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Jack Herer Autoflower Seeds

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An achievement in genetics, Jack Herer was originally bred as a medicinal strain, and strikes the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa traits to lift the mood and soothe...

Cerebral Stimulation & Medicinal Magic

Bud Basics

A strain named for the man himself, Jack Herer Autoflower is a cannabis that’s as legendary as her breeder. An icon and campaigner for the legalization of marijuana, Jack Herer was a name well known in the cannabis community until his death (Rest in Peace, good sir) in 2010 and beyond.

An achievement in genetics, Jack Herer was originally bred as a medicinal strain, and strikes the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa traits to lift the mood and soothe the body. With THC levels that can rocket as high as 23%, there’s not much about this strain that doesn’t soar into the stratosphere.

Pungent with earthy, pine notes, more seasoned smokers will detect a citric orange and lemon tang to this herb that is both delicate and tasty - though newbies are more likely to find the floral in her flavor-profile.

Jack Herer Auto boasts the ability to clear and uplift the mind, with a cerebral high that brings clarity and stimulation whilst leaving you in full lucid control, and couchlock-free - a perfect strain for a wake-and-bake, or sharing socially with friends.

Though her CBD levels are low, this stuff can still pack a medical punch, and is an effective therapeutic strain for the relief of psychological ailments, including the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD. Due to the calming body-buzz of Jack Herer, this hybrid can also provide potent chronic pain relief for sufferers of muscle spasms and arthritis.

Since these autoflowering seeds aren’t reliant on light, growing your very own supply of this strain is simple even for those new to cannabis cultivation, as they're tiny but resilient plants. Yields of 1.31 ounces per square foot can be achieved with minimum effort and just a little bit of love.

Flavor and Fragrance of Jack Herer Autoflower

Herbal and pungent, a joint of Jack Herer Auto is earthy with notes of pine and trees when you first light up. Hinting at pepper and spice, those with a more refined palate might notice notes of citrusy lemon and orange in the smoke, and more strongly in the aftertaste as you exhale.

Some seasoned smokers have noted hints of tropical fruitiness, but most consumers report the generally clean and herbal scent of Jack Herer is reminiscent of floral potpourri.


An excellently balanced high, Jack Herer Auto delivers a euphoric high within moments of taking a toke, and a mellow body-buzz that’s the perfect counterpart, leaving consumers feeling deeply relaxed whilst still attentive and social.

The first sensation you’re likely to note is an uplifting, soaring cerebral punch that sends the mind into a long-lasting blissful state. This will be quickly accompanied by a calming, relaxing effect that doesn’t cause lethargy, but is gentle enough for you to feel thoroughly chilled out.

The boost of creativity and energy provided by these buds is highly recommended for busy types, prone to a get-up-and-go attitude. Since the combined head-high and body-buzz of Jack Herer Auto ensures you’re still perfectly mobile, you can get on with your day whilst enjoying the effects - whether you choose to channel that creativity into your job, your art, your music or a social occasion.

Medical Uses of Jack Herer Autoflower

Highly sought after in the medicinal marijuana scene, Jack Herer is a strain that was originally bred for medical purposes, boasting powerful effects that truly speak for themselves.

The euphoric buzz that takes over the mind in just a toke or two is an effective gift for those patients suffering with mental burdens and a variety of psychological symptoms. Particularly loved by those struggling with depression, anxiety, stress or PTSD, the therapeutic properties of this strain will quickly release the mind from the heavy burdens of negative thoughts and worries.

As a well-known wake-and-bake strain, Jack Herer Auto’s energizing properties can be put to great and effective use by patients dealing with fatigue, making lethargy a thing of the past as your body begins to fill and buzz with energy within minutes of lighting up. Take note, insomniacs - this strain will do you no good!

The calming, relaxing sensations associated with the body-buzz of these buds make them a potent choice for those suffering from chronic aches and pains from migraines, arthritis and muscle spasms.

Since Jack Herer has a THC content of around 20%, there are potential adverse side effects to consuming this cannabis, ranging from the more common to the more serious. As with many strains, cottonmouth and dry eyes are a likelihood but can be avoided if consumers ensure they stay hydrated before, during and after smoking.

More serious side effects are only likely with beginners of those with a low THC tolerance, but may include headaches, dizziness, increased anxiety or heightened paranoia.

Growing Jack Herer Autoflower

As one of the most widely grown ganja strains in the world, it’s not particularly surprising that Jack Herer Autoflower is a straightforward strain to cultivate, and as an autoflowering variety, these seeds don’t rely on light cycles - so they’re even easier to succeed with.

A noticeably small specimen, Jack Herer isn’t likely to get much taller than 3 foot at the most, and is resilient to pests and disease. The combination of tiny stature and hardiness makes this a great strain for growers with little to no experience.

A controlled temperature of between 72° and 80°F is ideal, and alongside a hydroponic setup and a Sea of Green (SoG) environment can boost your yield dramatically to around 1.31 ounces per square foot, with Jack Herer ready for harvesting in as little as 9 to 11 weeks.

Growers lucky enough to live in a Mediterranean-like climate will be able to harvest more from this strain than those in cooler environments, however even in northern areas the speedy growth of this plant means you can reap around 5.3 ounces per plant, and keep on reaping from May, right through to September.


Just as much a legend as her namesake, Jack Herer Autoflower is a potent recreational and medicinal strain, bred to stimulate the senses, open the mind and ease the body and soul. As an autoflowering version of the classic cannabis, this marijuana masterpiece will sprout in no time and requires little to no maintenance, as she’s hardy and has a healthy yield.

Effective for therapeutic users, this strain stands out as a specimen for psychological symptoms, sure to provide relief for stress and depression alike, whilst holding her own as a pain-reliever too.

As tasty to a newbie as she is to seasoned smoker, Jack Herer is earthy and pine-like on the tongue, with faint notes of lemon and tropical fruit to the more refined palate - as refreshing as you’d expect from a quality wake-and-bake strain.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
YieldVery High
Flowering Time10-12 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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