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Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

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Once you’ve experienced something like Grape Ape, it’s hard to be satisfied with anything else. Bursting with the most beautiful grape-candy flavor and fragrance, this herb is irresistible on an entirely new level...

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Bud Basics

Once you’ve experienced something like Grape Ape, it’s hard to be satisfied with anything else. Bursting with the most beautiful grape-candy flavor and fragrance, this herb is irresistible on an entirely new level.


Though an invigorating specimen for the nose and the palate, Grape Ape is just about as incapacitating as it gets on everything else.


The result of a bold breeding experiment from the folks at Apothecary Genetics and Barney’s Farm, Grape Ape Feminized was made as a combination of Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani. This amalgamation of diverse and delicious genetics was only ever going to result in something spectacular, and so it proved.


Beautiful to behold, irresistibly fragrant and capable of packing a serious punch, these buds impress in all areas that count.


As a 100% Indica strain, you know exactly what to expect from the high - though with a THC content that varies from 17% to more than 22%, you’re never quite sure just how heavy it’ll be. In any case, Grape Ape is a relaxing and tranquilizing strain best reserved for moments of blissful self-indulgence and downright laziness.


Capable of producing generous yields and relatively simple to grow, this hybrid has become a firm favorite among commercial cultivators and DIYers alike. Give this strain just a small amount of TLC and she’ll give you more than you bargained for in return. As this is the feminized version, problematic male plants are eliminated from the equation for the most generous returns possible.



Flavor and Fragrance of Grape Ape Feminized

Grape Ape Feminized is the dictionary definition of a strain that defies her genetic composition, at least where fragrance and flavor are concerned. The primary terpene composition comprises generous quantities of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene - in which case, you’d expect a somewhat herbal, spicy and pine-fresh specimen.


In reality, what you get with Grape Ape is the prettiest of purple plants with layer upon layer of sweet and juicy fruity fragrances. Grape candy is the most dominant fragrance of all, underpinned by sweet berries and just the right amount of sour Skunk. Break the buds open and there’s a fantastic note of exotic hashish in the background - complex and mouth-watering in equal measures.


Burn the buds and it’s more of the same - masses of sugar-sweet candy with notes of spicy hash and classic skunkiness. The sweetness of the smoke is no less than legendary, leaving behind an almost sticky aftertaste that borders on sickly.  Not that this is a bad thing - it simply means you don’t need much to have the desired effect.


Try Grape Ape Fem with a vaporizer and you’re in for an even smoother and fruitier experience, though at the expense (depending on your preferences) of the more peppery and hash-like qualities.




Grape Ape Feminized is a 100% Indica specimen, which delivers exactly what you’d expect in terms of physical and cerebral effects. A slow-burner to say the least, it usually takes a good few minutes for the high to start, creeping into the mind with a daydream-like calmness and feeling of complete contentment.


Rather than hitting like a sledgehammer, this herb eases you into the experience on a floaty cloud of goodness. No mind-race or nervous energy to worry about - just blissful, dreamy and all about positive vibes.


The physical effects of Grape Ape likewise take a few minutes to set in, after which you gradually succumb to a feeling of heaviness and hopeless clumsiness.


Hit this herb hard enough and you’ll be left feeling about as graceful and elegant as a tranquilized primate, at which point you’ll be glued to the nearest soft surface for the duration.


Grape Ape is the strain to turn to when simply looking to melt your body and mind into a puddle of pure bliss. You’ll have neither the physical strength nor the motivation to lift so much as a finger, but you’ll be filled with the positivity and optimism needed to enjoy every moment of the experience. Not a strain for social situations, but unbeatable for a well-deserved evening of self-indulgence.


Just be warned that this hybrid’s infamy where the munchies are concerned is well-earned. An hour or two into the experience and you’ll have the insatiable appetite of a silverback gorilla.



Medical Uses of Grape Ape Feminized

Therapeutic cannabis users rave about the physically relaxing and sedating properties of Grape Ape. As a pure Indica strain, this herb packs the power and punch needed to practically numb the body in its entirety from head to toe. Though not particularly adept in the treatment of psychological issues and mood disorders, these buds take some beating where physical ailments are concerned.


For example, conditions like chronic pain and fibromyalgia have been said to respond positively to the measured intake of Grape Ape Fem. Muscle pains and joint stiffness can also be brought under swift control, as can headaches, migraines and muscle spasms.


If you’re struggling with a bout of nervous energy and simply cannot relax, you’ll have no choice but to unwind after a few hits of this herb.


Unsurprisingly, Grape Ape is also a fantastic strain to turn to for a good night’s sleep. The occasional bout of insomnia is no match for this stuff, as are those evenings when you simply have too much on your mind to drift off to sleep.


If poor appetite or nausea is an issue, it won’t be once the munchies kick in - quite the opposite.


Just be sure to approach these nugs with caution if you have a history of paranoia or panic attacks, as hour after hour of couch-lock can be disconcerting for the uninitiated.



Growing Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

Cultivating Grape Ape Feminized ranks towards the middle-reaches of the difficulty scale. Outright newcomers may find her a slightly challenging specimen to contend with, though anyone who’s grown a few plants successfully before won’t find the process too difficult.


The main issue lies in providing these plants with relatively consistent temperatures and humidity levels, while at the same time putting your pruning and structural support skills to the test. Grape Ape Fem often has a habit of overestimating her own capabilities, therefore can need supporting to prevent broken stems and branches. She also has a tendency to grow quite bushy, so pruning is essential to ensure good air circulation and prevent mold.


On the plus side, Grape Ape plants routinely put out in excess of 500g of potent weed for every square meter of grow space. All while giving off a fabulous fruity fragrance and courtesy of plants that rarely reach more than 1m or so in height.


This being the feminized version, you’re also guaranteed 100% male plants for the best possible return on your investment.




Irrespective of your tastes and preferences where cannabis is concerned, it is impossible not to be impressed by Grape Ape Feminized. In terms of fragrance, flavor, effects, potency and cultivation simplicity (almost), she’s the ultimate crowd pleaser.


For recreational use, this strain is one of the most enjoyable specimens money can buy for afternoons or evenings of pure self-indulgence. In therapeutic terms, she’s a fantastic strain for welcome and long-lasting pain relief. Not to mention, the promise of perhaps the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.


Pick up a batch at your local dispensary if you like, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as growing a fragrant and flavorful batch of Grape Ape from scratch.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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