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Bruce Banner Fast Version Seeds

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Irrespective of how developed your THC tolerance is, this is the kind of strain that obliterates you entirely and laughs in your face while doing it...

A High Speed Hulk


Bud Basics

Some strains are designed to be sophisticated on the nose, pleasing on the palate and multifaceted in general. At the opposite end of the scale, you have strains like Bruce Banner Fast Version – those designed for no reason other than to get you as high as possible as quickly as possible.


This is the fast version of the original Bruce Banner, which has routinely tested for a super-high THC content on the verge of 30%.


Irrespective of how developed your THC tolerance is, this is the kind of strain that obliterates you entirely and laughs in your face while doing it.


Not to be confused with the autoflower version, this fast version is a photoperiod strain designed to get the job done quicker. This means you’re still able to produce massive yields indoors or out, though won’t be waiting quite as long to get your hands on your goods – up to a fortnight or so quicker than with the regular version.


Far from a one-trick pony, Bruce Banner Fast Version impresses with an enchanting aroma, fabulous flavor and beautifully balanced high. With a genetic composition of around 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, you can expect a hard-hitting experience that delivers the goods on body and brain with equal effectiveness.


Particularly if you end up with a batch that errs towards the 30% THC side of the scale, this is perhaps the ultimate ‘one hit and quit’ strain to approach with extreme caution.


With OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel in the direct lineage, these buds bring far more to the table than catastrophic quantities of THC alone.


It’s worth pointing out at this stage that anyone with a low THC tolerance need not apply - this herb isguaranteed to be (WAY) more than you can handle!



Flavor and Fragrance of Bruce Banner Fast Version

Bruce Banner has a long and varied list of terpenes in the genetic make-up, dominated primarily by myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene. The resulting fragrance and flavor profile delivers wave after wave of sweet strawberries, punctuated with plenty of sour fuel.


Bruce Banner Fast Version is a pretty complex and multi-dimensional strain on the whole, delivering more than enough to keep connoisseurs of the highest order interested.


What’s particularly interesting is how this hybrid isn’t nearly as harsh or cough-inducing as you might expect. A real devil in disguise, the smoothness and palatability of the smoke gives absolutely no indication at just how punchy and powerful this stuff really is. Precisely what makes it so dangerous – a classic ‘just one more toke’ strain, where one more toke is all that’s needed to send you over the edge.




The fantastically balanced genetic composition of Bruce Banner Fast Version makes this an enjoyable strain for all occasions. Or at least, occasions where it’s of no consequence how high you get – keeping things controlled and grounded with this stuff in the mix isn’t usually an option.


Initially, this herb hits hard and fast with a racing cerebral uplift, often resulting in mind-race and disorientation. Euphoria comes on swiftly, as sensory perceptions are altered and the whole thing edges on the verge of psychedelia. All of which can be a little hard to handle for the uninitiated, though after a while diminishes to leave behind a sense of complete and total contentment.


You’ll be left feeling like a comic book superhero in your own right – apt for marijuana with a moniker like this.


Still, you won’t want to get into anything particularly challenging or physical just yet. The reason being that the heaviness and clumsiness associated with Bruce Banner is legendary.


Couch-lock is more or less guaranteed as the high wears on, combining a near-incapacitating body stone with a feeling of pure joy and dumbfounded happiness. Super-enjoyable all round, but best reserved for instances where you don’t have to pretend you’re a competent and capable member of the human race.


Bruce Banner Fast Version guarantees a great night’s sleep as the experience comes to a close, which is something to prepare for accordingly.



Medical Uses of Bruce Banner Fast Version

As long as you can handle the potency, Bruce Banner Fast Version can be an extremely versatile and fast acting therapeutic cannabis strain. THC content averages around 27%, underlining the importance of strict moderation.


The Sativa side of Bruce Banner’s genetics makes this ganja great for tackling a wide variety of mild to moderate psychological complaints, including anxiety, depression, mood-issues and apathy – all of which are blasted out of the water in mere minutes.


If heavy thoughts of any kind are making it difficult for you to stay positive and motivated, consuming this cannabis in controlled doses will have you feeling right as rain in no time.


That said, it is also essential to factor the physical side of the high into the equation. This is where the real power of Bruce Banner lies – a tendency to knock even the most experienced stoners completely off their feet. In doing so, this herb gets to work on the aches, pains and stiffness like almost nothing else out there.


These buds can also be great for tackling the occasional bout of insomnia, or issues with poor appetite.



Growing Bruce Banner Fast Version Seeds

The fast version of Bruce Banner is simply a photoperiod strain that has been accelerated through selective breeding. This in turn means the opportunity to produce extraordinary yields (up to 30oz per square meter) in a much shorter space of time – think 8 weeks or so of flowering, rather than the usual average of 10 weeks.


Bruce Banner Fast Version is a relatively easy strain to grow from start to finish, though does require a lot of vertical space for plants to reach their full potential. It’s therefore a better strain to grow outdoors if possible, aiming to harvest around the middle of September.


A warm Mediterranean-like climate is essential for outdoor growing – a greenhouse making the perfect environment to produce the best possible results. Get it right and you’ll be looking at not only generous yields, but a THC content of around 27% - sometimes knocking on the door of 30%.




If there was a list of 10 strains every cannabis user must try in the course of their lifetime, Bruce Banner would definitely make an appearance. Even if you don’t normally prioritize THC content above everything else, there’s much to be said for what is literally one of the strongest strains ever created.


The added bonus being Bruce Banner’s exquisite fragrance and flavor profile, which is complex and satisfying in equal measures. Home cultivation can be surprisingly simple for such a potent strain, but only if you can provide your plants with practically limitless headroom to do their thing.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Fast Version
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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