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This herb's enlivening and uplifting head high combined with a serene body calm make Orange Bud Fem a treasure for marijuana enthusiasts, ideal for tokers who want to enjoy a pleasant upbeat feeling while remaining active enough to...

Buzzing Buds of Zesty Orange

Bud Basics

One of the original Skunk varieties of cannabis from the 80s, Orange Bud Feminized is famously one of the most potent strains on the 420 scene, and a classic that you’ve no doubt already heard of, even if you haven’t had the pleasure of lighting up a joint of this ganja yourself - especially after she came 2nd in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

A hybrid created by crossing two pure Skunk strains, the specifics of her genetic make-up remain a mystery, but we can tell you she’s Indica-heavy and well-named - her aroma leans less toward the skunkiness you’d expect, and is instead refreshingly zesty with fruity citrus notes and plenty of orange flavors.

This herb's enlivening and uplifting head high combined with a serene body calm make Orange Bud Fem a treasure for marijuana enthusiasts, ideal for tokers who want to enjoy a pleasant upbeat feeling while remaining active enough to carry out a few (non-vigorous) activities.

As a therapeutic strain, this strain's cerebral buzz can alleviate many symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, but her muscle relaxing properties are what really shine - sure to mitigate many a painful malady.

Cultivators will love this beauty, as she’s short enough to be easily manageable, and requires only the bare minimum TLC to thrive in both an indoor and outdoor environment. A firm favorite of growers old and new, the hardiness and simple requirements make Orange Bud a pleasure to rear, and her harvests aren’t bad either.

Flavor and Fragrance of Orange Bud Feminized

You might expect the lovechild of two Skunk strains so smell, well… skunky. But that isn’t the case with Orange Bud Feminized. No, her scent is more citrus-oriented, with rich floral notes that hint at spice and cinnamon.

And that’s not to mention - you’ve guessed it - a strong, orange aroma, and this zestiness is a huge part of this plant’s appeal in the cannabis community, making her a favorite in many coffeeshops.


Considered to be a gentle yet potent strain, Orange Bud Fem can pack a punch with a THC level that ranges from 16% to 23%. In moderate doses, she can provide a mild high that gradually intensifies into a feeling of euphoria that helps to boost creativity and sociability.

As this develops, you’ll begin to feel the slight energy-boosting effective of this herb, which will enliven you for up to an hour before her Indica side truly kicks in, taking over your body with a calming (and sometimes couchlocking) sensation of relaxation.

More than one or two tokes of this stuff will most likely leaden your limbs into immobility, though this can be utilized to intensely relax and unwind tokers into a pleasant state of bliss. It all depends on your tolerance - some may only feel a little sleepy, lost in imaginative thought, where others may go straight off to dreamland.

Medical Uses of Orange Bud Feminized

Said to be one of the most popular strains for those battling depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder or PTSD, Orange Bud Feminized has quite the reputation in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community as a hit and a high that can lift your troubles away.

Though the cerebral buzz of this weed is what makes her so beneficial in the psychological arena, her true talents lie in her calming Indica influence, as this sedating effect can help to ease pain in the muscles and joints.

Abundant with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, many tokers have found this herb to be of therapeutic benefit for alleviating and soothing the symptoms of migraines, glaucoma and muscle spasms.

Though her effect on your wakefulness might be dependent on your own personal tolerance, her ability to send you off to sleep is well-known and highly regarded by those with insomnia or suffering from chronic fatigue.

In addition, like many strains, this stuff will bring on the munchies, which can be ideal if you’re suffering from a lack of appetite, be that due to the side effects of chemo such as nausea, or an eating disorder.

Tasty as Orange Bud Fem may be, try not to be tempted into toking too much. Large doses of this hybrid might induce sleep more quickly, but will also leave you open to adverse side effects. The usual suspects of dry eyes and cottonmouth are easily resolved by remaining hydrated, but overdoing it could lead to dizziness, increased anxiety of heightened paranoia - none of which are as easily remedied, and are far more likely for first-timers and those sensitive to THC.

Growing Orange Bud Feminized Seeds

Classically for an Indica, Orange Bud Feminized isn’t the tallest of specimens, unlikely to grow much larger than 3 or 4 feet tall. As such, she’s great for indoor growers with limited space, and since these seeds are feminized for simplicity, you can be assured that everything you grow is part of your final yield, with no need to remove males from the batch.

She’s also fairly resistant to pests and fungus, as an added bonus.

Indoors, a hydroponics substrate is best, coupled with a Sea of Green (SOG) setup to maximize your yield. Orange Bud will thrive best if kept under 600-watts of light, and will bloom quickly in just 8 to 9 weeks to surprise you with vibrant orange shades.

With the bare minimum amount of effort focused on her management, you can still find yourself with around 1.31 ounces of bright green nugs per square meter by harvest time - and your grow room filled with the heady aromas of an orange grove.

Outdoors, she’ll flourish best in a warm, balmy environment such as the Mediterranean, as this strain loves the sunshine and a gentle breeze. Since she’s an Indica, and fairly hardy to begin with, she can also survive just fine in northern and cooler climates, but if you choose to grow her in such a place, make sure you harvest by late October to avoid damage to the crops from the lower temperatures. Ideally, you should be reaping in around 14 ounces of buds per plant.


Enigma or not, Orange Bud Feminized is still a reputable and potent strain, bursting with citrus and orange flavors and sure to have you ready and raring to go within a few tokes of her enlivening smoke.

Recreational consumers love her cerebral buzz and relaxing body calm, while medical users can enjoy her flavors whilst their muscles unwind and their mind is freed from the dark prisons of depression and anxiety. No matter which way you look at it, this herb’s reputation precedes her and she lives up to every ounce of it.

Speaking of ounces, both novice and experienced growers will love this ganja’s grow rate - she flowers fast and she’s easy to manage thanks to her smaller size. Outdoors or in, Orange Bud Fem will thrive thanks to hardy Indica genetics, making your job a breeze and leaving you free to enjoy your healthy harvests.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)