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High CBD Seeds: Cannabis With Extra Therapeutic Potential

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High CBD seeds reign as the undisputed champions of the medical marijuana world, but while you’ve likely heard of THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, the term CBD is still a stranger to some.

CBD is a non-psychoactive component of cannabis boasting a profusion of psychological and medicinal benefits which forms a list with no end in sight.

The acronym stands for Cannabidiol and is typically the second most generous cannabinoid found in ganja. And, as you may have guessed by the non-psychoactive reference, CBD doesn't get you high.

Modern high CBD strain seeds come in all shapes and sizes! You can get sativa or indica, fruity sweetness, or wet earth pungency.


Our library reflects this diversity, featuring countless cultivars in all three variants. Pick the flavor, effect, growing difficulty, and yield size that works best for you. Everything’s possible when you buy CBD seeds at the best American seed bank.


Unsure where to start? These SeedSupreme best-sellers guarantee peaceful enjoyment:


  • Blue Cheese feminized is an indica-dominant powerhouse with over 20% THC and up to 5% CBD. It brings a warm full-body embrace in a cloud of aromatic, fruity-cheesy smoke. Tokers report relief from pain and anxiety upon combustion.


  • Harlequin is sativa-dominant and powerful, with 15% THC and 7% CBD. It’s sweet and musky, most often used to ease pain and tension in the body. It’s perfect for elevating mood and energy levels during the daytime. 


  • Haze strain seeds are potent sweet-and-spicy hybrids with 20% THC and 5% CBD. Its mood-elevating properties combine with rejuvenating physical effects. Users rarely report anxiety, enjoying a boost without the trickier elements of psychoactive action.


  • Sweet Tooth is an indica-dominant herb with 20% THC and 10% CBD. It lets you reap the benefits of CBD strain seeds while enjoying a fun psychoactive ride. The floral smoke carries surprisingly cerebral effects and total-body relaxation.


  • CBD ACDC is a well-balanced hybrid. Its 5% THC adds a light buzz to a body-healing punch of 20% CBD. Tokers love this strain for daytime and evening use because its soothing properties adapt to the time of day. Energy and sedation come in a single blunt.


Select a strain, hit the purchase button, and grow the highest-quality cannabis seeds in your garden. Alternatively, read on to learn about high CBD seeds and go cultivar chasing on your own.


Why choose feminized seeds of high CBD strains?

You buy CBD seeds to set yourself up with plants rich in this cannabinoid. Why allow a male crop in the ranks to ruin the batch and prevent optimal output?


When male and female cannabis grows together, crops display no differences by pre-flowering. After that, it’s not long before males produce pollen sacs and pollinate the females.


Pollination is useful for producing new seeds and breeds but not for smoking purposes. Seeded buds produce harsh smoke that lacks potency and flavor.


The alternative is to sex your crops and separate males from females. That means discarding half your plants, though.


Or you could choose a feminized variant of your CBD cannabis seeds. This option from the SeedSupreme store contains no male chromosome, developing into an all-female crop garden.


A garden of strictly female-only plants produces buds when they flower. Since no pollen’s around, these bud sites remain seedless. The plant spends its food and energy on cannabinoids and terpenes, covering flowers in sticky trichomes. You get the smoothest smokable buds.


Get feminized high CBD marijuana seeds to make cultivation easier and more productive. Enjoy the convenience of modern breeding in your growing patch.


Growing CBD-rich marijuana strains

Ready to grow weed and keep CBD-laden seeds in your stash? Here’s your ultimate guide to maximizing CBD production in homegrown cannabis crops.


Genetics is the first factor. It determines the cannabinoid counts your plant can deliver in optimal conditions. You can’t expect 20% CBD from a THC powerhouse—you need high CBD marijuana seeds for high CBD marijuana buds.


When you locate the right cultivar, it’s time to look into stability. Unstabilized CBD strain seeds can develop into high-THC phenotypes, something you don’t want to see.


Avoid this by shopping with a reputable seed bank like SeedSupreme, where genetic stability is the top priority.


Next up comes the cultivation process. You can’t force the plant to surpass its CBD capabilities, but you can help it reach its full potential.


This step requires optimal care from seedling past harvest time, and that’s strain-specific.


Look into your selected CBD weed seed, its type (fem and auto CBD strains have different requirements), and the gardening practices it enjoys. Focus on the following factors:


  • Temperature and humidity
  • Growing medium
  • Watering and nutrition
  • Training techniques
  • Potential plant health risks


You can also use scientifically-confirmed guidelines. A small-scale study showed that temperatures around 70° F and dry conditions increase crops’ CBD contents. Only apply these guidelines if they don’t contradict the environmental requirements of your strain, though.


Once you collect your high CBD seed-grown buds, there’s one more checkbox to tick. Proper drying and curing preserve cannabinoids and the flavor of your weed, so don’t skip this step.


Expert tip: Choose an easy-to-grow cultivar if you’re new to marijuana gardening. Indica strains are usually more resilient, helping you get better harvests with basic care. Move to more challenging plants once you learn the ropes.


Why do people love low THC high CBD seeds?

High CBD low THC seeds are favorites among medicinal users.


There’s some research about the therapeutic benefits of THC. Still, CBD is the medicinal compound in the limelight of recent research.


Existing studies suggest numerous health benefits of CBD. Alternative medicine enthusiasts are hopping on the bandwagon and adding their experiences to the evidence pool.


Tokers with diagnoses aren’t the only demographic after CBD strains for sale, either.


Some cannabis users experience paranoia and anxiety after consuming too much THC. CBD is known to inhibit the influence of this psychoactive compound. It doesn’t cause a high by itself.


High CBD seeds let users smoke weed, experience elation and relaxation and bypass the more intense effects.


Let’s see which specimens count as ‘high CBD,’ what the 420 community knows about them, and the commonly reported effects.


What are high CBD cannabis seeds?

High CBD cannabis seeds are those that grow into plants with at least 4% CBD. The crop could contain THC or other cannabinoids, as well.


The count of 4% doesn’t sound like much, but remember that CBD doesn’t get you high. The body doesn’t need much to feel the effects.


Chasing higher potency? You’ll love the 20% CBD specimens from the SeedSupreme selection.


High CBD seeds display considerable variances in chemical makeup. Get those with plenty of CBD and THC for an intoxicating adventure that might still benefit the body. Choose CBD only seeds for unadulterated treatment potential.


There’s also a distinction between cannabis families. In general, high-THC sativa gets you energized while indica calms the system.


The same rule applies to their high-CBD counterparts. In this case, the influence remains slight—don’t worry about couch lock or bouncing against the walls.


Why is CBD becoming so popular?

CBD strain seeds gained popularity for their non-psychoactive nature and purported health benefits.


CBD is becoming the go-to natural remedy for many common conditions. It also lets people smoke marijuana without getting stoned or experiencing the munchies.


The market is responding to ever-rising demand and forming a cycle.


Numerous CBD products are entering the market, raising the accessibility of this compound. It’s now available in tincture, oil, topical, edible, and smokable forms for people and pets.


This push combines with the growing body of research on the compound. As a result, high CBD seeds get more attention than ever before.


Benefits of high CBD cannabis

You could grow and smoke weed from high CBD marijuana seeds to savor the flavor without intoxication. That’s not why most people do it, though.


The wide range of medicinal applications launched CBD into stardom, but not all are well-corroborated. According to existing research, here are the five main applications for buds from CBD cannabis seeds:


  • It soothes pain. Tokers with multiple sclerosis, rheumatic diseases, inflammation, and injury pain report relief upon consumption.
  • It alleviates anxiety and PTSD symptoms. The nervous side effects of these conditions seem to drop after CBD. It might replace dependency-inducing synthetic drugs.
  • It relieves symptoms of neurological diseases. Pure CBD might assist with muscle spasms and seizures following multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.
  • It supports heart health. Buds from CBD weed seeds alleviate stress, sometimes leading to lower blood pressure and reduced risk of severe heart conditions.
  • It fights against symptoms of withdrawal. People with substance abuse issues report lower anxiety and depression levels upon consumption.


The list goes on to countless other reported and anecdotal benefits of high CBD seeds. In general, it can be said that almost all CBD seeds with low THC content can be considered as medicinal seeds


There are high hopes for this compound, from easing diabetic conditions to relieving migraines and assisting athletic performance. All that’s left is to wait for strong scientific evidence.


Basic info on CBD seeds

Are you brand-new to cannabis? Introductions are in order. Before hopping into CBD seed varieties and benefits, you need information foundations. Here’s the basic data a grower and toker might need about this compound.


What is CBD?

You need to know cannabidiol to understand high CBD seeds. And you have to understand cannabinoids to figure out why this one’s so sought-after.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis. They profoundly affect your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), responsible for pain, mood, appetite, immune response, and even sleep.


This network’s responsible for maintaining cellular balance, and cannabinoids help regulate it.


There are 113 known cannabinoids in marijuana, but two command the most attention:


  • THC—the main psychoactive compound; direct interaction with the ECS.
  • CBD—non-psychoactive, THC-inhibiting; activates or blocks neurochemical receptors to modulate mood, appetite, memory, and pain response.


CBD plant seeds develop into crops with high amounts of CBD. Research is still limited, but evidence suggests it could assist with various mind and body conditions.


Why grow CBD strains?

The expanding legality of medicinal marijuana generates new high CBD products with each passing day. Why buy CBD seeds and grow your own?


Here’s why buds from high CBD strain seeds are superior to store-bought products:


  • Know what you’re smoking—never worry about subpar marijuana and no-regulations manufacturing processes.
  • Choose the perfect cultivar—don’t settle for the smaller dispensary selection. Get CBD cannabis seeds of any strain and tailor your experience.
  • Save money on buds—cultivation is an investment, but it pays for itself. One rich harvest supplies enough weed to see you through the winter.


Is it legal to grow CBD cannabis?

Legality used to be a major concern for people interested in CBD weed seeds. Marijuana and hemp got banned in 1937, getting listed as Schedule 1 drugs. Things changed in 2018 with the passage of the Farm Bill, when hemp cultivation and sale once again became legal in the US.


Cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, but many states are changing laws regarding use, possession, and cultivation. The move is widespread.


Are you free to find CBD seeds for sale and get growing? It depends on location, but the list of states that allow cultivation keeps expanding. Check the SeedSupreme report on legal weed for the latest news.


At the moment, people in 18 states can grow for medical or recreational use. If you’re not a medical marijuana user, eight states still allow cultivation.

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