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If you’re looking for weed that has tons of bag appeal and provides exceptional smoke, buds from Northern Lights seeds are a perfect choice.


With traits from two outstanding pure cultivars, the strain offers an experience that satisfies recreational and medical marijuana users. Discover its genetics and the effects, and potential benefits to expect from your smoking sessions.


The herb is ideal for all growers as it’s easy to cultivate and produces a high yield. Find out where to get the best quality seeds for your garden and learn how to grow them to gain maximum results.

The origins of the Northern Lights family


Breeders named the cultivar after the aurora borealis because of the vibrant purple and green buds Northern Lights weed seeds produce. 


Word has it that it originated in Seattle by someone called “The Indian,” who grew 11 phenotypes named Northern Lights #1 to 11.


Nevil Schoenmakers, the “King of Cannabis” and founder of the Netherlands’ first seed bank, found the strain and brought it home. He classified it as a pure Afghani inbred indica and crossbred some other Northern Lights varieties with a Thai sativa.


The two landrace cultivars became known as the strain’s parents. The pure Afghani is responsible for the powerful relaxing sensations and therapeutic benefits users claim to experience when smoking buds from Northern Lights seeds.


The herb’s other parent hails from Thailand, sharing genetics from its native land. The Thai sativa has potent THC, offering smokers mild euphoric and calming effects.


Northern Lights has won several awards worldwide due to its excellent genetics. Breeders favor the strain because of that factor and have since used it to create many popular indica-dominant cultivars.


Northern Lights Strain


Variations of Northern Lights cannabis seeds


When looking to buy Northern Lights seeds, choose from feminized and autoflower types in our seed collection.


Feminized Northern Lights seeds differ from regular marijuana seeds as breeders genetically modify them to produce only female plants. The crops don’t contain male chromosomes and they’re perfect for growers of all levels.


You don’t have to identify and remove the males, making cultivation fuss-free. All your crops produce delicious, smokable nugs when given the proper growing environment and care.


If you want to harvest quicker, choose autoflowering Northern Lights seeds. Unlike photoperiod strains, crops from auto Northern Lights marijuana seeds start producing buds when they mature.


Most autoflowers go from seed to harvest in about 10–12 weeks, allowing you to enjoy multiple yields. This duration may vary depending on the strain and growing conditions.


Flavor and aroma


Buds from Northern Lights cannabis seeds have a pleasant aroma that’s sweet, earthy, and piney, with a hint of citrus and lime. The fragrance gets stronger as your plant approaches harvest. 


When smoking the nugs, savor a candy-like sweetness on your tongue as you inhale. The delicious lemony aftertaste makes a second toke irresistible.

Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights effects


Northern Lights seeds are 90% indica and 10% sativa. Smoking the buds gives you a relaxing, well-balanced buzz but doesn’t leave you couch-locked. 


The herb lifts your mood sky-high, and you feel euphoric within minutes of smoking. Expect increased focus and creativity, making productivity and socializing enjoyable.


When the strain’s indica effects kick in, you feel your body relax from head to toe. The sensation soothes sore muscles and relieves aches and pains as it trickles down.


The effects may provide therapeutic benefits for physical and mental ailments. Buds from Northern Light seeds might help people with stress, anxiety, and depression because they uplift the mood. Those experiencing pain may find relief as the full-body relaxation hits.


A double dose can knock you out for the night, making it an option for people with sleep issues, but we advise smoking in moderation. 


A common effect when using weed is cottonmouth and dry eyes, so drink plenty of water before and during your session. If necessary, apply eye drops for relief.


Growing Northern Lights seeds


Northern Lights weed seeds are easy to grow, so you don’t require a lot of cultivation experience to reap huge yields. If you use feminized seeds, they develop into all-female bud-producing plants and offer bountiful harvests when given proper care.


The cannabis plants thrive in Mediterranean climates. They’re ideal for outdoor gardens if you live somewhere warm and sunny. Ensure you have ample space as the crops can grow as tall as 6.5 feet. 


The plants also flourish indoors or in greenhouses. These are excellent options for those growing Northern Lights seeds in Colorado, or anywhere it’s cold. Create an optimal growing environment by controlling the temperature, light, and humidity to enjoy a large harvest of smokable buds.


Although outdoor plants can reach over 6 feet, indoor crops are generally small, reaching only 4 feet —perfect for limited spaces. To produce excellent yields inside, implement the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) training methods to form a canopy of buds. 


When feeding your plants, remember they’re nutrient-sensitive. Excess amounts might cause “nute burn,” so you don’t give them more than they need.


If you cultivate Northern Lights seeds in soil, the nutrients your cannabis crops need are already present. You may help them grow quicker and produce better quality buds by adding fertilizer, but avoid excessive amounts.


The three primary nutrients marijuana plants need are:


  • Nitrogen (N)
  • Phosphorus (P)
  • Potassium (K)


When adding fertilizer to your crops, check the packaging for the NPK info. This ratio shows the mix of the nutrients, which is essential information, as your plants require different mixtures during vegetation and flowering.


Although Northern Lights weed seeds don’t need additional nutrients in the seedling stage, the plants require more nitrogen in the vegetative phase to develop healthily. 


As the crops approach the bud-producing stage, start lowering the N levels. During flowering, your plants need more potassium to boost the growth of huge, trichome-rich nugs.


Other vital nutrients include:


  • Calcium: Helps cell wall development, improves water penetration, and reduces soil salinity when added to the soil.
  • Magnesium: Essential for photosynthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, and stabilizing plant cell walls.
  • Sulfur: Necessary for chlorophyll formation and producing proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins. It also offers plants disease protection.

Crops from Northern Light seeds go through a 6–8 week flowering period. When cultivating outdoors, aim to harvest by mid-October.


Growers vary the harvesting time to achieve different outcomes. You get a robust flavor when you collect buds earlier, while those you pick later give you a more potent effect. 


Given optimal growing conditions and proper care, your indoor cannabis plants reward you with 18 oz./m2 of buds, while every outdoor crop produces 32 oz. 

Northern Lights Strain

SeedSupreme suggestions


Every successful cultivation starts with high-quality seeds. Check out our collection if you’re looking for premium Northern Lights seeds for sale. We have several varieties for you to enjoy huge savings on when they’re on offer.


Northern Lights #10 feminized seeds


As the number suggests, Northern Lights #10 feminized is the tenth of the eleven phenotypes created from the original strain’s genetics. Growing these seeds is hassle-free as you get all-female bud producers.


When grown indoors, the plants reward you with 18–21 oz./m2 of nugs. We recommend outdoor cultivation if you live in a warm, sunny climate to enjoy 25–28 oz. of delicious buds per plant.


Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower


When looking to buy Northern Lights seeds, consider Northern Lights x Cream Autoflower. You get the exceptional genetics of the former, combined with the delightful flavors of the latter, resulting in a toke that’s potent and delicious.


It has a 7–9 week short lifespan due to its auto nature, so it’s not a long wait to harvest nugs for your stash. 


Whether you’re a recreational or medical user, we suggest growing Northern Lights seeds as it allows you to maintain a constant supply. They’re easy to cultivate, making them ideal for beginners.

Choose feminized seeds for a fuss-free process. Autoflowers are excellent if you want multiple harvests. Browse our seed collection to find the phenotype that meets your cultivation goals.

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