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Big Bud Feminized Seeds

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While it’s true to say that Big Bud Feminized is a relatively modest strain in terms of potency and punch, this is actually all to her credit. As a session smoke for relaxed social situations, this stuff really is just about as good as it gets...

Bigger is Better…Period


Bud Basics

A staple on the scene since the early 80s, Big Bud keeps things simple and straightforward. If you’re looking for an easy-grow specimen that never fails to produce generous yields, this is the strain for you. Particularly in the case of Big Bud Feminized, which has been engineered to eliminate non-flowering male plants from the equation.


The exact origins of Big Bud (in her first incarnation) remain something of a mystery, but this hasn’t stopped the stuff becoming one of the most celebrated and successful strains of recent decades.


Drawing from the now-known ancestry genetic chain including Skunk #1, Northern Lights and Afghani, these buds bring a quintessentially old-school flavor and fragrance to the table - one that’s about as dank and skunky as it gets.


This herb yields like nobody’s business after as little as six weeks of flowering, while keeping THC levels at an 18% average.


Despite leaning heavily towards the Indica side of the scale – around 85% Indica to 15% Sativa - Big Bud Feminized isn’t known for incapacitating her users. Instead, it’s more a case of being gently and blissfully relaxed for the duration, coupled with an enjoyable cerebral buzz and an almost daydream-like trance.


Big Bud Fem isn’t what you’d call a particularly productive strain, but is just about as good as it gets for relaxed and informal social encounters.


She’s also an absolute breeze to grow at home, producing consistently stellar yields with almost no TLC required on your part.



Flavor and Fragrance of Big Bud Feminized

There’s nothing particularly complex about the flavor or fragrance of Big Bud Feminized. When the craving for classic Skunk hits with no fancy extras, this stuff has you covered.


On the nose, this herb entices with the hard-hitting funk of old-school skunkiness, with just a hint of pine freshness and plenty of wet earth. It’s pretty much the dictionary definition of what you’d expect classic cannabis to smell like – a no-nonsense strain and a welcome blast from the past.


It’s pretty much the same story on the palate, as Big Bud Feminized keeps things nice and simple. Masses of skunk and wet earth, with plenty of peppery spice and a somewhat harsh aftertaste. It’s not a particularly challenging strain on the airways, though isn’t shy about triggering the odd coughing fit here and there.


Be warned, however - the fragrance of this pot is as pungent as it is unmistakable, so you’ll need to think extremely carefully about odor-control measures. She’s not the kind of fruity or floral strain that throws nosey neighbors off the scent – this is 100% classic Skunk at its stinkiest.




An average 18% THC is just the right amount to bring out the best of these buds’ Indica and Sativa genetics, beginning with a soaring yet never overwhelming cerebral uplift. The brain bursts into life with electric tingles, prompting creativity, inspired thinking and a sense of complete contentment with the world around you.


Give things about half an hour and the Indica-heavy lineage becomes apparent, as a feeling of relaxed heaviness begins making its way through the extremities. Not to such an extent as to lock you to the couch, but more than enough to clear your schedule for the next few hours at least.


Big Bud Feminized is just about as good as it gets for a session smoke – potent enough to have the desired effect, but gentle enough to keep you coming back for more.


You can also expect an enjoyable bout of the munchies as the high progresses, so be sure to plan accordingly. We say ‘enjoyable’ because you won’t stuff your face simpler for the sake of it – you’ll actually be able to make semi-savvy decisions and enjoy whatever you decide to scarf.



Medical Uses of Big Bud Feminized

Medical cannabis users often shy away from ultra-potent pot that’s practically impossible to accurately dose – strains like Big Bud Feminized represent a welcome and versatile alternative.


The initial cerebral uplift brought on by these buds is just the thing for combating everyday stress, depression, anxiety and mood issues. Whatever’s on your mind is immediately replaced by a sense of optimism and oneness with the world, which lingers dreamily for hours on end.


Big Bud Fem is a predominantly Indica strain, but the body stone this stuff brings on isn’t nearly as incapacitating as you’d expect. A gentle numbing sensation gradually makes its way through the extremities, which can be great for mild to moderate pain relief.


This herb is also a popular choice among athletes and fitness fanatics in general, as something of an organic recovery tool to aid muscle repair after a workout.


Though it’s comparatively rare for Big Bud Fem to bring on bouts of paranoia or panic attacks, individuals with a low THC tolerance are advised to tread carefully at first. The high as a whole is relatively gentle, though the initial cerebral uplift can be somewhat accelerated and occasionally bring on mind-race.



Growing Big Bud Feminized Seeds

Most growers turn to Big Bud Feminized with the intention of producing as much weed as they can in the shortest space of time. Hence, the vast majority of growers also cultivate this cannabis indoors.


She’s not a particularly difficult strain to grow outside, but the fastest and most consistent results happen in controlled indoor settings. In which case, you’ll typically be looking at plants not taller than around 3 feet in height, which are capable of producing up to 600g of quality cannabis for every square meter of grow space.


Flowering times vary from around 6 to 8 weeks, meaning a fantastically short seed-to-harvest cycle. Shy of warm temperatures and balanced humidity levels, Big Bud Feminized doesn’t need a great deal of time or attention to do her thing.


As this is the feminized version, you don’t have to worry about problematic male plants pollinating your females and compromising your harvest.




While it’s true to say that Big Bud Feminized is a relatively modest strain in terms of potency and punch, this is actually all to her credit. As a session smoke for relaxed social situations, this stuff really is just about as good as it gets.


In addition, a relatively modest THC content has made this herb a huge hit in therapeutic cannabis circles. Not to mention, the fact that this stuff is both easy to grow and more or less guarantees superb yields. Not that you’d expect anything less with a name like this - Big Bud Feminized is a strain that comes good on her word.

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightTall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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