblical quantities of THC.

The predominantly Sativa genetics of the strain make for a fantastic choice for dealing with mild to moderate mood disorders. Everyday bouts of stress, depression, anxiety and pessimism are quickly and effectively eliminated, as is procrastination and apathy.

Pull yourself out of whatever rut you’ve found yourself in with just a few generous tokes and set yourself up for a few hours of pure enjoyment.

Pain-related health issues can also respond well to balanced strains like this, which gently yet noticeably relax and soothe the muscles from head to toe. This herb lacks the raw power and punch to combat more severe or chronic physiological issues, but is nonetheless great for all types of everyday aches and pains.

The sleepiness that creeps in towards the end of the high can also be great for addressing the occasional bout of insomnia.

Growing White Widow x California Snow Autoflower Seeds

This is a durable and resilient strain that thrives in all types of climates, making her easy and forgiving to grow as a first-timer.

Warm Mediterranean-like temperatures are ideal for producing the best possible results, but these beauties are still at home in cooler Northern European climates. Indoors or out, you’ll rarely be looking at plants of more than 100cm in height, making this hybrid a fantastic choice where space is at a premium.

As this is the autoflowering variant of the strain, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage when the time is right. This also reduces the amount of time needed to collect your haul – just 10 weeks or so from seed to harvest being all it takes. Yields may be relatively moderate at around 2oz per plant, but it’s still a decent result for such a fast and easy-to-grow specimen.


An outstanding new-generation hybrid with endless points of appeal, White Widow x California Snow Autoflower is everything a simple homegrown strain should be.  Typically taking just 10 weeks to progress from seed to harvest, she's a compact and resilient specimen that averages around 15% THC.

Along with being an exceptional session smoke, this herb has a long list of therapeutic applications. Another shining example of how you don’t always need masses of THC to enjoy top-shelf weed at its absolute finest.

More Information
Strain IconsAutoflower
SexFeminized Autoflower
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthAll Year
Flowering TypeAutoflowering
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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