Green Crack x Somango Feminized Seeds

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Green Crack x Somango Feminized Seeds

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Tokers who love the effects of Green Crack but prefer something on the sweeter, fruitier side will adore the euphoric, stratosphere-skimming high that Green Crack x Somango Feminized will bring, while tasting the tropics with her fantastic full-bodied mango flavor...

A Tasty Toke of the Tropics


Bud Basics

Tokers who love the effects of Green Crack but prefer something on the sweeter, fruitier side will adore the euphoric, stratosphere-skimming high that Green Crack x Somango Feminized will bring, while tasting the tropics with her fantastic full-bodied mango flavor.


Blending sweetness of the tongue with sweetness of the mind, the tropical mango kick of this Somango parentage offers a high of particular note that takes you up and up on a tension-free, cerebral journey before gently unwinding the mind and body into a sleepy, comfortable state of bliss.


Since her genetic line is heavily Indica leaning, it’s no surprise that Green Crack x Somango is endowed with a 15% to 25% THC capacity capable of inducing tranquility in minutes.


Well-favored for the medicinal reprieve she can provide, this beauty is an excellent choice for those struggling with stress, depression or PTSD. Capable of providing notable pain relief, migraine and muscle spasms will quickly be relieved with a joint of this ganja in hand, too.


With all-female seeds, growers both experienced and new can benefit from this hybrid's heavy yields and space-saving size, to provide themselves with a year-long supply of mango heaven in merely 8 to 10 weeks.



Flavor and Fragrance of Green Crack x Somango

You might have noticed the mention of mango in her name, and true to that this herb will quickly fill the room with a sweet, fruity mango scented smoke that’s sure to induce joviality all around. 


Green Crack x Somango Fem is the sort of strain that invites you in with her aroma, tempting tokers to light up a joint of her delights and bask in the tantalizing taste of the tropics, abundant with mango and a hint of earthiness and mushrooms to beautifully offset her flavors.




Green Crack x Somango is a strain for the stratosphere, quickly sending you on a flight to euphoria that soars above the cares of the day and propels you right past your worries - you can give them a little wave as you pass by.


Likely to have you succumbing to the giggles before you know it, this is the sort of cannabis that can take you on a cerebral journey of mind-clearing joy before her Indica side begins to show, calming you into a comfort blanket of relaxation. As your body begins to unwind, you’ll find the hunch in your shoulders eased as tension and tightness are lifted, soothing you from head to toe until the couchlock comes a-calling, pulling you down into sleep within a few hours.


A couple of tokes is likely enough with Green Crack x Somango Fem, as she’s packing a fair amount of THC and can cause adverse effects if overindulged in. Dizziness, increased paranoia or anxiety could become concerns if consumption is too high.


Like many other strains, cottonmouth, dry eyes and headaches are always a possibility, so try to stay hydrated before, during and after smoking this stuff. Eye drops are handy too, if you need to soothe irritated eyes.



Medical Uses of Green Crack x Somango Feminized

Abundant with recreational benefits for the sweet-toothed toker, Green Crack x Somango is also a potent, well-praised medical strain that has brought aid and comfort to many a consumer suffering with mental health concerns or chronic pain.


Since her effects tend to kick in quickly, and last until sleep arrives, patients struggling from chronic stress, depression or PTSD will benefit greatly from the happy high and recreational reprieve of Green Crack x Somango Fem, since she’s a strain that clears the head of cares and worries with little effort, easing your mind into a state of calm within moments of taking a toke.


Given this strain’s tendency to bring on some serious munchies, those struggling with various eating disorders might find respite and increased appetite after consuming Green Crack x Somango. For those whose appetite is lacking due to the after-effects of chemotherapy or other medication, again, this strain can be of huge benefit.


Though not the strongest specimen for pain relief on the marijuana market, some milder aches and pains can be relieved with a joint of this weed, since the combination of her body-soothing effect and analgesic properties lends itself well to ailments such as arthritis, migraines and muscle spasms, soon easing you into a peaceful slumber.



Growing Green Crack x Somango Feminized

Due to her strong Indica lineage, Green Crack x Somango Feminized is a fairly easy-going grow for cannabis cultivators. With a height that reaches no more than 100cm, she’s small and compact, meaning vertically she doesn’t take up too much space. Saying that, her lateral branches can grow outward and become quite wide, but she’ll still fit in a growing cabinet nicely, and she doesn’t need any support for her thick, sturdy limbs.


Ideally, try to use hydroponics or organic soil when growing Green Crack x Somango indoors, as she needs plenty of nutrients to thrive. Proper lighting is key too, which can be optimized with a Sea of Green (SoG) setup for the best results.


These citric beauties will flower in around 8 to 10 weeks, flaunting the large and airy buds that are typical of Sativa strains, with myrtle-green fan leaves, vivid amber pistils and a delightful crystal coating. When harvested, you can expect 500 grams per plant for your efforts.


Particularly fond of a Mediterranean climate, Green Crack x Somango Fem will do well if you allow her time to bask in the warmth and light of the sunshine, and outdoor growers can take advantage of a tasty 600 grams per plant, to be harvested in mid-October in the northern hemisphere.




Green Crack… but mango-flavored? Hell yes, is what we say to that! Boasting all the cerebral benefits of one parent and all the taste of the other, Green Crack x Somango Feminized is an opportunity that can’t be missed by the sweet-toothed tokers of the cannabis community.


Mouthwatering and impossible to resist, the tropical mango taste of this strain is enough to improve any social occasion, her sweet aroma quickly filling the air, gorgeously underpinned with just enough damp earthiness to keep the scent from getting sickly.


A euphoric ride into the stratosphere, Green Crack x Somango’s high is quick-hitting and heavenly, easing the mind into a bliss that then spirals into a body buzz of relaxation. With such a head-high, it’s no wonder that medical users have found her to be a marvel, and the giggle fits are but a pleasant side effect of the happy-high relief this stuff brings to sufferers of stress and depression.


A dream come true for growers old and new, this dainty lady is capable of far more than she appears, given her small stature. Keep these plants well supplied with nutrients and sunshine, and without the worry of weeding out the males, you can cultivate Green Crack x Somango Feminized into a healthy yield of 500 grams of buds in just 8 to 10 weeks. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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