Early Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Early Skunk Feminized Seeds

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Consider this herb an ideal pot partner for lazy afternoons and weekends, capable of inducing a long-lasting buzz that’ll set you up perfectly for some quality ‘you’ time...

A Skunk for Summer Memories


Bud Basics

The multiple award-winning Early Skunk Feminized hybrid hails from the prestigious genetics of cannabis icons Skunk #1 and Early Pearl, resulting in a slightly Sativa-dominant strain that’s not as ‘early’ as you might think.


Consider this herb an ideal pot partner for lazy afternoons and weekends, capable of inducing a long-lasting buzz that’ll set you up perfectly for some quality ‘you’ time - whether it’s chilling by your lonesome or a sunny days BBQ with friends or family.


It’s fair to say that Early Skunk delivers a quintessential, yet rarely overpowering, stoned experience that even those with lower THC tolerances should find highly agreeable. And for those more accustomed to psychoactive pot, the creative and inspirational vibes this herb can elicit can be just the marijuana muse you’ve been looking for.


Better yet, being the progeny of two super sturdy and reliable strains, growers will find that cultivating this cannabis is one of the easiest experiences going, promising epic yields in a matter of months, regardless of your expertise or growing talent.


And don’t let this funky skunky Sativa get you fooled - these buds are far more than a recreational toker’s delight, proving themselves mightily effective medical marijuana specimens, too, with a wealth of therapeutic benefits.


It takes a strain of truly noteworthy status to claim prestigious awards from the likes of the High Times Cannabis Cup and Highlife Cup, but in Early Skunk Fem, that’s exactly what’s in store for you.



Flavor and Fragrance of Early Skunk Feminized

Those ever-loud Skunk terps are at it again in this hybrid, delivering an aroma that stinks to the high heavens and complementary chemically taste capable of winning over even the most dubious of cannabis consumer.


While the idea of ganja reminiscent of chemicals, skunks or even rotting eggs sounds revolting on paper, anyone already familiar with the cannabis community will find their noses twitch and saliva glands kick into overdrive any time Early Skunk buds are around.


These nugs are the definition of dank, pungently floral, musky and moreish to both the nose and tongue.




Don’t let the name fool you, Early Skunk Feminized is not quite the wake and bake strain you might believe her to be - but that’s not to say these buds aren’t here to get you through the day!


With THC averaging 20% and a slight Sativa dominance, rest assured that this herb is going to hit you swift and stick around for a long-lasting cerebral high. The almost immediate energizing influence is impossible to argue with, and will absolutely have you feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world.


Following hot on the heels of this uplift in focus, creativity and mindset in general, the Indica effects slowly seep their way through every inch of your body. This creates an interesting dynamic where you’re unlikely to feel up to anything especially strenuous, but can still find plenty of physical energy for the likes of general larking about and leisurely activities.


Afternoons and weekends are your best times to consume Early Skunk - or those long sunny days where you haven’t got a care in the world beyond enjoying the moment.


Those with higher THC tolerances might find themselves with more energy and focus for actual work-related tasks - crushing that to-do list or creating art, for example - but it seems this high is far more aimed at pure and unashamed enjoyment and indulgence.


From barbecues to beach days, lake trips or hiking to that perfect meditation spot, these buds exist to bring a new level of enjoyment to anyone’s ‘me’ time, no matter where that path may lead you.



Medical Uses of Early Skunk Feminized

Being a high THC strain with a low CBD content may not seem an ideal blend for the medical masses, but the therapeutic uses of Early Skunk Feminized are both profound and highly desirable. Of course, if your tolerance for THC is low, consume this cannabis in moderation - and stay well hydrated while you do, so as to avoid any of Mary Jane’s less desirable side effects.


The instant mood modulating effects of this marijuana are impossible to resist or denounce in terms of medical efficacy. Negative thoughts become immediately harder to focus on as your perspective shifts, helping to counter everything from stress to depression and anxiety while re-balancing your serotonin levels.


General malaise is also difficult to hold onto when this herb is in effect - which in itself can prove the essential first step to any physical or mental recovery, regardless of your ailment.


The physical benefits are wide-reaching too, as potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents within Early Skunk help soothe mild aches and pains, flooding the body with a renewed sense of serenity while under the influence.


In higher doses, the physical effects can be felt with greater strength, but it’s important not to over-indulge or risk inviting adverse effects like cottonmouth or bloodshot eyes.



Growing Early Skunk Feminized Seeds

A delicate balance of Indica and Sativa genetics afford this hardy hybrid with a natural desire to flourish and produce prolific barrel-fulls of buds - so much so that growing Early Skunk Feminized could be considered a strong contender for the easiest strain to grow in the world (we’ll let you decide on that though).


While it’s possible for these plants to reach heights stretching up to 2 meters in optimal outdoor Mediterranean climates, you’re typically looking at plants which average around the 1 meter mark.


This short and sturdy stature has helped garner this ganja a solid reputation among indoor growers - though, keep in mind, that skunky pungency is inevitable. If discretion is important to you, you’ll need some dependable odor control measures in place when cultivating Early Skunk Fem.


Skunk does more than bless this bud with a prominent scent though, and you’ll find that wherever you grow this ganja, these plants are reliably capable of handling themselves, fending off common plant-related problems like mold, pathogens or pests without breaking a sweat.


If you have access to the kind of balmy climes of California or Spain, growing Early Skunk outdoors is going to yield you the best possible results as these beauties thrive like nobody’s business under the loving rays of the sun.


Those able to implement a Sea of Green (SoG) setup should absolutely treat their crop to this as a reliable means of maximizing your potential harvest.


Of course, being feminized seeds, you won’t have to worry about any crop-ruining males pollinating your plants, so there’s really not much to do beyond the usual TLC to secure your dense stash of 20% THC frosted nugs.


It’s possible to harvest after as little as 7 weeks flowering, though between 8 and 10 weeks can also be common for full development - after which, indoor growers can rake in up to 500 grams per meter squared, while outdoor crops can yield closer to 600 grams per plant if given the right conditions.




The easiest cannabis strain to cultivate ever? We’ll let you be the judge of that.


Growing Early Skunk Feminized is a practically guaranteed route to a remarkably generous harvest boasting high THC, a loud and prominent flavor and aroma profile, and an exquisite blend of Sativa and Indica traits that’s utterly perfect for anyone’s ‘me’ time.


This is the type of pot that accompanies days where lasting memories of pure enjoyment are formed.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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