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Irrespective of whether or not you’re a fan of the fruit itself, you’re guaranteed to be impressed by Banana Kush Feminized. If not for her fabulously fruity fragrance and flavor, then for her hard-hitting Indica high and accompanying state of cerebral bliss...

Fresh, Fruity and (Almost) 100% Female


Bud Basics

Attempting to describe the appeal of Banana Kush Feminized to someone who’s never tried the stuff before is a frustrating business. On one hand, you could say that yes – she's a fabulously fruity strain that’s dominated by beautiful banana fragrances. But it’s not until you catch a whiff of these buds close up that you truly appreciate how remarkable they are.


This isn’t just another strain with a faint hit of fruit in its fragrance - Banana Kush smells almost identical to an overly-ripe and sickly-sweet piece of fruit.


But that’s really just the beginning, with regard to the charms and treasures this herb brings to the table. With predominantly Indica genetics, she's a relaxing and physically sedating strain that’s all about moments of pure indulgence. Though with a THC content of around 23%, this cannabis is certainly not for the faint-hearted.


This herb's Kush cannabis origins make for a fabulously fragrant and flavorful experience, filling the room with a sweet and spicy smoke that lingers for hours on end.


This being the feminized version of Banana Kush, potentially problematic male plants have been eliminated from the equation entirely. Replaced instead with near-100% females, adding up to consistently stellar yields after a flowering period of just nine weeks or so.


From fragrance to flavor to potency to prestige, there’s nothing not to like about this all-time classic. Even if bananas are far from your favorite fruit, you’re guaranteed to be impressed with how faithfully this stuff replicates the real thing.



Flavor and Fragrance of Banana Kush Feminized

Make no mistake about it - Banana Kush is far from one-dimensional. This herb's bountiful banana fragrance may be her party piece, but this really is just the tip of the iceberg.


Exactly how the terpenes in it come together to produce such a fragrance is a mystery, but catch a whiff of this stuff from a mile away and there’s really no resisting. A unique strain like nothing else out there, bursting with rich banana scents against a backdrop of exotic Kush spice.


Set light to the buds and the smoke brings more skunky and earthy tones to the forefront, along with even more richness from those banana aromas. All of which translates to an impossibly delicious flavor, combining creamy banana with black pepper for an unforgettable aftertaste.


Banana Kush doesn’t have what you’d call a textbook ‘weed’ fragrance, but nonetheless stinks to high heaven and sticks to everything within reach. Hence, she's also not what you’d call a discreet strain that’s easy to keep under wraps.




Depending on the batch you pick up (and how well it was grown), you could be looking at anything from 18% THC to a mind-blowing 25% THC with this stuff.  All of which means that even with a relatively average batch, you’re still holding weed with a 23% THC – an impressively high THC content.


Despite being a predominantly Indica strain, the initial effect is one of frantic positivity and euphoria. The kind of feeling where you’re filled with so much happiness you feel as if you could burst and genuinely don’t know what to do with yourself. Feeling anything other than fantastic with Banana Kush isn’t an option, though it can be tricky to pretend you’re anything but blazed by the five-minute mark.


In any case, this idiot-like state of energized happiness only sticks around for the first half hour or so. After which, it’s replaced by a slower and dreamier state of contentment, coupled by one of the heaviest body stones you’re ever likely to feel.


Slowly but surely, your limbs are transformed into lead weights, as you begin to lose most of the feeling in your extremities. Banana Kush is notorious for bringing on extensive bouts of couch lock, which almost always result in hopeless drowsiness towards the end of the high.


Timing is therefore of the essence with these buds, as getting anything worth doing done after the first hour is practically impossible. Coherent conversation isn’t entirely off the cards, but you’ll probably be feeling too damn lazy to do anything but breathe!



Medical Uses of Banana Kush Feminized

The therapeutic applications of Banana Kush Fem are predominantly physical in nature, though this herb does have points of appeal in a cerebral sense.


The initial wave of euphoria may be short-lived, but the lingering sense of happiness and contentment that follows can be great for a welcome mood-boost. Not to such an extent as to reverse chronic depression or anxiety, but more than enough to lay waste to negative thoughts and everyday grumpiness.


By contrast, the physical side of the stone is much more hard-hitting, making it great for the treatment of various mild to moderate pain conditions. The sense of numbing relaxation this stuff brings to the muscles, the joints and as deep down as the bones is extraordinary.


From migraines to arthritis to the symptoms of PTSD, patients with a long list of conditions have reported welcome and lasting relief after bringing Banana Kush into their medicine cabinets.


Insatiable hunger pangs are also part and parcel of the experience with this stuff, so you’ll want to make all necessary arrangements before you’re incapacitated.


The only slight downside to Banana Kush Feminized is her potential potency – if you have an underdeveloped THC tolerance. Potent batches of this pot can be difficult for even seasoned users to handle during the early stages in particular, so treading with caution is essential for novice users.



Growing Banana Kush Feminized Seeds

If you’re planning on growing Banana Kush Feminized outdoors, you’ll need to be based in a warm Mediterranean-like climate where weather conditions are fairly predictable. Other than this, it’s best to set things up indoors and control climatic conditions yourself.


As this is the feminized version, you’re guaranteed female seeds with a probability rate of around 99%. No male plants to worry about, meaning maximum yields come harvest-day.


Banana Kush is a relatively resilient and robust strain, presenting no real problems throughout the cultivation cycle. The plants themselves will usually grow to around 110cm max, with dense and bushy foliage that warrants the occasional prune.


Keep tabs on humidity levels and ensure good air circulation, in order to avoid potential issues with mold and rot. Flowering times average around nine weeks, after which harvesting a good 350g of weed per square meter is about the norm.


Appropriate nutrient provision and temperature control is really all that’s needed to get the best out of Banana Kush. That said, odor control measures may also need to be taken, as this herb does have a habit of stinking to high heaven as the buds begin to appear.




Irrespective of whether or not you’re a fan of the fruit itself, you’re guaranteed to be impressed by Banana Kush Feminized. If not for her fabulously fruity fragrance and flavor, then for her hard-hitting Indica high and accompanying state of cerebral bliss.


Typically hovering around the 23% THC mark, this is an extremely powerful and uncompromising strain that’s not for novices. That said, she’s easy enough for first-timers to grow, with pretty much no specialist knowledge, experience or equipment required. 


Keep the conditions in your grow space relatively amicable, and a few pots of soil and a handful of seeds is really all it takes!

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
GrowsGrows Indoors
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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