CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds

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With this revolutionary CBD-heavy version, the indomitable Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, achieves the therapeutically coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, finally placing all the hybrid’s considerable palatable delights within reach of those without high THC tolerance...

An Exquisite 1:1 GSC For the Ages


Bud Basics 

Girl Scout Cookies has redefined what it means to be an industry legend ever since she first arrived, delighting cannabis connoisseurs worldwide with her rich flavor and aroma profile, running hand in hand with a potent psychoactive high and downright gorgeous nugs.


With this revolutionary CBD-heavy version, the indomitable Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC, achieves the therapeutically coveted 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, finally placing all the hybrid’s considerable palatable delights within reach of those without high THC tolerance.


Every bit as much of a sensory pleasure as the original and famed California superstar, CBD Girl Scout Cookies exhibits the same unmissable cerebral influence and full-body relaxation which helped secure the Cookie renown.


Of course, with CBD boosted to an impressive 10%, this also means the psychoactive effects of this strain are highly tempered from those fans of your typical GSC strains will expect, but nonetheless, these nugs provide endless joy for both medicinal and recreational tokers alike.


Thanks to the feminized nature of these beans, even novice growers can safely try their hand at cultivating a crop of these CBD-rich beauties - which are reliably stable courtesy of a storied genetic lineage stretching back to iconic landrace Durban Poison, and including the infamous OG Kush.


Even if you’re a seasoned daily smoker thinking that a low 10% THC doesn’t make the cut for you, CBD GSC is one hybrid you should give ample consideration to. Of course, if all you’re in this for is getting baked out of your mind, perhaps stick with the original accept no substitute Girl Scout Cookies (or one of her many many hybrid offspring).



Flavor and Fragrance of CBD Girl Scout Cookies

GSC is famous for being one of those cannabis strains which perfectly exemplifies her namesake in all regards when it comes to flavor and fragrance alike - with CBD Girl Scout Cookies, you’ll find no exception.


These buds and their rich terpene profile (containing caryophyllene, limonene and humulene in spades) deliver a desserty decadence one simply must indulge in to the extreme, often noted as being the marijuana equivalent to tucking into a genuine box of delicious cookies.


Some say this CBD-rich variety carries more notes leaning towards cherry and other citric hints, but regardless, it always comes back to mouthwatering baked treats.


Whether your palate is sensitive enough to detect all the nuances or not, one constant always remains the same - on both nose and tongue, CBD Girl Scout Cookies never disappoints.




GSC has always been somewhat of a social stimulator, able to effortlessly relax the toker into a euphoric state of bliss and even creativity, however, this is largely offset by a potent punch which helps the strain rank among the highest THC strains going.


With CBD GSC, it’s a different story.


The euphoria remains as strong as ever, but with this CBD hybrid and her tempered THC levels, that sometimes overwhelming sense of sedation which swiftly creeps in has been muted to a far milder experience.


Through the Cannabidiol’s (CBD) balancing influence, you’ll find yourself able to enjoy that cerebral buzz with far more energy and less likely to fall prey to the infamous couchlock. That’s not to say you won’t notice the physical relaxation, however, it’s far more of a lucid tranquil state - one easily managed by even those with lower THC tolerances.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking this stuff isn’t having an effect and overindulging either, as it’s entirely possible to suffer Mary Jane’s less desirable side effects if you’re not careful with these nugs (albeit far less likely).



Medical Uses of CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

In a world where there is a growing awareness of the huge medicinal benefits of CBD, there are many who miss the key fact that the full range of therapeutic boons to our health comes not only from CBD, but in the balance between cannabinoids.


This is why CBD Girl Scout Cookies with her 1:1 THC to CBD ratio makes for such a perfect medical marijuana strain, delivering equal 10% doses of both cannabinoids in order to more effectively help patients suffering from physical and mental maladies alike.


Given that the sedative influence is considerably muted in this CBD-rich hybrid, it stands to reason that a large proportion of CBD GSC’s medical fans turn to her for relief from their daily or severe stresses, depression and anxiety concerns - the strain’s potent anxiolytic properties proving a hugely effective treatment.


Of course, it’s still possible to medicate aches and pains (from mild to severe) with this strain, however, there seem to be fewer patients turning to CBD Girl Scout Cookies for their muscular or joint-related issues (for now).


Time your dosage right and CBD GSC can also be terrific at helping those with insomnia finally drift off to a deserved night’s sleep, too.



Growing CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds 

While it’s perfectly possible for growers to plant these beans and let them do their thing to moderate success, anyone hoping to maximize the potential of this notable CBD hybrid would be well served to keep a few key facts in mind.


First, these ladies are largely Indica-dominant and behave as you would expect any Indica to - developing into bushy plants of short statures (which rarely reach heights of even 1 meter tall), which also prove remarkably resilient to mold or common pest-related plant problems.


While this is most definitely a boon to your bud bounty, it also means you’ll want to employ some Low Stress Training (LST) techniques if you want to help these plants achieve maximum output. Bending those branches can help your plants increase their budding sites immeasurably through increased exposure - especially in the lower plant regions.


It’s also worth keeping in mind that the off the charts resin production you’ll notice when CBD Girl Scout Cookiesmatures can result in some fairly sticky nugs, which can add some challenge to harvesting.


Of course, all this is largely offset by the feminized nature of these beans taking away any worry of crop-ruining males ruining your harvest, and by that blessedly natural robustness of this Indica champion. Not to mention the small stature making for a far more manageable cultivation experience.


After a flowering time ranging between 6 and 8 weeks, your crop of CBD GSC should be ready to harvest, delivering the dedicated grower a satisfying 400 to 500 grams of dense and gorgeously green, gold and purple nugs per meter squared when cultivated indoors. Outdoor growers, as usual, can expect higher yields, and should aim to harvest by late September for best results.




If you’ve ever sampled Californian West Coast legend Girl Scout Cookies, there’s a chance you never went back, grabbing up these nugs and beans anywhere and everywhere you could find them.


With CBD Girl Scout Cookies, this perennially popular superstar has found a truly perfect balance, bringing 1:1 THC to CBD ratios to bear on her already delectable experience.


There really isn’t any viable reason not to try these feminized beauties, unless perhaps you’ve tried GSC before and somehow hated the taste - even then, you might find the nuances of this hybrid’s profile more appealing, or be swayed by the serene high of the 10% CBD and THC balance.

Strain Profile
THC ContentLow (5-10%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentHigh (5-10%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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