Grape Killer 99 Feminized Seeds

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Grape Killer 99 Feminized Seeds

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Balancing a unique combination of scents and flavors with intense effects both recreationally and medicinally, Grape Killer 99 Feminized is a beauty to behold in more ways than one...

A Killer Cannabis Combo


Bud Basics

Balancing a unique combination of scents and flavors with intense effects both recreationally and medicinally, Grape Killer 99 Feminized is a beauty to behold in more ways than one. 


Gorgeous in vivid greens and mauves, she embodies the very best traits of her parent strains, Killer Grape and Cinderella 99 (also known as C99 or Cindy). The former boosts her with highs of a profound nature both mentally and physically, and gives her those beautiful lavender shades and frosty trichomes. From the latter, Grape Killer 99 takes her ability to provide you with an invigorating, cerebral euphoria, stimulating all the sense at once.


Both strains combined to enhance her growth pattern, meaning that Grape Killer 99 is small and branchy, flowers quickly and produces generous yields with a THC content of 18% or higher… an excellent combination, if ever there was one, and simple enough for most growers to manage with ease.


Exotic in scent and appearance, you’ll find yourself tasting and smelling berries, grape and citrus under that classic, earthy Hashish smell. And that’s not to mention her many medicinal effects: Grape Killer 99 Feminized is a great choice as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory, and can be used to marvelous effect to calm those nerves, and relieve stress and depression.



Flavor and Fragrance of Grape Killer 99

An instant classic, Grape Killer 99 is abundant with the smell of Hashish, with a modern take you’ll love. Underpinning the earthy, grounded aromas you’ll be greeted with a twist of tropical: berries, grapes (of course) and citrus mingle deliciously with sweet spicy notes that make her a joy to smoke and smell.




A particularly notable strain, Grape Killer 99 Feminized boasts a rich concentration of terpenes alongside a THC content of 18%-20%, meaning you’ll hit that desired high with just a few tokes of this lady. Energetic, euphoric and cerebral, you’ll find this is a high that makes even the biggest pessimist suddenly positive, making this a great cannabis for social occasions and sharing with friends - you might literally talk all night.


The brain buzz that comes with Grape Killer 99 will charge up your mind and your body, clearing your head and boosting creativity and productivity, almost immediately motivating you.


A great ganja for mental stimulation, she’s also the strain to turn to if you want to dial those senses up to eleven, and consumers have reported auditory and sensory distortions, occasionally accompanied by sounds seeming amplified, and colors more vivid.


Around 45 minutes into smoking Grape Killer 99, expect those Indica effects to start kicking in, starting with a slow, buzzing relaxation intensifying to a numb slow-down that halts any physical activity in its tracks. The sedative effects of this strain won’t bring on couch-lock, but the heaviness in your limbs will leave you content to chill in peace whilst basking in a dreamy cerebral stimulation.


Since she’s a particularly potent lady, consumers should consider using smaller amounts than you're perhaps inclined to if cottonmouth, dry eyes, headaches and dizziness are to be avoided.


Making yourself some snacks ahead of time is highly recommended with Grape Killer 99, as the munchies will hit hard, and no one likes to drag their chilled out body to the fridge in the middle of their high.



Medical Uses of Grape Killer 99 Feminized

Used medicinally, Grape Killer 99 Feminized is an excellent natural alternative to traditional painkillers, due to her inherent analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. As such, she’s an ideal choice if you’re looking for temporary relief from a variety of chronic pains, and is popular with sufferers of arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia amongst other ailments.


For psychological uses, she’s a great strain to try if you’re looking to alleviate the symptoms of stress or depression, as she combines psychoactive traits with antidepressant effects to result in a euphoria that’ll lift you right up. Grape Killer 99 has also been reported to be useful for calming the nerves.



Growing Grape Killer 99 Feminized

Not a particularly difficult strain to grow, Grape Killer 99 Feminized is versatile and will thrive indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, provided that the temperature is warm and she can get plenty of that all-important light.


As a small to medium sized plant of around 60 to 130cm, you’ll find she’s popular with indoor growers, and an ideal candidate for Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation, with a nice compact structure developing many lateral branches and budding sites. This cultivation method will have the great benefit of cutting her vegetative period by up to two weeks, reducing the length of the growth cycle - perfect for the impatient grower.


Growers should consider hydroponics as an option for these ladies, as feeding nutrients right into the roots will ensure that she can maintain an explosive growth with a little help from an HID lamp. However, if you’d rather opt for a more traditional style of cultivation, consider using organic soil, as this is the best way to enhance the terpene profile and boost those flavors.


As she doesn’t require any fancy, advanced techniques, Grape Killer 99 is a joy to grow at home, and only requires the most routine maintenance, such as keeping moisture, pH and temperature levels an optimum range.


We all know the colors in a beauty like this aren’t going to change her flavors, but if you’re after bag appeal, be sure to expose the plants to colder temperatures during the dark cycle and before flowering is triggered, as this will boost those gorgeous violet and lavender shades on the leaves.


Regardless of how you choose to grow her, Grape Killer 99 Feminized will be ready to harvest at around 7 to 9 weeks, with a yield of up to 400 grams per plant. As the seeds are already feminized, there’s no need to worry about weeding out the males, either - all your plants will germinate with high reliability and provide you with exactly the result you’re after.




An excellent combination of two particularly enjoyable strains, consumers will find themselves surfing the most euphoric of highs with Grape Killer 99 Feminized - and the positive traits don’t end there. She’s delicious, full of berry, grape and citrus notes under that classic Hashish flavor, and her medicinal properties can make the world of difference to those looking for pain relief or alternatives to traditional anti-inflammatory drugs.


A feminized strain, Grape Killer 99 has almost zero chance of males cropping up amongst the seedlings, and she requires only the most rudimentary growing skills to flourish with only a little routine maintenance.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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