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Critical Jack Feminized Seeds

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Critical Jack combines fast flowering traits with exponential and easy growth, enormous harvests, high THC and unforgettable flavors - all courtesy of what can best be described as a veritable superstar genetic lineup...

A Huge Hybrid with Huge Yields


Bud Basics

Critical Jack combines fast flowering traits with exponential and easy growth, enormous harvests, high THC and unforgettable flavors - all courtesy of what can best be described as a veritable superstar genetic lineup.


From the sunny shores of Spain comes Critical Plus - a balanced hybrid of Skunk and Big Bud boasting award-winning status - and from the Netherlands, none other than the iconic Jack Herer (a strain most likely of Northern Lights #5, Haze and Shiva Skunk lineage) come together to create Critical Jack Feminized - a specimen able to compete with the very finest strains available on the marijuana market.


Here we have a perfectly balanced hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genetics that deliver plants which reach enormous heights, produce prodigious yields and take tokers on a long-lasting, uplifting and clear-headed cerebral ride that’s perfect for recreational and therapeutic use alike.


Growers can expect the distinguished tall plants that Jack Herer strains are synonymous with, complemented by the insanely explosive yields that made Critical Plus famous. First-time cultivators can get on just fine with these plants, though you’ll have your work cut out for you with the tree-like stature of these ganja girls.


Critical Jack Fem is far more than your average award-winning hybrid strain, this progeny is verging on pedigree pot perfection.



Flavor and Fragrance of Critical Jack

The floral lemony pine notes of Critical Jack come through in abundance on both the nose and the tongue with these buds, courtesy of an exquisitely complementary terpinolene, caryophyllene and pinene terpene profile.


The strong yet delicate citric notes here are most certainly influenced by the highly desirable Jack Herer and Critical Plus genetics at play, both serving up an undeniable zestiness that’s as present in the taste as the scent.


There’s also a notable hint of spice and pepperiness which reminds distinctly of the Jack parentage.


Overall, these are very noticeable buds when growing, curing, being ground and on combustion. Subtlety is not the name of this game, however, tokers can expect a smooth smoke which is rarely cough-inducing.




Coming at you with a mix of Sativa and Indica influence, along with a potent 20% average THC content, it’s no surprise that Critical Jack offers consumers a wide-reaching and all-encompassing experience - one not soon forgotten.


Thanks to the deliciousness of these buds and the supremely smooth smoking sensation, it’s easy to get carried away and overindulge, but careful because things can get quite intense (especially for those with low THC tolerance) and this high sticks around for hours on end.


Things kick off quickly with Critical Jack Fem in a largely cerebral manner taking predominantly after the Sativa genetics in the mix. You’ll likely feel a sense of euphoric elation sweeping through you in a gentle yet very noticeable manner - possibly enhanced by some wonderfully uncontrollable giggle fits.


With your mood lifting by the second and the world seeming sharper, brighter and more intriguing, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve chugged down a strong coffee or mainlined some potent espresso.


While this can be overwhelming if you’re not expecting such intensity, this trait has made Critical Jack a firm fan-favorite superstar among those who consume cannabis as a productivity or creativity aid.


If you’re careful, this can be a perfect wake and bake strain - again, just be wary of that energetic jolt. Many tokers turn to this hybrid as a daytime strain to help them smash through to-do lists and the like, but there is a definitive and compelling chill-out factor to consider at the end of the high - one which can lead the unsuspecting into a pretty monged out state that verges on couchlock.


Dosage control is everything if you want to make the most out of this energizing hybrid.



Medical Uses of Critical Jack Feminized

Though low in Cannabidiol (CBD) content, medical marijuana patients have been turning to Critical Jack for years when in need of a little THC therapy - as you’d expect, given the therapeutic popularity of both her Jack Herer and Critical Plus parents, each praised for their powerful cerebral influence and mood modulation traits.


Of course, being a high THC strain, those with a low tolerance to the psychoactive nature of weed will want to tread with care.


The almost instantaneous influence of Critical Jack has proven among countless patients to be an effective means of banishing stress or concerns and helping users to regain a much-needed sense of clarity. This often proves one of the most essential steps to recovery from any mental or physical malady, and is regularly used by those suffering from depression, anxiety or stress.


Fatigue doesn’t stand much of a chance when patients have these buds on their side, either, and even those of us who are often muted physically by aches and pains can find the energy and strength to overcome their ailments, get up and get going.


It’s important to consume Critical Jack with care regardless of your tolerance levels, however, as overindulging can make the cerebral influence somewhat overwhelming, leading to potential dizziness or even anxiety in some cases. Stay hydrated throughout, take care with your dosage and know what to expect, however, and you’ll be able to soak up all these medical benefits without worry.



Growing Critical Jack Feminized Seeds

Despite this strain’s propensity for reaching huge heights of up to 3 meters (or beyond, in optimal conditions), growing Critical Jack Feminized is typically a rather simple experience - one even novice cultivators should be able to see bountiful results with.


With this kind of enormous stature, you’ll find these plants develop a great many budding sites which, courtesy of the Critical Plus genetics, tend towards abundance and density. Of course, this means jaw-dropping yields are on the cards, but it also means you’ll want to keep an eye on airflow and light penetration to make sure even the lowest regions of the plant are well treated.


Indoor grows are a particularly effective way of cultivating Critical Jack as you’ll have maximum control over the environment, but this can present more challenges like how on earth you’ll ever make room for such gargantuan ganja plants.


Growers opting for indoor cultivation should absolutely look to the Screen of Green (ScROG) technique for the answer to this while maintaining maximum output potential. You can also utilize some more High Stress Training (HST) techniques like topping, or tricks like using smaller pots and reducing the plants’ vegetative period to help keep Critical Jack Feminized crops in check.


Thankfully, this hybrid has an impressive resilience to mold, disease or pest problems, which means that other than giving your crop a suitable home and a little TLC, you won’t have much else to concern yourself with.


Keep in mind, however, that the height and the pungent aroma of these Skunk-infused beauties means discretion is not the easiest of achievements when growing a crop of Critical Jack. Odor control or guerilla growing could be a wise idea unless you’re happy showing your plants off to the world.


Overall, expect between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering before your crop is ready to harvest and deliver to you a drool-worthy haul of up to 600 grams per meter squared indoors, or closer to 1200 grams per plant in outdoor setups.




As an award-winning hybrid of award-winning lineage, it doesn’t come much better than a batch of Critical Jack Feminized.


These buds are downright delicious and packed with an energizing kick that will make an espresso seem like a mug of warm milk in comparison. You’d be drastically misplaced in thinking of this as a recreational strain only though - the potent cerebral influence of this hybrid has some unmissable and essential medical applications (if you can handle your THC, that is).


Given that even first-time growers can see these beauties to their full and generous yielding potential, it’s almost impossible to find a reason not to give Critical Jack a whirl. 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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