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White Widow Regular Seeds

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As legendary as any strain ever to hit the commercial market, White Widow is an absolute superstar for all types of social situations. With her exquisite...

Simply Legendary 


Bud Basics

As legendary as any strain ever to hit the commercial market, White Widow is an absolute superstar for all types of social situations. With her exquisite flavor profile, elevated THC content and easy-grow characteristics, this strain is a firm frontrunner in the rankings of the most popular and legendary cannabis of all-time.


Combining beautifully balanced heirloom genetics from South India and South America brought this 60% Indica to our lives in the early 90s, and a generous THC content and perfect hit for a morning pick-up or daytime re-energizer (along with top accolades at the High Times Cannabis Cup) cemented the strain’s superstar status.


What’s interesting about White Widow Regular is that despite Indica-dominance, her effects are almost entirely Sativa – energizing and uplifting in the extreme.


From first-time newcomers to the most experienced and discerning stoners, White Widow is a strain the entire cannabis community simply cannot get enough of.


When it comes to good vibes, great times with friends and the enjoyment of all-things social, there’s nothing quite like a quality batch of these buds.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Widow Regular

For the most part, White Widow’s fragrance is dominated by masses of old-school Skunk, complemented by undertones of fresh berries and a fair amount of exotic spice. What’s most notable about these buds is the way in which their scent permeates everything in the vicinity like you wouldn’t believe. Open a jar of well-cured White Widow Regular and you’ll set potheads smirking from 500 yards away.


Some batches are fruitier or more floral than others – some even bring hints of cinnamon into the mix.


As you’d expect, the flavor is similarly punchy, with plenty of skunky-spice and an even fruitier aftertaste. Imagine chomping down on fresh fruits spiked with black pepper with a hint of hash-like spice in the background and you’re almost there.




Completely defies her Indica-leaning genetic composition, White Widow Regular provides a famed Sativa-charged high.


Set yourself up with a potent batch and the immediate feeling is one of energized euphoria, with a complete sense of contentment and optimism. There’s a slight feeling of physical relaxation and warmth that accompanies the whole thing, but it is nonetheless a predominantly energizing and motivating experience.


White Widow is also legendary for bringing wave after wave of creativity, sparking the kind of innovation you may not have realized you were capable of. She’s also known for stimulating conversation and insightful discussion, but not to such an extent that’s going to prompt you to talk nonsense – firing you up to get things done, without melting you into a gibbering wreck.


As a wake and bake strain, this iconic cannabis really does take some beating.



Medical Uses of White Widow Regular

In terms of medical applications, pretty much any psychological issue that’s giving you trouble could be well and truly obliterated with careful intake of this stuff. While White Widow is not particularly useful where more physical conditions and symptoms are concerned, these buds can make light work of all types of mood issues.


Patients with depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD have reported remarkable relief after consuming this cannabis. Widow’s also fantastic for simply alleviating the cares and woes of a difficult day, or transforming lethargy into pure and relentless motivation.


If you’re simply feeling down and unmotivated for any reason, a few tokes of this stuff and you’ll feel as if you’re ready to conquer the world.


That said, anyone with a history of paranoia or panic attacks should approach White Widow Regular with extreme caution. This stuff’s not particularly overwhelming in small doses, but does have a habit of bringing on mind-race in the early stages when hit hard. 



Growing White Widow Regular Seeds

White Widow Regular is often described as an absolute ‘gift’ for the home grower, given that she demands next to nothing by way of knowledge and experience.


Along with displaying exceptional resistance to bugs, mold and disease, these plants can also withstand cooler outdoor conditions. Even if you’re as far north as the northern end of Europe, you’ll still have a decent chance of producing a massive yield outdoors.


Flowering times average around eight weeks or so, after which, depending on the conditions your plants are exposed to, you could be looking at anything up to 24oz of potent cannabis for every square meter of grow space.


This might not sound like a particularly huge yield, but it’s worth considering the THC of up to 25% - if you get it right. As this is the regular version, there are likely male plants in the mix too - great for breeding your own new-generation hybrids, but crop-ruiners if all you want is tasty buds.


Give your plants enough space to do their thing and they will easily reach 6 feet in height, so pruning and cropping will be needed if space is at a premium.




One of the most legendary strains ever to hit the commercial cannabis market, this stuff is every bit as impressive today as back in the day.


Notorious for her potency and potential to induce an overwhelmingly euphoric high, White Widow is just the thing for getting to grips with everyday bouts of stress, anxiety and lethargy.


And if that wasn’t enough, Widow is an easy strain to get to grips with as a home grower, which could see you netting a ton of skunky buds with a THC content of up to 25%.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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