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CBD Diesel Feminized Seeds

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Combining the iconic Sativa genetics of industry legend AK-47 with the Indica heaviness of sedative Skunk family wonder weed Critical Mass and the CBD-loaded 1:1 ratio Dieseltonic was only ever going to result in a mighty medical marijuana specimen...

One Seriously Stinky CBD Strain Superstar


Bud Basics

Combining the iconic Sativa genetics of industry legend AK-47 with the Indica heaviness of sedative Skunk family wonder weed Critical Mass and the CBD-loaded 1:1 ratio Dieseltonic was only ever going to result in a mighty medical marijuana specimen - exactly what you get with CBD Diesel.


This hybrid strain artfully blends some of the most desirable cannabis traits in existence, from her ease of growth to the most delectably moreish citric zest and overall sense of serene sedation - the only thing ‘missing’ from this champion cannabis concoction is entirely by design.


Inheriting Dieseltonic’s impressive 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, the 7% Cannabidiol (CBD) content in these curative ladies is all but perfectly balanced by a 6% THC average, which serves to mute any major psychoactive influence - a particular boon for those with low THC tolerance, as these beauties have the likes of award-winning Skunk in their direct lineage.


CBD Diesel might not be packed with THC, but the high these buds deliver is deeply relaxing and favorably approachable for those new to the world of weed.


Even with that psychoactive influence tempered, this high CBD strain is known for making her presence felt immediately, taking the edge off any rough day while tantalizing the tastebuds with her delicious and unmissable flavor profile.



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Diesel

Both on the tongue and the nose, CBD Diesel takes largely after her Critical Mass and Dieseltonic parent strains, with AK-47’s profile being somewhat dominated in this hybrid.


You might not have sampled Critical Mass or Dieseltonic before, but you’ve likely heard of, caught a whiff of or sampled the genetics they themselves come from - the former bringing Skunk’s potent profile to play, while the latter brings us the taste of legendary NYC Diesel.


The result of these famously pungent strains’ genetic inclusion gives CBD Diesel a notable and inviting aroma from the moment the plants start to mature, offering citric notes underscored by a dank and decadent fuel-like tone.


Both scent and tang can be quite overpowering for those caught unawares, but just one toke is enough to leave you with a remarkable taste sensation, bursting with sweet and sour bites guaranteed to have you craving for more.




Here is where CBD Diesel comes into her own, exemplifying all the varied and wondrous characteristics of her parent strains and their parents before.


AK-47 and Skunk have always been famous for getting to work right away, often labeled as one hit and quit strains. The thing is, with their potency tempered by the high CBD influence of Dieseltonic, that instant influence becomes a radically different experience.


Expect a pleasant and deeply relaxing sensation to sweep through the body, accompanied by a gentle euphoria which eases the mind before you even register what’s happening.


While those with low tolerance could well find themselves succumbing to a serene state of couchlock, more seasoned smokers should not find the high of CBD Diesel to be quite so sedative. Nevertheless, this CBD hybrid makes for a marvelous means of chilling out at the end of any and every day.


These buds are definitely not the ones to go for when you’ve got to get to the grind and cross things off you to-do list (unless you know exactly what you’re doing with your dose control and are confident you can ride the relaxation wave).


If you’re remotely new to cannabis, make sure you have nothing important to do ahead of you, get comfy and enjoy the most compelling chill of your life - just be sure to take it easy and don’t overindulge (unless you want to invite the minor side-effects of marijuana such as headaches, couchlock or dizziness).



Medical Uses of CBD Diesel Feminized

While Dieseltonic is certainly responsible for elevating the CBD content of these CBD Diesel Feminized beauties, the real therapeutic value of this remarkable hybrid comes rather from the exquisite balance of THC and CBD found in the plant’s genetics.


Each and every strain found in CBD Diesel’s genetic lineage has helped in their own way to deliver users with an equilibrium of effects ranging from anti-emetic to anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic and analgesic.


All those fancy words mean this high CBD strain lends itself wonderfully to the treatment of everything from nausea-related conditions to stress, anxiety, depression and minor or major pain ranging from headaches to migrainesmuscle spasms, crippling arthritis or debilitating pain.


These agents all work in harmony within these buds to help the mind and body and spirit find their balance once again, and while not a ‘cure’ for the conditions which ail you, will prove a mighty weapon in those battles - whether they’re physical or mental in nature.


What’s more, those relaxing and anti-nausea properties, when combined with the appetite stimulation ability many similar marijuana strains possess, make CBD Diesel Feminized an ideal strain for helping cancer patients regain a stronger semblance of life, even in the wake of chemotherapy.



Growing CBD Diesel Feminized Seeds

If you’re reasonably new to the ganja growing game and in the market for some quality marijuana medicine, you’re in the right place with CBD Diesel Feminized seeds.


These beauties offer a famously simple cultivation process which even novice growers can see huge rewards from, and thanks to the feminized nature of these beans, you’ll not have to worry about any crop-ruining male plants while you grow.


While cultivating these luscious ladies shouldn’t give anyone much grief, there are a few points worth considering if you want a truly successful harvest.


First up, this Indica-heavy hybrid has a tendency to grow pretty huge if you let her, reaching an average of anywhere between 5 and 6 feet tall under ideal conditions. These plants are known to work well within Sea of Green (SOG) environments, which can help you stay on top of such mighty heights and keep things manageable.


Due to the dense bud clusters CBD Diesel Fem plants develop, these can be quite inviting to mold-related issues, however, making sure your plants have adequate airflow can help counter this - and is well worthwhile to ensure maximum yields come harvest time.


With the likes of Skunk and New York City Diesel in her lineage, it should come as no surprise that this particular CBD-heavy hybrid is also famously pungent from the moment the plants begin to bloom.


If at all possible, odor control methods like carbon filters are recommended in areas where discretion is called for. Of course, for those without the need for subtlety (and fortunate enough to enjoy Mediterranean climates), allowing your CBD Diesel crop the freedom to grow outdoors and stretch their roots is ideal for maximum output.


After roughly 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, you should be ready to harvest these stunning crystal-coated beauties, at which point those cultivating indoors can expect between 460 and 600 grams per meter squared for their efforts.


Outdoor growers should aim to harvest no later than mid-October, and can reap a heavy haul of anything up to 600 grams per plant of these dense and frosty nugs.




CBD Diesel is a CBD-rich hybrid strain which embodies the full range of restorative abilities marijuana is becoming ever-more famous for.


Alongside such serenely sedative and uplifting influences, this overly generous medical marvel delivers a truly delightful taste and scent guaranteed to have you begging for more.


As the icing on the cake, these feminized plants are so simple to cultivate that even a novice can see epic rewards of dense and frosty therapeutic nugs with little challenge - a fortunate thing, as you’re certain to be grateful for a healthy supply once that aftertaste kicks in!

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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