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A hybrid cross between a mysterious Afghani strain and DJ Short Blueberry, this Indica-dominant weed delivers no matter what you require of her. With a THC content that can vary from 18% up to 26%...

Strange, Sweet and Potent Pot

Bud Basics

Strangely named as she may be, Shishkaberry Feminized is memorable for a whole host of reasons. The first to mention is her award-winning status, which has made this herb a huge hit on the 420 scenes of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, in addition to being a favorite of dispensaries across the globe for her delightful flavors and serious body high.

A hybrid cross between a mysterious Afghani strain and DJ Short Blueberry, this Indica-dominant weed delivers no matter what you require of her. With a THC content that can vary from 18% up to 26%, her sweet berry smoke will induce a deep body relaxation that begins with an uplifting and introspective cerebral effect.

Great ganja for newbies, cultivating these feminized seeds is a simple affair. That said, expect a confusingly Sativa-sized height and Indica-leaning traits everywhere else. Flowering fast, this herb will yield heavily and grow in just about any environment or substrate - just keep an eye out for mold or mildew.

Flavor and Fragrance of Shishkaberry Feminized

Though we’re fairly certain there’s no actual berry called shishkaberry, that’s all the more reason to give this sweet and fruity strain a try. You won’t find a flavor like this occurring naturally, and yet this herb's sweet-berry aroma and earth undertone is possibly one of the most delicious scents on the 420 scene. Even in the grow room, she’s hard not to love.

Once combusted, the smoke is even more berry-like, exploding across the tongue with hints of herbs and earth that appeal to those seeking the Afghani flavor of her parent strain.


Unforgettable in taste and aroma, Shishkaberry Feminized happens to be unforgettable all round. With a THC content that climbs up to a whopping 26%, this herb might not be for everyone as she can overwhelm those who are inexperienced in the cannabis community, but for those brave of heart, she’s quite the ride.

Though mostly Indica, like many strains she hits in the head first, filling your mind with focused and happy thoughts that tend to wander a little aimlessly. Although, the jaunt is a pleasant one.

A fairly introspective sensation, you’ll remain fully aware while you’re riding high, and some tokers reported an increased desire to be sociable and chatter, so sharing is caring with Shishkaberry Fem.

The Sativa side of this herb isn’t particularly long-lasting, so we’d recommend this strain as more of an evening treat. Once the body effects begin to set in, you’ll find she’s a creeper that starts slow and then suddenly comes at you full tilt. Calming and relaxing, you’ll find these buds are ideal for a chill-out sesh, and will couchlock you right down and eventually lead you into sleep.

As a high-THC weed, there can be adverse effects during and after smoking this herb. Moderate and low amounts will likely leave tokers with cottonmouth and dry red eyes, but in larger doses or in those with a sensitivity to THC, there’s the possibility of side effects that are considerably less simple to deal with.

Headaches, dizziness, panic attacks, paranoia or heightened anxiety are all possible. To avoid the lesser effects, ensure you remain hydrated while you toke. To avoid the more serious issues, switch to a milder strain.

Medical Uses of Shishkaberry Feminized

Potent as she is, Shishkaberry Feminized is loved by the medical marijuana (MMJ) community for the sheer state of bliss she can induce. This pot is the perfect candidate for clearing the mind of stress, worries and all sorts of mental troubles as well as alleviating physical ailments. Sufferers of stress, depression and anxiety will find that the Sativa side of this weed works wonders to lift the mood and oust negativity.

Boasting analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this pot can provide relief from discomforts such as headaches, migraine, muscle spasms and PMS. And that’s not to mention that her calming effects can reduce tremors in tokers with illnesses that cause issues with motor function, such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Like many marijuana strains, this ganja helps people to regain their appetite, and can easily overcome lack of appetite and nausea from eating disorders or as a side effect of chemotherapy. In addition to this, she’s a useful strain for those dealing with insomnia, functioning as a powerfully tranquilizing sedative to send you right off to sleep.

Growing Shishkaberry Feminized Seeds

Although Shishkaberry Feminized is an Indica-heavy herb, cultivators may be surprised to hear that she’s a tall and lean specimen, likely to grow up to 7 feet tall if left to her own devices.

As such, these beauties require plenty of vertical space to reach their full height, and though can be planted indoors, that height must be accounted for. Still, indoors is where this hybrid can receive the most care and attention, and as she can be susceptible to molds and mildews, that might be the best option.

Despite her height and susceptibility, Shishkaberry Fem is a strain that’s simple enough for cultivators of varying experience levels, and since these seeds are already feminized, you’ll not have to worry about weeding out males and can utilize the entire turnout.

When fully mature, this plant’s structure is more Indica in nature, and her buds are olive green in color and spade-shaped, thickly covered in glistening trichomes. Adorning her flowers are dark orange pistils (hairs), and when exposed to cooler temperatures late in the flowering phase, her deep emerald leaves will turn a gorgeous dark shade of purple.

In a Sea of Green (SOG) setup, Shishkaberry Feminized’s yield can be vastly improved, especially when combined with a hydroponics substrate indoors. She’ll flower in between 7 to 9 weeks, so if patience isn’t your virtue, she’s a choice strain for you. By harvest time, you’ll be ready to reap in a reward of up to 1.47 ounces per square foot.

Outdoors, you’ll find this plant thrives just as well, and can truly reach her full height with ease. Little in the way of maintenance is required, though it must be said that like most ganja she prefers a warm and dry Mediterranean style climate, and in such an environment you’ll likely be able to benefit from several harvests in a year.

Start sowing these seeds by the summer in the northern hemisphere to allow yourself ample time to harvest by mid-October, and yields should come in at between 19 and 21 ounces of sticky nugs per plant.


What a name, eh? But don’t let that put you off, as Shishkaberry Feminized is by far one of the best strains available in the marijuana community, and she’s a favorite in coffeeshops across the globe for all the right reasons.

Combining berry notes with an earthy flavor that tempers her to perfection, these buds are full of sweetness even before you inhale. Filling the grow room with a mouthwatering scent, once combusted this stuff will slip you into a Sativa-led cerebral euphoria that’s swiftly followed by some seriously deep couchlock, relaxing you right to the core.

Medical tokers can take advantage of this sedation as a pain-reliever, but her short-term head high can work to alleviate mental concerns too. Thankfully, despite her prominent availability in dispensaries, she’s also a simple strain to grow at home, even for those with little to no experience at cannabis cultivation. Tall and proud, these beauties yield well, flower fast and can thrive in most environments - so what are you waiting for?

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
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