How better to immortalise a legend than naming an extraordinary strain of weed after him? Lifelong cannabis activist, Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a resource ever relied on in the battles for cannabis legalisation, would certainly be elated over the continued popularity of his namesake.

This Sativa-dominant weed has earned as much recognition as the man himself, and certainly the same legendary status. Truly one of the most significant strains available, this ganja's rich genetics have given rise to myriad hybrid strains, with each phenotype bearing unique features and effects.

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Jack Herer Introduction

From Black Jack to Critical Jack, Blueberry x Jack and Jack x Skunk, this mythical marijuana has become one of the most sought after since its birth in the mid-nineties.

A premier strain of the Netherlands, one still passionately touted to this day, the Jack Herer strain stands the proud winner of multiple Cannabis Cups and countless hearts.

Our friends over at Herb have an excellent video on how the namesake of this marijuana marvel became the Emperor of Hemp. Check it out below!

Bud Background

As with all true legends, the precise genetic makeup is a closely guarded secret, however, we know it owes lineage to a magical merging of Haze, Skunk strains and Northern Lights genetics.

This blend creates in Jack Herer weed a combination to dream of; solid indica yields and monstrous coatings of resin.

As you’d likely expect, this wonder weed is far from shy in THC content. In fact, it regularly tests between fifteen and twenty-five percent, easily bringing ample contest to the highest THC strains, and despite ranking low on the CBD scale, Jack is a tremendous hit with medical users alongside their recreational brethren.

Medicinal Benefits of the Jack Herer Strain

Perhaps the strongest medicinal benefits of Jack Herer weed lie in tackling anxiety and depression. The mellow high also offers a perfect remedy for stress, and has been known to provide sweet relief to the agony of migraines.

Despite the low CBD levels, the Emperor of Hemp's namesake is a go-to choice for many sufferers of chronic aches and pains. The munchies smoking this bud can induce provide an unmissable ticket away from appetite loss and nausea, though many ganja gurus stress caution smoking this bud in the evenings, especially for those fighting insomnia.

This caution, however, is born of a wonderful place, as Jack is a phenomenal thought stirrer and mood modulator.

Jack Herer cannabis plant


There’s a reason weed lovers worldwide have been delighting in the Jack Herer strain since it arrived on the scene. This astonishingly potent pot hits fast and lasts ages.

The initial headrush is powered by energising rushes, rather than disorientation, and you’ll soon find a pleasing tingle rushing across your skin, down the neck and reaching each of your limbs, filling you from head to toe with relaxation.

The huge cerebral uplift and mind-blowing body buzz makes Jack perfect for sparking conversations or embracing creativity and hashing through your finest ideas.

Jack Herer cannabis bud

While potent, and sleep-inducing if smoked all day, the Jack Herer strain guarantees a clear-headed, focused high. Jack's fans love it for the duality of relaxation and mind-buzz, which any creative knows to be the ideal environment for magic.

If stimulation, relaxation, creativity and lucid control of your actions sounds as perfect to you as it does to me, then Jack is the weed you need.

Flavour and Fragrance

While not the most beautiful buds in the world, the scent of Jack is truly one to see you salivating. Like opening a hidden prize, the spicy, earthy pine aroma sets free the sweetest whiff of citrus, underscored by a palatable peppery kick, when you break open the dense nuggets.

Burning the buds unleashes a captivatingly clean, herbal scent highly reminiscent of sage, and the smooth smoke pleasantly tastes much the same.

Jack Herer strain

Growing Jack Herer Seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs with their hearts set on growing the finest batch of Jack Herer weed imaginable should keep in mind, this plant is not without its challenges. We’d suggest having a few crops under your belt before you tackle this majestic marijuana strain

Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. Whichever you choose, make sure you factor into your planning the height of the plants; some Jack Herer strains have been recorded as reaching over seventy-eight inches, so be certain you’ve allowed enough room not to stunt this super weed.

Though not able to boast the highest yields of all the legendary strains, Jack is sure to net you a hefty haul well worth your love and attention. And for those with the skill and patience to cure their buds properly, you’ll undoubtedly reap the most spectacular of rewards. 

As an added bonus, thanks to the thick, silvery trichomes which cover the buds end-to-end and make their presence known on even the farthest leaves, stems and stalks, this weed is perfect for those making hash or butter from the trimmings.

SeedSupreme Suggestions

Of course, there are those who will always stand by the original, a timeless classic.

For those craving a more adventurous ride from their Jack Herer seeds, you simply can't go wrong with the Black Jack strain or Jack the Ripper. Those with their sights on something sweeter might consider the Apple Jack strain for their latest crop.