Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

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Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds

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Combining the very best of her storied genetic lineage, this potent hybrid strain exemplifies an exquisite mental and physical high for the ages, proving as capable as her parents at hitting both swiftly and serenely...

A Decadent Amsterdam Marijuana Mashup


Bud Basics

Coming from such illustrious genetics, Chronic Widow was only ever going to be nothing short of spectacular. When Amsterdam legend White Widow met with Chronic (herself a potent genetic mix of icons SkunkNorthern Lights and AK-47), this Indica-dominant superstar of a high THC strain was born with one goal - to blow your mind.


Combining the very best of her storied genetic lineage, this potent hybrid strain exemplifies an exquisite mental and physical high for the ages, proving as capable as her parents at hitting both swiftly and serenely.


The only slight drawback is that you’ll need to have some experience behind you before attempting to cultivate a crop of these beauties - novice growers might want to look elsewhere, even perhaps to the parent strains themselves, which are known to be considerably easier in general.


Despite a low CBD content and THC as high as 23%, Chronic Widow is not without her potent therapeutic benefits, and, when considering the abundantly bountiful yields these plants tend to produce, would make a strong addition to any ganja garden, be it medicinal or recreational in nature.



Flavor and Fragrance of Chronic Widow

With a taste like Chronic and aroma akin to White Widow, the Chronic Widow Fem hybrid delivers natural and complementary delights for all the senses.


Expect an earthiness with notes that some describe as fruity, others more like a strangely peppery honey, and a hint of Skunk on the tongue while the terpenes of White Widow drift about the nostrils, filling you with a piny herbal aroma.


The experience is a true representation of the best from the flavor and fragrance of every famous strain in the Chronic Widow genetic makeup, and one that anyone seeking an exquisite blend of Amsterdam simply needs to try.




Thanks to the mix of Indica and Sativa genetics, Chronic Widow Fem is famed for her potency when it comes to both a cerebral and physical high.


With 23% THC content, it’s no surprise that these buds make their effects known pretty swiftly, kicking things off with an intensely uplifting cerebral boost capable of banishing stress and worries as a state of serenity takes over.


It’s not long before that Indica influence slides you into the kind of pure sedation which will soon have you clambering onto the couch for a place worthy of chilling.


Despite the powerfully relaxing vibes Chronic Widow brings, the high is simply tremendous when experienced with others - while not exactly the best for stimulating eloquent conversation, you’ll likely find your troupe giggling uncontrollably amongst themselves over the silliest of things - and that’s always a delight!


Keep in mind though, even seasoned daily smokers can easily be knocked for six with this potent specimen, so consume with care - especially if you want to avoid some of the less desirable side effects marijuana has to offer.


All of this makes Chronic Widow far better suited to evening enjoyment rather than a wake and bake session, helping not only to put a perfect pot cap on the day but also to send you off to a blissful slumber the moment the lights go down.



Medical Uses of Chronic Widow Feminized

Though CBD hovers at a low 0.6% average, Chronic Widow takes after her iconic parents in boasting a wonderful array of therapeutic benefits - albeit, only within reach of those with a respectable tolerance for THC.


The strain’s potent cerebral serenity is an ideal means of mitigating stress, depression and anxiety, aided by the strong anxiolytic properties found within these nugs.


Of course, in true Indica style, the sedative analgesic and anti-inflammatory nature of Chronic Widow has proven time and again to be a highly effective means of managing everything from minor aches and severe pains to insomnia, muscular and joint tension.


Caution must be stressed for those with low THC tolerance, however, as the psychoactive influence is strong with this one, and you could easily find yourself overwhelmed with everything from paranoia to dizziness or compelling drowsiness if you’re not careful. Everything in moderation, as they say.



Growing Chronic Widow Feminized Seeds 

Though this hybrid is largely Indica in nature, these plants tend to behave in a more typical Sativa fashion, reaching enormous heights of up to 2 meters on average, but with the potential of even loftier heights when treated to optimal conditions.


While this can certainly be a boon to production, it also adds considerable cultivation challenges in simply maintaining such mammoth marijuana plants. For this reason, many growers will opt for a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup to help them stay on top of things and ensure these chronic feminized beauties develop in the most efficient manner.


Another effective trick for those cultivating Chronic Widow Fem indoors is to use smaller pots or shorten the vegetation period through reduced light exposure, which can be highly beneficial in keeping the ganja plants from becoming truly gargantuan.


You’ll want to brush up on some High Stress Training (HST) techniques as well such as topping or pruning the plants to ensure that adequate airflow and light penetration is achieved for the entire crop.


When Chronic Widow plants begin to mature and those buds start taking on their chunky, dense and crystal-coated shapes, it’s not uncommon for the plants’ branches to begin to struggle somewhat under their own weight. If you want to maximize your output, keep a close eye on this and be at the ready with additional support like stakes and trellises. Tying the branches may also serve you well here.


Expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering before your plants are ready to harvest and net you anywhere in the region of 700 to 800 grams per plant of densely packed THC-loaded nugs for your efforts. Crops outdoors fare best in balmy Mediterranean climates, where ample sunlight and a late October harvest can see maximum pot production.




You could search for hours on end and not find a more suitable pot partner for evening enjoyment than Chronic Widow Feminized.


This hybrid embodies the truest essence of quintessential stoner strains, inducing serene states of sedation that squash stresses and promote pure contentment.


Thanks to the feminized nature of these beans, some of the cultivation challenge has been removed, however, this is absolutely a strain better suited to those with at least a few successful harvests under their belt first. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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