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5 Alive Feminized Seeds

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Juicy, bursting with fruity flavors and capable of packing a serious punch, 5 Alive provides the ultimate pick-me-up when a burst of energy is called for...

A Fresh and Fruity Face-Melter 


Bud Basics

5 Alive takes her name from a pretty iconic soft drink, famed for its fresh and fruity flavor. The difference being that while the drink is a popular choice for adults and kids of all ages, this particular 5 Alive is strictly for grownups. 


More specifically, grownups with a developed THC tolerance to know exactly what they’re doing.


A relative newcomer to the scene, this hybrid is an as-yet undiscovered gem from the folks at Cannarado. We’d also go out on a limb as to say this strain is extremely underappreciated, given how enjoyable and downright impressive she is.


Juicy, bursting with fruity flavors and capable of packing a serious punch, 5 Alive provides the ultimate pick-me-up when a burst of energy is called for.


Bursting with bag appeal, these beauties produce thick, dense and Instagram-worthy buds that impress on every level. With predominantly Sativa genetics, 5 Alive is all about that quintessentially uplifting and optimistic high, replacing negative thoughts and pessimism with a beaming smile that won’t quit. Not to mention, the overwhelming desire to talk absolute garbage without anybody (unfortunate enough to be) in the vicinity.


5 Alive owes her fantastic fruity profile to her enviable three-way ancestry. Cannarado created this stuff by combining the genetics of Grape Pie, Bubblegum and Orange Juice – each of which already being renowned for their fragrant and flavorful properties. Combine the three of them into one tastebud-tingling strain and it’s a tale of wall-to-wall tropical fruits and zesty goodness.


If all this wasn’t tempting enough, lab tests carried out on 5 Alive have shown high THC concentrations in excess of 26%. Hence, it’s quite easy to take things too far with this stuff and melt yourself into a pool of giggling oblivion. Not that you’ll care - these buds are all about good times and plenty of them!



Flavor and Fragrance of 5 Alive

5 Alive Feminized owes her wonderful fragrance and flavor to her superstar genetics. The three most prolific terpenes in these ladies are beta caryophyllene, limonene and alpha humulene. Beta caryophyllene is known for its sweet and spicy fragrance, limonene is bursting with citrus goodness and alpha humulene brings the fragrance of hops into the mix. 


Put the pieces together and the result is a fantastic fresh and slightly sharp strain, which hits the nose immediately with a wave of juicy citrus. Break the buds open to release a burst of tropical fruits, with plenty of lime and tiny hint of exotic spice in the background. 5 Alive is a complex and enjoyable strain for the connoisseur, which many insist is best enjoyed when vaped. She’s also great for bringing into the kitchen, adding funk and fruitiness to your favorite dank dishes. 


The flavor profile follows the fragrance to the letter, only with a more pronounced melon taste and more sweetness than sourness. Indulge in the rich, thick and decadent smoke these nugs produce, which leaves behind a surprisingly refreshing aftertaste on the palate.




In a nutshell, 5 Alive Feminized really is the daytime smoke to reach for. Negative thoughts are immediately replaced with a sense of relentless positivity and optimism. At the same time, you’re fueled with the kind of creative energy and outgoing attitude that makes you want to shout something (anything) from the rooftops. 


Consumed in measured doses, 5 Alive can make an ideal replacement for a large mid-afternoon cup of coffee. She’s also just about as good as it gets for an all-action wake and bake. Whether you’ve had a bad night’s sleep or you simply stayed up too late, one hit of this and you’re ready for anything. Artists and creative types have also reported wave after wave of inspiration while settling in with this stuff. 


Realistically, the only thing this strain isn’t going to do is help you sleep. Great for parties, festivals and nights on the town, 5 Alive is just the thing when you need to keep going and be at your best. Though again, take things too far with a potent batch and even basic functioning suddenly becomes a challenge…so be careful!



Medical Uses of 5 Alive Feminized

5 Alive lives up to her name as a therapeutic strain, injecting life and energy into unpleasant situations. She’s as physically energizing as mentally uplifting, making for one of the most versatile medical cannabis strains on the market. 


The list of conditions and complaints this stuff can alleviate is near endless.  Examples of which include depression, stress, anxiety, fear, mood swings and the symptoms of bipolar disorder.


If you’ve none of these and you’re simply feeling a bit down in the dumps, 5 Alive will have you right as rain in no time.  She’s also renowned for getting to grips with lapses in creativity, writer’s block and instances where you simply cannot find the motivation to get things done.


Though this rich hybrid doesn’t have any physically relaxing properties as such, she nonetheless has a terpene content that could provide some anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In which case, 5 Alive may also prove helpful in the treatment of headaches, migraines and most types of everyday aches and pains.  If nothing else, you’ll be too busy grinning like a fool to remember what was bothering you in the first place!


Nevertheless, it’s worth paying mind to the potentially Biblical quantities of THC this stuff can contain. 26% THC or so having been recorded in official tests, but this suggests it could creep even higher with some batches. If you are in any way prone to panic attacks, paranoia or excessive anxiety, this may not be the strain for you. Likewise, if you have a low THC tolerance in general, 5 Alive is a strain to be approached with extreme caution.



Growing 5 Alive Feminized Seeds 

5 Alive Feminized hasn’t been around for long and is therefore a comparatively difficult strain to get hold of. On the plus side, the cultivation process itself is just about as easy as it gets. Despite the fact that this strain comprises primarily Sativa genetics, her physical properties throughout the cultivation cycle are more characteristically Indica.


The result of which is a compact strain that’s easy to keep under control, with plants typically reaching no higher than around 5 feet at the most. 5 Alive Fem produces robust and durable stems and branches, which are unlikely to need any additional support on your part. Plants more or less take care of themselves throughout the vegetation and flowering stage, though a fair amount of pruning is necessary to prevent mold and allow good air circulation.


Temperatures should be kept between 20° C and 26° C, along with a relative humidity level of no more than 50%. Indoor yields tend to average around 400g of potent weed for every square meter of grow space, after a flowering time of approximately 10 weeks. 


Outdoors, you’ll need a warm and predictable Mediterranean-like climate – give 5 Alive Feminized what she needs outside and you could be looking at square meter yields in excess of 700g.




Without any shadow of doubt, 5 Alive is an up and coming superstar in the making. This may be a strain you’re only just coming across for the first time, but try her once and there’s really no going back. 


Though technically a hybrid, 5 Alive Feminized combines a pure Sativa high with the ease and convenience of cultivating an Indica strain. The best of both worlds rolled into one, which for an energizing and inspiring uplift is just about as good as it gets right now.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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