Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized Seeds

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Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized Seeds

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A comparative newcomer to the scene, Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that impresses in all the essential areas. Whether looking to get fired up on a Monday morning or in need of a jitter-free energy boost in the afternoon, look no further than this potent feminized hybrid of industry legends...

An Unforgettable Experience 


Bud Basics

Combine one hard-hitting cannabis strain with an equal heavy-hitter and… well, you can probably figure out what you get as a result. A comparative newcomer to the scene, Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that impresses in all the essential areas.


Whether looking to get fired up on a Monday morning or in need of a jitter-free energy boost in the afternoon, look no further than this potent feminized hybrid of industry legends.


Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized offers the best of her parent strains, though brings something a little extra into the mix as an added bonus. All the energetic and uplifting properties of AK-47 are right there where you’d expect them to be, coupled with the dreamy exoticness of Amnesia’s beloved Haze heritage.


The fragrance and flavor profile are dominated by sweet citrus and sour fuel, translating to a straightforward and enjoyable experience all cannabis purists will get a kick out of.


As an added bonus, Amnesia x AK-47 Fem is a relatively easy specimen to grow that doesn’t demand a great deal of TLC. She needs a fair amount of space to do her thing, but nonetheless rewards with superb yields and impressive resistance to most common plant problems.


In short, anyone looking to broaden their horizons with something new and interesting should definitely add these beans to their shopping list.


Land yourself a potent batch with THC levels as high as 22% and you’re in for an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Though be warned, this stuff is known for bringing on bouts of the munchies like you’ve never experienced them before!



Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia x AK-47

Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized is far from one-dimensional, but nonetheless keeps things relatively simple on the nose. The fragrance is dominated by citrus and sour diesel, with plenty of old-school skunkiness and a hint of pine freshness. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but what Amnesia x AK-47 lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in pungency.


It’s pretty much the same story on the palate, which again is dominated by classic Skunk and plenty of sour citrus. Burning the buds releases a more spicy and funky fragrance, whereas vaporization really brings out the pine freshness.  In both instances, the aftertaste combines sour fuel with exotic sandalwood, which lingers for some time to say the least.




Amnesia x AK-47 was created by combining the genetics of the two superstar strains she takes her name from. The result of which is an exceptionally well-balanced hybrid with 40% Indica and 60% Sativa genetics. THC varies from 17% to 22% or more, with no discernible amount of CBD in the mix.


The result of all this is an energizing and uplifting high, which for the most part is purely cerebral. One of the best strains you’ll experience for a motivating wake and bake, Amnesia x AK-47 fires up the senses like a strong cup of coffee, though without the associated nervous energy.


Negative thoughts are blasted into oblivion, creativity comes naturally and you’re flooded with a feeling that today is going to be a pretty awesome day. 


This also makes Amnesia x AK-47 perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, at a time when you’re struggling to stay focused or motivated. As long as you don’t take things too far with an overly-potent batch, this is an extremely approachable and controllable strain that won’t blow your mind. 


That said, individuals with a low THC tolerance or a history of paranoia or panic attacks should take things very slowly at first.


The high in general is quintessentially enjoyable and uplifting, but the initial uplift can be a little on the frantic side. Dry-mouth and red-eye can also be expected with prolonged use – something to be aware of if you’re using these buds to keep you motivated throughout the day.



Medical Uses of Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized

Amnesia x AK-47 is gradually finding her way onto the shelves of discerning dispensaries across the United States. Her effectiveness against physical ailments is extremely limited, but this impressive hybrid can nonetheless obliterate negative thoughts, feelings and emotions instantaneously.


All of which has made her the tool of choice for the treatment of mild to moderate psychological and emotional health issues. Examples of which include anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD – all of which have been said to respond extremely well to measured intake.


Hunger pangs are also inevitable, making this a great choice for alleviating nausea or issues with poor appetite.


Amnesia x AK-47 Fem isn’t the strain to reach for if struggling to get a good night’s sleep. That said, she can be just the thing for dealing with the aftereffects of a bad night, or when lethargy is making it difficult to get anything done. Negative side effects are rare, but it’s worth starting out slow until you can figure out just how much THC is in your batch. 



Growing Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized

There’s nothing particularly challenging about the cultivation process for these beauties, but a little knowledge and experience goes a long way. Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized is a durable and resilient strain that’s capable of taking care of herself, showing excellent resistance to most common plant problems. Though when it comes to yields and potency, this is where an investment of time and effort will pay off.


Keeping temperatures between 20°C and 25°C is the way to go, with moderate humidity levels and occasional pruning to ensure good air circulation. A standard soil setup is fine, but a ScrOG setup will see you walking away with the biggest possible haul.


Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized plants tend to top out at around 2 meters or so, which means a decent amount of vertical space is essential. Given adequate TLC, these ladies flourish into a bounteous flora, producing heavy and dense nugs layered with thick coatings of resin.


Due to the weight of these innumerable budding sites, be prepared to help your crop out with additional support as the plants mature.


After a flowering time of approximately 9 weeks, a successful grow will mean an average of 500g for every square meter grow space. If growing outdoors, aim to harvest towards the middle of October for the best possible results. 




Amnesia x AK-47 Feminized may not have been around for long, but is already on her way to modern classic status. With her almost exclusively Sativa effects, this hybrid is a fantastically enjoyable and predictable strain to turn to for a burst of energy. 


Her versatility in recreational and medicinal cannabis circles is outstanding, as is that delectable old-school fragrance and flavor profile. She’s also anything but a challenging strain to grow, which is pretty much the cherry on the cake with this high-energy hybrid.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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