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Maui Wowie seeds are a firm favorite in 420 circles thanks to their classic appeal and deep lineage. They produce one of the most sought-after sativa hybrid cultivars with a dynamic range of effects. 


This strain’s cerebral high motivates you, while its tantalizing flavor transports you to Hawaii. It packs a generous THC level, therapeutic CBD content, and a complex terpene profile, making every puff a rewarding adventure.


Maui Wowie is grower-friendly, adapting to many conditions and setups. Read on as we dive into the nitty-gritty of the Maui Wowie strain, from seed purchase through cultivation.

Bud origin


Maui Wowie, also known as Maui Waui, is a marijuana strain coveted for its unique fragrance, stable genetics, and happy energy. 


Its fame dates back to the 1960s when it was renowned for a sky-high THC of up to 20%. Such above-average potency attracted nods from several top-rated movies, further popularizing the herb. 


Maui Wowie first appeared in Hawaii, thriving in the island’s volcanic-rich soil to produce its characteristic orange hairs and dense buds. Over time, it spread to other areas within this isle, and today it grows optimally in similar tropical environments.


This strain’s exact lineage remains a mystery. Cannabis connoisseurs strive to map its genetics, and their findings conclude it’s a landrace. The strongest evidence points to the plant’s unusual towering height, which indicates its native growth environment.


This cultivar gets its name from Maui, a portion of the Hawaiian Archipelago where it originated. Some native tales claim the moniker’s pronunciation “Mowie Wowie” was a sensational expression by locals after using the strain. 


Today, many enthusiasts say the strain lives up to this satisfactory remark. The likely first reaction by most first-time users is “wow!”


Mowie Wowie seeds boast hybrid properties with 20% indica and 80% sativa genetics. Expect zero hassle of male chromosomes since they’re feminized, yielding female-only, bud-producing crops 99% of the time. 


This rewarding prospect appeals to many modern growers, making this cannabis cultivar one of our best sellers. 


Growing Maui Wowie feminized seeds


Maui Wowie is a landrace strain, so it grows naturally in its native environment without alterations. Expect pure and stable genetics when cultivating this crop. 


Its cultivation difficulty ranges from easy to intermediate because it’s highly resistant to diseases and pests. Maui Wowie is also humidity-tolerant and resilient against mold, thanks to its tropical origins and purebred properties. 


Beginners are welcome to try Maui Waui seeds, provided you germinate them in sterile soil when growing outside. 


The paper towel method usually speeds up the germination process before transferring the cultivar to its growing medium. 


Grow these marijuana seeds in bio-organic soil indoors for an enhanced terpene profile and tastier buds. Hydroponic setups are equally suitable, simplifying nutrient supply and improving crop development and yields. 


These feminized seeds afford you the highest chance of producing female cannabis crops. With less time to worry about accidental pollination and male chromosomes, your focus shifts to pampering your plants for optimal results. 


Maui Wowie fem seeds develop into tall, thin plants yielding fluffy, resinous nugs with dense trichomes. This cultivar stretches the most during the blooming phase, demanding plenty of vertical space. 


Training allows you to grow more plants for a massive yield. Apply the Sea of Green (SOG) technique correctly and watch your marijuana become bushy while using less vertical space.


What climate do these seeds prefer?


Maui Wowie female cannabis seeds thrive best in a Hawaiian-like tropical climate, mainly preferring outdoor environments and plenty of sun. Aim for nutrient-rich soil and a mild breeze as well. 


It’s possible to simulate these conditions in a greenhouse while providing allowance for the plant’s height. Ensure proper temperature, lighting, and air circulation to maximize the crop’s potential. 


Due to its preference for warmer conditions, target 75–85°F during the day. In grow rooms with higher CO2, this cultivar can handle up to 95°F.


Always ensure the daytime temperature doesn’t fall below 70°F and 60°F at night. Letting the heat sink to 55°F sends your marijuana into shock, which may cause stunted growth. 


Repeatedly exposing your crop to undesirable conditions could eventually kill it. Excessive temperatures during flowering may diminish the bud’s potency. 


Some experts recommend combining indoor and outdoor cultivation to make the most out of Maui Wowie seeds. 


Use the indoor space for cuttings or seedlings during winter, then take them out in spring if your climate allows. The natural sunlight boosts the crop’s development, giving you up to three harvests annually. 


Commercial cultivation is also possible, producing generous yields if you have enough space and time dedicated to cannabis. 


After germinating the seeds, provide 24/7 light in the vegetative stage, preferably indoors. Eliminating dark cycles sets the plants in photosynthesis constantly, so they grow faster than they would outside. 


If the weather permits, transfer the crops outside as soon as they hit 1–2 feet tall. Subject them to 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness daily to trigger the flowering phase. 


Feeding Maui Wowie 


During flowering, one of the most crucial stages, increase Maui Wowie’s phosphorus intake to help with bud formation. Preferably, aim for a marijuana fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 10-20-10 or as high as 5-50-17. 


This strain thrives with optimal light feedings and perlite-rich soil owing to its adaptation to volcanic minerals. 


Flowering & yields


Like most sativa-heavy strains, Maui Wowie has a relatively long flowering time. Expect to spot your nugs within 10–12 weeks under optimal conditions. 


If growing this cultivar indoors, it’s ideal to have two separate rooms. Maintain one at a constant high temperature for the vegetative stage. Preserve the other for flowering, exposing your cannabis to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 


The plant rises to seven feet tall and has an early to mid-October harvest. It yields around 12–16 oz./m2 indoors and 16 oz./plant outside, depending on the available space. 


Experiencing the Maui Wowie strain


This sativa-dominant hybrid boasts a high THC content ranging from 16–20%, so proceed with moderation if you’re a newbie. Smoking the bud oozes invigorating and uplifting cerebral effects, making it the ideal morning or early afternoon companion. 


It enhances your mood by inducing euphoria, happiness, talkativeness, and energetic feelings. The effects hit the mind like a tropical breeze a few puffs later, leaving you lighter and more creative. 


As these sensations sink deeper, your body relaxes without experiencing couch-lock. Some enthusiasts find these tokes beneficial for a slow-moving day, sparking it with enough charge. 


Watch out for overconsumption, as you may experience mild paranoia, dizziness, or headaches, although rarely. Some consumers report dry mouth and eyes, so it’s best to hydrate well during your puffs. 


Come along as we explore the mouth-watering experience of smoking the buds from Maui seeds and their potential therapeutic effects. 


Aroma and flavor


Fresh Maui Wowie buds exude a strong aroma that many users say “wakes you up.” Drying and curing the nugs matures and heightens their alluring scents. 


Thanks to its Hawaiian origins, smoking this cultivar charms with the sweetness of a freshly cut tropical fruit or a juicy pineapple.


Myrcene is the dominant terpene, complementing the tropical citrus delight with earthy and herbal undertones in every toke. The scent lingers enough to draw a crowd. 


The flavor is equally intense on the palate, enticing your tongue with a creamy pineapple taste as you exhale.


Helps with


Maui Wowie’s sativa traits make it an excellent mood booster, thanks to its energizing punch. Without the caffeine crash, it’s a suitable pacifier to flush out gloom, sadness, and bleak feelings. 


Many people turn to this potent strain to stimulate their focus and make the most of their day. If you struggle with attention, the cultivar usually induces relaxation and creative power to revitalize your concentration.


Medicinal users say this herb is an excellent remedy for stress-related conditions. It may help with worries and pain since it relieves headaches and muscle tension with its numbing sensations.


Maui Wowie could also be beneficial for anxiety and depression due to its ability to calm the mind. Some people experience the munchies with this strain, making it a suitable recommendation for those with eating disorders. 


Buy Maui Wowie feminized seeds from Seed Supreme


Now that you’re burning with the enthusiasm to acquire superior-quality Maui Waui seeds, look no further than Seed Supreme. We provide various seed pack sizes to suit different budgets:


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  • 8-pack: $87


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  • 25-pack: $163 

Shop at our online seed bank to explore grower-friendly offers. We only stock expert-backed cultivars delivering enviable potency, fragrant buds, stable genetics, and rewarding cultivation.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
GeneticsHawaiian sativa x Unknown strain
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthSeptember
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time10–12 weeks
GrowsGrows Indoors
Plant HeightTall
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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