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Demand for quality cannabis seeds worldwide has fuelled enormous growth in experimentation among breeders. To such an extent that the overwhelming majority of cannabis strains on today’s commercial market are hybrids. In this introductory guide, we’ll be taking a look at how hybrid cannabis strains are engineered, and what makes them so successful in recreational and medicinal cannabis circles alike.

Understanding hybrid weed seeds

What are hybrid marijuana seeds? When cultivators fuse pure sativa strains and pure indica strains, the result is a hybrid weed strain that offers growers the benefits of both.

Hybrids typically contain a blend of sativa and indica. Each one comprises different levels of THC, CBD, and terpenes. Buds from Indica hybrid seeds are calming while. Sativa leaning options feature energizing effects.

The hybrids can contain different levels of indica and sativa, with varying CBD to THC ratios. Blending strains offer pot lovers the benefits of the two types of cannabis in one. 

Hybrid weed strains are typically easy to grow, and cultivators favor them because they have resilient properties and can withstand stress better than some pure strains. Some also have compact structures making them suitable for smaller gardens.


The effects of hybrid weed seeds

The effects of hybrid weed vary from one strain to the next. It also depends on the cannabinoid profile (the amount of THC and CBD). You can determine this from the genetic composition of the parents.

In seclusion, sativa is responsible for uplifting feelings—little wonder more people prefer this option whenever they want an energy boost.

Sativa strains are high in THC, if you want to experience energizing and uplifting high, try these pure sativa seeds and grow your own plant.

Indica, on the other hand, induces a cerebral rush of euphoria followed by soothing effects. After using it, you feel heavy, with lazy limbs, and sometimes drowsiness sweeps over you. The effect makes our pure indica seeds an ideal option if all you're yearning for is sound sleep.

Buds from hybrid marijuana seeds deliver balanced effects. Aside from feeling super happy and mentally uplifted, you'll also be relaxed.

There are many types of hybrid marijuana seeds for sale online and in-store. Some prefer THC-rich options, while most medical tokers look for strains with high CBD content. Below we look at some of the most popular ones.


hybrid strains


Growing your own hybrid seeds

When you cultivate marijuana, each strain has specific needs. Some require heavy supplementation, while others need low humidity levels. There are, however, certain aspects that facilitate healthy growth in all cannabis crops. These include:  


  • Good ventilation 
  • Adequate light exposure.
  • Correct pH levels
  • Quality soil (or alternative grow medium) 
  • Clean environment 
  • Proper germination 
  • Correct temperatures


The first step to growing hybrid marijuana seeds is getting them to sprout. There are various germination techniques available, but environmental factors also play a role. You need high humidity, minimal light, and warm temperatures.

Once small taproots develop, decide if you want to grow your cannabis plants in soil, coco coir, or hydroponics. You also need to select between indoor and outdoor growing. The former offers more environmental control.

When growing indoors, keep the temperature range between 70–80°F. The ideal humidity level depends on the strain, but an average of 60% is typically safe. Many growers reduce these levels as the plants enter the flowering phase to avoid bud rot from excess moisture.

Use premium, organic soil or a combination of coco coir and perlite. Many hybrid weed seeds grow without supplements, but providing light nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium feeds facilitates vigorous growth

Outdoor crops need plenty of sunshine but protect them from precipitation and wind. A canopy or makeshift shelter does the trick. Outside, your plants are more susceptible to unwanted creepy crawlies, so take preventative measures likeapplying organic pesticides.


hybrid strains


50/50 Weed hybrids

The 50/50 weed hybrids comprise equal amounts of sativa and indica genetics. Expect to enjoy the best of both worlds—mind-blowing flavors, calming effects, and an energizing mental buzz.  

Hybrids with a 1:1 ratio are ideal for novice tokers or those looking for a mellow buzz with minimal side effects. These cultivars also don’t typically cause couch-lock.


The best hybrid weed seeds to grow

Identifying the best hybrid marijuana seeds can seem pretty intimidating, with an endless list to choose from. Fortunately, we've done the heavy lifting for you. Below are our top picks.

Easy AK XL feminized

Easy AK XL feminized has a quick flowering time. It delivers a bold, citrus, and black pepper taste. The easy-to-grow variant offers bountiful harvests. 

Afghan Kush x Super Skunk

Afghan Kush x Super Skunk seeds grow into medium-sized plants, perfect for outdoor or indoor growing. The strain is robust and can withstand adverse weather conditions. 

White Widow

White Widow feminized is one of the most gorgeous ganja specimens on the market. The strain is a tall and beautiful with crystalline trichomes that speak about the potency even before she’s dried and cured. Once the plant is grown (approximately 9 weeks), you may enjoy rich terpens and high THC content (25%).


Dosidos feminized seeds offer high yields with a short flowering period. Combining the famous Girl Scout Cookies with the OG phenotype brings you a potent Indica-dominant hybrid of award-winning stature. 


Runtz is suitable for indoor or outdoor growing. Created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez,feminized Runtz seeds produce purple-tinted buds with a sugary-sweet flavor and candy aroma. These cannabis seeds are easy to grow and the cultivar offers a well-balanced euphoric impact and relaxing body buzz. These dense, resinous buds offer extreme THC levels (22%).

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake feminized seeds grow highly potent buds. The strain is an excellent option for indoor growing and is a favorite for medicinal use. Its flavor profile includes skunky and earth hints and has nothing in common with a real wedding cake. Predominantly sour and earthy fragrances will keep you yearning for more.


Cultivate these indica/sativa hybrid seeds and reap bountiful rewards. Rosenthal feminized combines pure Afghani genetics with potent landrace seeds from Africa, Central America, South East Asia. The flavors emit aromas of tropical fruit. Each puff whisks you away on a cloud of euphoria as the THC levels exceed 19%.


hybrid strains


Favorite hybrid terpenes to watch for

There are at least 100 terpenes present in cannabis plants. Some of the best terpenes are linalool, limonene, Myrcene, Cineol (Eucalyptol), Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene, and Beta Pinene.


Each cannabis strain has a combination of these and others which influence various factors of the buds, including their smell and taste.


Happy hybrids

Hybrid strains offer growers the best of both indica and sativa and are typically straightforward to cultivate. They offer dense, resinous buds with intriguing flavor profiles. Each nug is different, but most have a thick coating of trichomes and a rich resin supply.

These crops are hardy and suitable for beginners. The terpene profile varies from one strain to the next, and so do the effects. Visit Seed Supreme and view our extensive catalog of marijuana seeds for sale. Start growing your own cannabis crop!

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