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Big Bud Fast Version Seeds

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Not only is Big Bud Fast Version a fast producer that gets the job done in no time, but she’s also one of the all-round easiest strains to grow you can ever try your luck with...

Because Patience Isn’t Always a Virtue


Bud Basics

Since her first day on the scene, Big Bud has been the go-to for anyone looking to produce as much pot as possible - as quickly as possible. Famed for delivering consistently generous yields in no time at all by way of super-compact plants, Big Bud is an absolute superstar when there’s limited time and space available.


In the case of Big Bud Fast Version, the whole thing has been stepped up a gear. She’s essentially the same strain you know and love, only in this instance with a significantly shorter flowering period.


Big Bud’s exact origins remain something of a mystery, but what we do know is that this pint-sized superstar has the likes of Afghani, Northern Lights and Skunk #1 in her direct ancestry. The result of which is an Indica-dominant hybrid with just a hint of Sativa, which delivers a surprisingly balanced high for all occasions.


We say ‘for all occasions’ because Big Bud Fast Version also has a comparatively lower than mind-melting THC content - usually between 14% and 18%.


Nevertheless, this is more than enough for an enjoyable ride when the mood takes you. Not only is Big Bud Fast Version a fast producer that gets the job done in no time, but she’s also one of the all-round easiest strains to grow you can ever try your luck with.



Flavor and Fragrance of Big Bud Fast Version

Big Bud Fast Version isn’t particularly complex on the nose. Instead, it’s more about your classic skunky, spicy and earthy fragrances that hark of good ‘old fashioned’ weed. There’s plenty of sweetness and a blast of fresh fruit when the buds are broken, but it’s a predominantly old-school dank experience that simply honks of high-quality bud.


The flavor of Big Bud Fast Version follows the fragrance almost to the letter, dominated by a sweet and earthy Skunk with a hint of peppery spice on the exhale. Again, the pungency of the smoke isn’t to be underestimated, which is guaranteed to permeate and embed itself in everything in the vicinity.


Vape Big Bud if you prefer, but this is a classic cannabis strain that’s best enjoyed the old-fashioned way.




At first glance, you can understand why some people are put off by the relatively low THC content of Big Bud Fast Version. Often hovering around the 15% mark, this herb’s not exactly in the same leagues as the market’s most potent strains. But at the same time, potency really isn’t the point with these buds.


This is the kind of strain you reach for when craving a mild and enjoyable buzz - not simply looking to blow yourself into the middle of next week.


Leaning more towards the Indica side of the scale, Big Bud Fast Version initially brings on an elevating and mildly euphoric high that wipes stress and negative thoughts out of the equation. You immediately feel at peace with the world around you and whatever was bothering you beforehand - a mild yet dreamy cerebral uplift that lingers for the duration.


Soon enough, the Indica-heavy lineage of Big Bud Fast Version becomes apparent in the form of a warm and tingly body buzz. Gradually working its way through the body, this stuff relaxes without ever incapacitating. Couch-lock is practically out of the question (unless you go to extremes) - you’re more likely to feel a little on the lazy side and indulge accordingly.


Big Bud is also known for bringing on moderate and enjoyable cases of the munchies, which rarely spiral out of control. As in you won’t be eating yourself half to death simply for the sake of it, but taking the time to enjoy whatever you shove in your mouth.


Novice users with an underdeveloped THC tolerance will probably find Big Bud Fast Version an ideal strain, which almost never paves the way for panic attacks or paranoia.



Medical Uses of Big Bud Fast Version

Big Bud Fast Version is considered a great strain for therapeutic cannabis newcomers. If you’re not really sure what to expect or whether you can handle a heavy THC punch, this could be the stuff for you.


The gentle yet enjoyable cerebral uplift is great for getting to grips with the occasional bout of stress, apathy and depression. If you’re bogged down with negative thoughts and feeling crappy about the world in general, a little Big Bud goes a long way. All without the worry of a crashing comedown on the other side, which is often a concern for medical cannabis users.


The predominantly physical side of the high is also great for the alleviation of mild to moderate aches and pains. Patients with conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis have reported welcome and long-lasting relief after using Indica-heavy hybrids like Big Bud Fast Version.



Growing Big Bud Fast Version Seeds

Big Bud Fast Version is a strain that comes good on its word, delivering consistently generous yields after as little as six weeks of flowering. The plants themselves are relatively easy to keep under wraps (in a physical sense) due to their small size, while their near-zero-maintenance nature makes them great for novice growers.


As long as ambient conditions are reasonably amicable, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever producing a decent crop.


Give this strain all the space she needs, and you’ll be looking at plants no taller than around 5 feet - way smaller when grown indoors and strategically pruned.


In no time at all, these beauties burst into life with heavy flower and resin production, resulting in yields as generous as 700g for every square meter of grow space.


Growing Big Bud Fast Version is an absolute gift, though you’ll need to think carefully about odor control measures when necessary. If your intention is to keep you grow under wraps, these plants aren’t exactly what you’d call particularly discreet.




Big Bud Fast Version is the ultimate crowd-pleaser in more ways than one. Along with an insanely enjoyable old-school fragrance and flavor, she’s known for producing astonishing yields in a fraction of the normal time - and as an added bonus, practically grows herself.


Don’t look with disdain at the modest THC content - there’s still more than enough in there for a seriously enjoyable experience. There’s a time and place for getting baked into oblivion - there’s also a time for taking things easy.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Fast Version
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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