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A strain that’s stood the test of time, award-winning White Russian Feminized remains one of the most well-loved strains in the cannabis community decades after she was first introduced...

A Sparkling, Soaring, Cerebral Stone


Bud Basics

First released in Dutch coffeeshops in the 90s, White Russian Feminized has made her way across the world to become one of the most coveted and potent herbs on the 420 scene.


A hybrid cross between White Widow and AK47, the longevity and fame of this pot is not without good reason, blending the best of White Widow’s euphoric effects to the table, alongside the upbeat high and chill-out effects of AK47.


Just as potent as her parents before her, this weed comes in at an average 22% THC content, which is what led to her recognition at the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup for the highest THC concentration ever tested.


Years later, her sweet, skunky and pungent smoke is still delighting cannabis connoisseurs with her blissful and euphoric high. While not the strongest ever anymore, this marijuana is more than capable of knocking back most seasoned tokers with her seriously relaxing body-stone.


With recreational effects that rollover to function as medicinal effects too, White Russian Fem is a choice strain for medical tokers seeking reprieve from mental health issues and physical pain concerns.


Luckily she is an easy to grow, lanky beauty with Sativa-leaning growth traits that make her a breeze even for beginners. With feminized beans and excellent growth traits, her decent-sized yields speak for themselves, glistening with trichomes and stinking out the grow room.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Russian Feminized

Just as dank and earthy as parent strain White Widow, this herb adds a sweet citrus-scented note to add further complexity to her pungent smoke.


Once combusted, White Russian Feminized develops into a skunky smoke that’s strong with spicy-sweet notes on the exhale. Not quite as smooth as the cocktail of the same name, this weed has a harsh smoke that can induce coughing, so keep tokes small.




You might expect a strain with 22% THC to be overwhelming, but in fact White Russian Fem induces a profound psychedelic effect that’s fast to kick in and swift to start uplifting the mind and mood.


Quickly intensifying into blissful euphoria, this weed delivers some serious mental clarity and a burst of creativity that’s inspiring and inviting. Most tokers report that this herb’s effects are pronounced and energetic, making her a choice wake-and-bake that revitalizes and refreshes even the sleepiest stoner.


While you sit back and bask in the cerebral stimulation of White Russian, her Indica side gets to work to wind its way through your body, spreading through every muscle and nerve ending to fill your lungs and limbs with a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.


Still, all this doesn’t come without adverse effects, and like most marijuana, this ganja can bring on dry, red eyes and cottonmouth. Drink plenty of water to avoid this, and try OTC eye drops if necessary.


Tokers who are less experienced or particularly sensitive to THC might find themselves subjected to headaches, dizziness, or increased paranoia or anxiety. If such things occur, try switching to a gentler strain.



Medical Uses of White Russian Feminized

Like her parents before her, White Russian Feminized is bursting with medical potential, thanks to her high THC content, cerebral effects and calming properties.


Mood-boosting and energizing, she’s often prescribed to patients with various mental health conditions, ranging from stress, anxiety and depression to PTSD. This is due to her anxiolytic and antidepressant qualities, which can improve the quality of life for patients as well as helping with the management of otherwise debilitating conditions.


On a more physical note, White Russian boasts both analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities thanks to her Indica-heavy THC. For tokers struggling with mild to moderate aches and pains, she’s ideal for providing comfort and reprieve from fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and PMS.



Growing White Russian Feminized Seeds

Though Indica-dominant, White Russian Feminized looks more like a Sativa when it comes to her height and build, and she’s of average size at no more than 5 feet when fully mature. With long, pale green leaves, you’ll notice that around four weeks into flowering she develops a gorgeous sticky coating of trichomes that makes her look much like her White Widow parent in the grow room.


Growing White Russian Fem is fuss-free, as she doesn’t require quite as much in the way of nutrition as many strains, meaning she’s ideal for beginners looking to learn their way around cannabis cultivation.


When first planted, this plant’s growth rate may at first seem delayed or slow indoors, but almost as soon as her light cycle is switched to 12/12 you’ll see an explosion of growth from this ganja.


Her leaves are a little sparser than you might expect, but this is compensated for by her many lateral branches. These need to be pruned and trimmed regularly to maintain optimum airflow and light penetration and prevent humidity levels from getting too high and causing molds.


Indoors, we’d recommend making use of a Sea of Green (SOG) training technique, which will boost final yields considerably. White Russian’s all-fem seeds don’t require the removal of males from the batch, and flower for between 9 and 10 weeks before being ready to harvest. When it's time to cut down, yields are usually around 1.15 to 1,47 ounces per square foot.


Outdoors, this marijuana likes a warm, dry, and sunny environment much like most strains, and in the northern hemisphere is ready for harvesting around the end of October. Yields are a little different outdoors and usually come in at 21 to 28 ounces per plant.




A strain that’s stood the test of time, award-winning White Russian Feminized remains one of the most well-loved strains in the cannabis community decades after she was first introduced. Now, these all-fem beans mean you can take her home to grow a stash of your own with ease.


Sweet and spicy at once, this harsh and aromatic smoke hits the lungs to instantly induce a soaring cerebral flight and clarity that’s as impressive as it is enjoyable. Bringing the body down into a new-found level of relaxation, it’s no wonder this herb is coveted as a medicinal strain too, as her painkilling, head-clearing properties work well for patients with both physical and psychological conditions.


Since White Russian Fem is a simple strain to grow in any environment, cultivators across the globe will find this plant a delight to manage, particularly since her trichome-laden nugs are high-yielding and thrive indoors or out.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
GrowsGrows Indoors
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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