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Ever-popular, Gelato Autoflower is the genius lovechild of California native Gelato and autoflowering matriarch, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), resulting in a veritable delight of flavors that’s guaranteed to flower even...

Creamy Cannabis Cocktail


Bud Basics

Ever-popular, Gelato Auto is the genius lovechild of California native Gelato and autoflowering matriarch, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), resulting in a veritable delight of flavors that’s guaranteed to flower even with very little light and maintenance. Genetic tweaking at its best, this strain is a top example of the craft hybrids emerging from the West Coast that focus on bold tastes.


Just as delicious as the original variety of the strain, this hybrid boasts a creamy, well-balanced mix of rich, fruity berry flavors with citrus and earthiness: a sweet treat of up to 20% to 24% THC.


Relaxing and motivating at once, Gelato is the Indica-leaning strain of afternoons and early evenings, inducing a stimulating, creative head-high.


A euphoric relief for stress and anxiety, this beauty is a powerful medicinal tool as well as a smoky comfort blanket, benefitting from analgesic and antiinflammatory effects that can provide relief for a variety of ailments from arthritis to migraines.


Though a basic level of gardening expertise is required, as an autoflowering variety, Gelato Autoflower is easier to cultivate than other variants of the strain. Though outdoor growing is possible, this mouthwatering marijuana will prosper indoors, where the environment can be more closely monitored and controlled for a fast maturing yield.



Flavor and Fragrance of Gelato

As you might expect from a strain named after the famed Italian dessert, Gelato has a particularly delectable flavor profile. True to her name, this cannabis will coat the tongue with a creamy texture and a veritable cocktail of vibrant flavors. Combining the sweetness of berries with a fresh, citrusy tang and a hint of earthiness, this strain is certanly a dessert for the grown-ups.


Both as a vapor and a smoke, Gelato Auto exudes a rich fruity orange and blueberry scent with base notes of faint lavender and sandalwood, developing into a satisfying sweet cookie and sherbet taste, with hints of lemon and coffee after the first toke.


Cured properly, she can be a pungent strain, with notes of yeast and dough. Grinding or breaking apart the flowers can reveal a herby scent, and the smoke is lung-expanding and smooth - a sensation that might further explain the origins of her name.


Due to the super strong scent, Gelato isn’t a particularly discreet smoke, and as such you might want to take any necessary precautions if you choose to consume her delights in a public place.




Gelato Autoflower is not only a dessert cannabis for the tastebuds, but an after dinner treat for the mind and body too. You’ll find within a toke or two that a powerful cerebral high will stimulate the senses both visually and orally, decelerating time as you tumble into a creative cascade of ideas.


A strain for relaxing, it won’t be long before your body catches up with your mind, chilling you out from head to toe whilst keeping you fresh enough to explode with activity, should you so choose. Gelato is a strain for endeavors of the right hemisphere, such as playing music, making art or cooking - a likelihood once the munchies kick in.


Undemanding and comforting, this is a creeping physical high that leaves you calm and productive, captivating you body and soul. You’ll find yourself floaty and lucid with a joint of this ganja, making it great for daytime or evening use.


Regular smokers will find plenty of entertainment in the brain stimulation a few tokes of Gelato Autoflower provides, though some consumers have reported sleepiness after only a few hits. Even so, social occasions can only be improved with the addition of this strain to the party - much like genuine gelato ice-cream.



Medical Uses of Gelato Autoflower

Something of a spoonful of sugar, Gelato Auto is universally acknowledged to be a medicine that’s a joy to take, offering medicinal benefits to the mind and the body alike without side effects -  if consumed in moderation.


Blessed with potent anodyne and antiinflammatory properties, Gelato is a popular choice for temporary relief from arthritis, muscle cramps, migraines, chronic pains and lupus due to the strain's powerful numbing effects.


Since thes buds are likely to stir up euphoric feelings and elevate mood in most consumers, they're an excellent choice for reducing symptoms of a variety of mental health conditions, impeding intrusions from stress and anxiety with just one joint. As such, many of those struggling with depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder also find these nugs to be an effective treatment.


As with many strains of cannabis, you can expect Gelato to intensely arouse your appetite, even where it might normally be lacking. In particular, this strain will help reduce nausea and vomiting, even when induced by medication.


If used with care, Gelato Autoflower can be side-effect free - but due to her potency, it’s still possible that dry eyes or cottonmouth may occur if used excessively. This strain is also not recommended for those prone to paranoia or anxiety.



Growing Gelato Autoflower

As with many autoflowering strains, Gelato Auto is a fairly small plant, growing no higher than 70 to 100 centimeters, making her a perfect discreet strain for indoor growers. With a growth cycle of between 10 and 11 weeks, it’s important to keep the plants protected during cultivation, as there’s little time for them to recover if any damage is done.


In order to avoid damaging the flora before maturation, a minimum of 18 hours of light each day will need to be provided - more if possible - in order to maintain growth and optimize the yield. Grown indoors, this level of light is likely to increase the temperature, so don’t forget to maintain an average of 20° to 26°C, too.


Humidity should be between 40% and 50% for top results. Low-stress training (LST) is fine with Gelato Autoflower, but high-stress training (HST) could be detrimental to your final yield, and is strongly discouraged.


As the plants begin to mature, you’ll find Gelato’s leaves to turn a beautiful deep green, with rich mauve buds that can be brought out with a little exposure to cooler temperatures when the lights are down. This will mimic wintry conditions, and as harvest comes around you can easily find yourself with several dense colas coated in snowy white trichomes


When mature, dank is the word for this strain: expect to see thick, honey-dripping nuggets and bright orange pistils glowing against the forest green leaves. The buds will likely be lumpy and particularly dense, with that all important sticky coating of visible resin droplets.


Since Gelato Auto is small in stature, to maximize yields it’s recommended that you use a Sea of Green (SOG) setup of 4 to 16 plants per square meter, which if kept in optimum conditions could result in as much as 500 grams of glistening nugs.


Due to the strain’s Ruderalis genetics, Gelato Autoflower will fare well outdoors too, provided that the environment isn’t too hot or too cold. However it has to be said that the yield might suffer for this - with less regimented time in the sunlight, the buds could be reduced to as little as 100 grams per plant. For this reason, most growers opt for indoor cultivation.


Finally, indoor growers might want to consider odor control measures when growing Gelato, as she's a particularly pungent strain. Carbon air filters or exhaust fans might be of benefit if discretion is key.




The full package when it comes to flavor, fragrance and THC, Gelato Autoflower is everything you want in a tasty strain, guaranteed to grow, and an all round pleasurable experience.


Abundant with fruity berries and citrus, creamy orange and earthy smoke, this strain’s palate of delights is only the beginning. Perfect for after work or into the evening, with this delectable hybrid you can expect an intense, motivating cerebral high and a calming body buzz, offering creativity and therapy at once.


Medicinal users will find themselves floating on a calm, quiet bed of painlessness thanks to the strain’s analgesic and antiinflammatory properties - and a wicked case of the munchies to help improve your appetite, too!


As an autoflowering strain of the popular choice Gelato, this variant is sturdy in structure and considerably easier to cultivate than her sister strains, and will flourish indoors if treated to the correct conditions.


Gorgeous, trippy and relaxing, with particularly potent and mood boosting effects, Gelato is the cannabis of choice whether your intent is solo pursuits or socializing.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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