White Widow Autoflower Seeds

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White Widow Autoflower Seeds

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Developed by crossing the original photoperiod with an unknown Ruderalis, White Widow Autoflower retains the earth and spice aroma and taste of her parent strain, in addition to providing a soaring euphoric high and deeply calming body-stone...

Sticky Sweet Resin & A Cerebral Stone


Bud Basics

Named for her sticky white resin production, White Widow remains a top choice for cannabis connoisseurs across the globe despite having been on the market for over thirty years. Her fame and longevity are likely attributed to her sweet and pungent aroma, and knockout cerebral and body highs.


You don’t have to take our word for it, as these autoflowering beans are fast-growing enough for you to try this herb for yourself in just 10 to 12 weeks.


Developed by crossing the original photoperiod with an unknown Ruderalis, White Widow Autoflower retains the earth and spice aroma and taste of her parent strain, in addition to providing a soaring euphoric high and deeply calming body-stone.


Somewhat smaller at around 2.5 feet, this quick-maturing variant is still just as hardy and resilient as you’d expect, and can produce pretty decent yields considering her genteel stature.


Since she’s easy to manage and fuss-free, novice growers will find she’s the perfect choice for learning the ropes of cannabis cultivation. And, since she can thrive in most environments, warm or cool, there’s no need for any fancy grow room setup to start you off.


Since THC content swings from 19% up to around 25% when grown well, White Widow Auto’s a kick in the teeth for most veterans and her potent resin production is through the roof. A full-body experience for even seasoned smokers, though her aroma can be overpowering and her THC a shock to the system, she’s not usually one to overwhelm.


All this makes this marijuana a choice strain for those in the medicinal community seeking more than just her recreational benefits.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Widow Autoflower

One for the veterans, the pungent and earthy aroma of White Widow Autoflower is strong and invasive, with fruity notes and spicy kick to her heavy smoke that can quickly fill a room.


When combusted, those aromatic notes of earth transcend into a sweet and sugary flavor that’s delectable on the tongue, balanced with faint notes of spice on the exhale.




One of the strongest strains on the 420 scene, White Widow Auto has a THC content that can reach up to around 25%, and can easily overpower even seasoned smokers. Beginning with an energizing mental buzz that instantly boosts the mood with strong, happy thoughts, this strain also tends to bring out your chatty side, encouraging imagination and creativity with her soaring euphoria.


As a well-balanced hybrid, this ganja can provide a deep, calming relaxation alongside her cerebral effects - all while leaving you mobile and capable of activity. Still, the Indica in White Widow can be sedating. As such, this weed is best reserved for evening and weekend enjoyment, as it’s likely to wind you down to a deep sleep after the high wears off.


Like most marijuana, there are of course adverse effects. Usually confined to dry, red eyes and cottonmouth, which are alleviated by drinking plenty of water while you toke.


This THC-heavy strain can also have more unpleasant effects. For those sensitive to THC or new to smoking weed, this pot can induce dizziness, headaches, increased paranoia and heightened anxiety. If such symptoms occur, switch to a milder strain.



Medical Uses of White Widow Autoflower

Perfectly balanced as she is, the recreational effects of White Widow Auto also translate to potent therapeutic benefits, and she’s a hit as medicinal marijuana (MMJ) for the relief of ailments both physical and psychological.


Calming and head-clearing, the mood-improving properties of this pot make her an ideal choice for patients seeking relief from symptoms of stress, anxiety disorders, depression and PTSD.


In addition to her mental health benefits, White Widow is a potent pain-reliever, boasting analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that ensure those struggling with chronic pain conditions can find some reprieve. She’s often prescribed for the management of such ailments as headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, and PMS, in addition to being a hunger-inducing weed that can aid those with lack of appetite due to eating disorders or chemotherapy.



Growing White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower, as an autoflowering variant on the original classic strain, comes with a number of benefits and advantages that aren’t included in photoperiod varieties. Independent of light cycles, these beans aren’t photosensitive and don’t need light to bloom, making them far easier to manage.


They’re also faster to grow, from seedling to harvest, taking only 10 or 11 weeks to fully mature, and yet still boasting a good-sized harvest for your efforts. The combination of these two traits ensures that cultivators can grow multiple harvests without having to wait patiently for each to develop.


Though capable of thriving in any setting, White Widow Auto prefers a controlled environment like a greenhouse or grow room, and will flourish regardless of substrate, be it organic soil or a hydroponics setup. Though the former boosts her terps (terpenes) and the latter gives a burst of growth, both work even better when utilized alongside a Sea of Green (SOG) technique, which will also improve the final yield size.


After 10 to 12 weeks of flowering, White Widow is ready to be cut down, dried and cured, producing around 1 to 1.47 ounces of nugs per square foot. If you’d rather grow this ganja outdoors, then ensure she’s kept in a sunny and warm environment, and she’ll yield around 2.5 to 2.8 ounces of sticky buds per plant.


Since this plant can also survive in cooler, northern climates, she can be sowed as soon as the weather stops being frosty, and can even be ready for harvesting by the beginning of May. If you wish to plant multiple harvests, just keep an eye out for fall frost, as she can only be reaped until the end of October.




These days there are so many strains on the market, it’s hard to keep them straight, nevermind deciding what to try and what to grow. Our suggestion is to try not to think too much, and go with a classic - which White Widow Autoflower certainly is. Legendary for her pungent and earthy aroma, powerful effects and abundant resin production, she’s a must-try for those on the 420 scene, whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran.


A well-loved recreational strain that stands out from the crowd, this herb's also loved by medical tokers as a tasty reprieve from ailments both mental and physical and can clear the head of stress and anxiety as easily as she wipes out headaches and muscle spasms.


On the growing front, newbies will rejoice and those with more experience can sit back and relax, as White Widow’s autoflowering beans need so little attention, you might forget you’re growing them. Sure to thrive in any environment or substrate, this quick-growing fast-yielding plant is a welcome addition to any grow room, and a perfect example of all the best characteristics in one strain.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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