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True to her name, Alien OG Feminized promises a downright extraterrestrial experience.  One of the most beautifully balanced hybrids you’ll ever...

Close Encounters of the Kush Kind


Bud Basics

True to her name, Alien OG Feminized promises a downright extraterrestrial experience.  One of the most beautifully balanced hybrids you’ll ever lay your hands on, this herb lulls you into a false sense of security with her blissful fragrance and flavor. Only to then propel you into a distant galaxy with mind-blowing potency - often as high as 28% THC.


Alien OG was brought to life by combining the genetics of Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush. An amalgamation which (as is often the case) resulted in a strain far more than the sum of its parts - a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid, with an equal Indica and Sativa composition.


Hailing from the Bay Area of California, Alien OG Feminized is the kind of strain you reach for when you simply want to get as high as possible as quickly as possible.


There’s no messing around with this stuff - she hits like an out-of-control freight train and continues hitting for hours on end. Not that it’s a one-dimensional experience - the fragrance and flavor profile is no less than dreamy. It’s just that unless you know exactly what you’re doing, there’s a good chance these buds will prove to be more than you can handle.


If you’re yet to find a strain that puts your legendary THC tolerance to the test, Alien OG could be the ‘one hit and quit’ specimen you’ve been searching for.



Flavor and Fragrance of Alien OG Feminized

On the nose, this herb gets to work with a surprisingly delicate and immensely inviting citrus fragrance. Her primary terpene composition comprises generous quantities of myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene, which come together to create a herbal-lemon fragrance with punches of peppery spice in the background. All of which is propelled to an entirely higher level when the buds are broken, at which time a wave of wet earth and quality Skunk is released.


Flavor-wise, Alien OG delivers all you’d expect and plenty more besides. Her sharp citrus flavors are complimented by plenty of pine freshness, underpinned by a hash-like aftertaste that lingers on the palate for hours.


The smoke produced is thick, rich and satisfying, yet surprisingly smooth with an almost buttery quality - further boosting that false sense of security, offering a smoothness of  smoke that provides no indication of what’s to follow.




The potential potency of Alien OG Feminized is often evident in the shimmering coating of crystal-white trichomes covering the buds. Mature plants often have an alien-like beauty to them that makes for magnificent bag appeal.


In any case, you won’t know whether you’re looking at 20% batch or a 28% batch until you get busy with it. Hence, the first couple of tokes should be approached with due care and caution.


The exact opposite of a creeper, Alien OG gets to work instantaneously with an energizing upliftthat borders on overpowering. The initial stages of the high are almost exclusively cerebral, often transporting the user into a state of almost dumbfounded euphoria.


Shortly after, the Indica genetics begin doing their thing, as a warm and relaxing body stone creeps through the extremities. Not to such an extent as to glue you to the couch, but powerful enough to bring on extended bouts of laziness. You’ll still be able to move, but you probably won’t want to. That is, unless you go OTT, in which case a prolonged bout of couch-lock is inevitable.


What’s most enjoyable about Alien OG is how even after you’ve been dealt a body blow, you still benefit from complete mental clarity and sharpness. Creative thinking and inspiration hit in waves, alongside the optimism and positivity you need to soak up your surroundings and enjoy every moment of the experience.


Prolonged cases of the munchies are to be expected, so plan ahead to ensure you don’t have to move too far. Hydration is also an absolute must when enjoying these buds, which often bring on red-eye and dry-mouth like you’ve never experienced before.



Medical Uses of Alien OG Feminized

The fantastically balanced nature of Alien OG makes for an outstanding therapeutic strain, with a long list of potential medical applications. This is the kind of strain that can be anything you want her to be, depending on how much you consume and your THC tolerance.


For example, the cerebral aspect of the high is perfect for getting to grips with depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. It’s also great for combating bouts of stress and anxiety, or for simply providing a dose of inspiration and motivation when feeling lazy and lethargic. A few tokes and you’re back at your best, grinning at all that’s good in the world.


On the physical side of things, Alien OG provides the kind of warm and relaxing body stone that’s great for treating mild to moderate aches and pains. This herb’s also been said to work wonders against headaches, migraines and muscle stiffness, and her associations with the munchies make for a good choice to combat nausea and bouts of poor appetite, with the clear-headedness needed not to make terrible dietary choices at the time.


In high enough doses, Alien OG can eventually bring on a state of physical relaxation so intense that it lulls the users into a deep and restful night’s sleep. Though it’s worth bearing in mind that the initial stages of the high are the exact opposite of relaxing, so be cautious when hitting this THC-heavy strain hard.



Growing Alien OG Feminized Seeds

As for cultivation, Alien OG really is a gift from above. This being the feminized version, problematic male plants are practically eliminated from the equation. You’ll be looking at exclusively female plants in your grow space, which rarely reach heights in excess of 1m and are reasonably easy to grow.


Balanced temperatures and humidity levels hold the key to the best possible yields, as does a decent amount of pruning to ensure good air circulation. Flowering times are relatively short at around eight weeks on average, after which you could be looking at anything up to 12oz of weed for every square meter of grow space. Pretty impressive when considering Alien OG’s potential THC content of up to 28%.


If you’re dealing with limited space and can only stretch to one or two plants, a little of this stuff goes a seriously long way.


Outdoor yields can be even more impressive, but only where conditions are consistently warm, sunny and relatively stable. Otherwise, it’s best to keep Alien OG Feminized indoors.




Both for recreational and therapeutic cannabis users alike, Alien OG raises the bar in terms of balance and potency.


Relatively easy to grow and capable of producing more THC than you’ll know what to do with, this herb also impresses with enticing aromas and fabulous citrus flavors.


Novice smokers and those with a low THC tolerance are advised to approach this cannabis with caution, however, as the initial stages of the high in particular can be quite overwhelming. A certain amount of mind-race is to be expected, so think twice if you’ve a history of panic attacks or paranoia.


Otherwise, Alien OG Fem could be just the thing to test your mettle - if you’re the type that enjoys a challenge!

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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