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Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

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Everything which made legends of Californian super strains OG Kush and Trainwreck rolled into one delightfully sticky Indica-heavy feminized hybrid, the award-winning Candy Kush combines instantly uplifting cerebral influences with luxurious lemon notes...

Citric Cali Superstar Cannabis


Bud Basics

Everything which made legends of Californian super strains OG Kush and Trainwreck rolled into one delightfully sticky Indica-heavy feminized hybrid, the award-winning Candy Kush (also often spelt Kandy Kush) from DNA Genetics combines instantly uplifting cerebral influences with luxurious lemon notes.


Few strains are such shining examples of the perfect evening cannabis companions as this delectable hybrid, whose powerful physical and mental effects are famed relaxing agents and stress removers.


Though there are certain phenotypes which display the more typical Sativa traits (evidently inherited from the Trainwreck genetics), Kandy Kush of all varieties is renown as a truly delicious Kush packed with a candy-like citric flavor and aroma profile not soon forgotten.


When such potency and sensory delights are combined with commercial-worthy yields enhanced with epic bag appeal covering everything from vivid and varied colors to resin coating, scent and denseness, any cannabis connoisseur would have to be mad to turn down these treats.


Finally a candy without the calories! 



Flavor and Fragrance of Candy Kush

Candy Kush comes at us with a mouthwatering terpene profile packed with limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene - a trio known for their citric, peppery and herbal influence on your weed - and boy does it show!


While the pungent lemony citrus notes are most keen on both the tongue and nose, dig a little deeper and you can certainly detect a more earthy, fuel-like undertone just beneath the surface. While somewhat overshadowed by the decadent lemon, this adds a certain nuance to Candy Kush’s profile which cannot be understated.


You’re greeted with that sumptuous scent from the moment these plants start flowering to the moment you take your last hit and beyond, lemon notes lingering on both the air and palate.


There are even those who claim certain phenos come forward with deeper levels of citrus, specifically hints of berries on the exhale - truly a treat indeed!




You’re likely to feel Candy Kush fairly immediately, as this strain’s influence comes on with the same boldness of her scent. Despite this, many of the full effects have been known to err more on the creeper high side of life.


Instant effects take the form of a strong cerebral modulation capable of uplifting any mood, courtesy of the increased dopamine release. It doesn’t tend to be long before a more sedative and heavy body high catches up with that sense of euphoria, easing you into a simply blissful stoned state.


Especially for those with lower THC tolerance, it’s important to recognize that this deeply relaxed high is indeed coming, regardless of how swiftly those effects come on. Many tokers find themselves going back for seconds or thirds of this decadent and delicious ganja, feeling themselves invincible, only to find an overwhelming case of couchlock crashes when least expected.


This remarkable Cali hybrid is also particularly notorious for inducing the infamous dry mouth and red eye combo, along with a fierce case of the munchies - especially when tokers overindulge on this moreish marijuana.


Of course, the whole experience is especially memorable, to say the least. Some fans even report that Candy Kushelicits a truly trance-like state of psychedelia, replete with vivid colors and images reminiscent of the swinging sixties stereotype.


Perhaps this influence, like this beautiful strain’s coloring, varies between phenotypes, however, one thing is certain - the high this hybrid delivers is as unforgettable as the unbelievably moreish flavor and aroma.


As a final grace, when all’s said and done and the high releases its hold, you’ll find sleep comes with open and welcome arms.



Medical Uses of Candy Kush

Given that Kandy Kush beat 140 other strains to the title of Best Medical Marijuana in Colorado back in 2010, it should be no surprise this beauty has a great many fans among the therapeutic tokers.


Yes, this citric Cali cannabis champion is more than a mere recreational delight for all the senses. Everything from physical to mental conditions can be relieved through this wonder weed (though remember, cannabis isn’t a cure - it just helps).


Patients weighted by the crushing pressure of stress or depression, ADD and ADHD, or even PTSD have found the solace they seek with these nugs on their side and the mental uplift and physical chill this cannabis brings.


Thanks to strong anti-inflammatory properties, many who suffer from chronic pain, crippling arthritis, migraines or even general aches and pains find a dose of Candy Kush to be just what the doctor ordered.


If you’re struggling with a loss of appetite, these buds will not only whet your lips with fantastic flavors, they’ll also kick off a serious case of the munchies, stimulating that desire for food like never before.


Lastly, tokers can kiss that insomnia goodnight as the powerful sedative influence creeps over you, ending the high in serene style.



Growing Candy Kush Feminized Seeds

Whether you’re new to growing ganja or seeking the best strains for your next commercial crop to feed the lovers of lemony weed, Candy Kush Feminized seeds are a match made in pot paradise.


Thanks to strong Indica genetics, these sumptuous specimens are marvelously resilient and capable of developing into impressive plants without much fuss from the grower. Plants are reported to reach reasonable heights of up to 1.5 meters in some cases - while this is by no means monstrous, you’d be well served to prepare with ample headroom.


Mid-way through the flowering stage, you can expect your Candy Kush plants to really show off their potent and prodigious lineage, as bud density swells and resin production flies off the charts.


Resist the urge to harvest too soon, though, as these beauties have some truly exquisite colors to develop if you let them. After a roughly 9 to 10 weeks flowering cycle, you should be ready to reap your rewards. Indoor growers can find themselves with anywhere in the region of 450 to 550 grams per meter squared, and should implement a Screen of Green (ScROG) setup if able as this helps maximize potential output.


Outdoor cultivators in the northern hemisphere should be aiming to harvest by mid-October at the latest and can look forward to between 400 and 500 grams per plant for their efforts.




As suitable for recreational as therapeutic tokers and a guaranteed delight to all who crave citrusy flavored cannabis, Candy Kush Feminized represents some of California’s finest genetics.


The pot progeny of industry and award-winning legends OG Kush and Trainwreck, anyone familiar with these potent parents should know exactly what to expect.


For the rest of you - if generous yields of sticky and beautiful buds bursting with lemon aroma and a matching flavor catches your fancy, these feminized beans could well become your new personal favorites.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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