Jack Herer seeds

Have you been trying your hand at cultivating marijuana and experimenting with various strains?  Jack Herer seeds can get you through a tough day or give you a quick lift before a party. 


Named after Jack Herer, a man who’s well-known in the cannabis industry for his efforts in decriminalizing and legalizing weed. 


Bred in Amsterdam, this fantastic creation has won numerous awards, confirming its position among the world’s top strains. Continue reading to discover more about Jack Herer strain seeds

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Jack Herer feminized seeds

Jack Herer strain seeds evolved from the combination of Northern lights, Haze, and Skunk strains. Being a sativa dominant cultivar with elevated THC levels is what makes it so popular in the medical marijuana world. 


Breeders genetically created Jack Herer feminized seeds to develop into female-only plants. It makes cultivation much more straightforward by reducing the chances of raising a male crop.


These female strains are usually robust and tough, making them simpler to grow and able to endure demanding conditions. 


Jack Herer feminized seeds


Jack Herer hybrid cannabis strain 

Jack Herer is also known as JH, “Platinum Jack,” or “The Jack.” Its multi-strain genetics classifies it as a sativa-dominant hybrid. Sensi seeds are the initial developers of this strain, but they’ve also been combined with other genetics by various seed banks, creating different versions of Jack Herer. 


Hybrid seeds are the fusion of the best sativa and indica strains. They vary in many aspects, especially their cannabinoid profile. 


Their effects and flavors differ depending on the hybrid strain combination. One example is the blend with ruderalis, which the Green House Company explored, resulting in its complex flavors and potent buzz. It also gave birth to Jack Herer autoflower seeds.


Jack Herer is well known for winning the High Times Cannabis Cup multiple times.


Medical Jack Herer cannabis seeds

The weed grown from Jack Herer feminized seeds has been reported to have many medical benefits. In fact, in the Netherlands, it’s recognized as a medicinal strain. There’s a range of advantages that consumers have access to when using this cultivar. 


The majority of these health perks include cerebral stimulation, which many claim has helped relieve symptoms related to depression and anxiety. There are also reports that the Black Skull version of Jack Herer feminized seeds may assist those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and its associated pain.  


Some who have experienced traumatic events use the cannabis grown from the best Jack Herer seeds. It’s believed to assist with PTSD and even relieve the indications associated with ADHD. 


Weed lovers with little desire for food have also claimed that using cannabis from Jack Herer strain of seeds has restored their regular appetite.


Medical Jack Herer feminized seeds


Jack Herer plants

Marijuana grown from Jack Herer seeds has distinct characteristics present in the plants. Due to it being a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, its structure is quite sturdy with thin and gentle leaves. 


It’s a plant that grows quicker than most, especially indoors. However, it gets relatively tall, depending on whether its strain is sativa or indica dominant. 


The buds of the plants grown from Jack Herer feminized seeds are intricately woven to portray a braided effect and clothed in resin. In an indica dominant plant, these buds are relatively big and heavy. 


Jack Herer effects

Jack Herer seeds, from Kera seeds, is a strain of weed known for its earth-moving effects. They can make you feel out of this world if you over-consume. Remaining hydrated is advisable to avoid a dry mouth or red eyes.


Other effects of weed grown from these feminized seeds are increased concentration, creativity, and staying focused. It’s ideal for those feeling anxious or needing to get through a hectic work day.


A dose of pot raised from Jack Herer seeds is also great in the morning to kickstart your day after a wild night out. It's known as a daytime strain and as important as that first cup of coffee. 


Its terpene profile is rich and nuanced. An aroma that resonates with the fragrance of nature is present in the buds, while its flavor is a combination of wet earth and fruity sweetness. 


If these effects are what you’re after, you’ll be happy to know they’re present in the version from Advanced Seed Banks.


Growing Jack Herer seeds

Cultivating your own crop can sometimes be a challenge, depending on the cannabis strain you choose. Fortunately, Jack Herer seeds aren’t demanding as long as you give them the necessary attention. Keep reading for some practical tips.


Growing Jack Herer feminized seeds


How to feed Jack Herer

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are vital for nurturing and feeding your plant—yet maintaining moderate doses. 


As plants grown from Jack Herer auto seeds aren’t as leafy as others, the amount of nitrogen needed is less. With a fertilizer ratio of 3-3-5, the growth of the buds could do well.


If you neglect other nutrients such as sulfur, calcium, and magnesium, you may not get the yields you expect. Use as little as 25% in the fertilizer mix ratio, and Jack Herer feminized seeds will do just fine.


If you have sufficient space outdoors with natural soils and light, you’ll require less effort and input compared to growing this strain indoors. You could use the earth from outdoors inside, but you need to monitor the fertilizer and top it up regularly. 


Flowering and yield

Delicious Critical Jack Herer feminized seeds were combined with Critical Bilbo to create an early flowering strain. Suitable for cultivation outdoors, indoors, and greenhouses. It has a reputation for producing superb yields. 


Depending on which version of Jack Herer seeds you may grow, lighting plays a reasonably significant role in the flowering process. The short days encourage this cycle to begin as early as two weeks from seeds. 


When the Jack Herer seeds in the USA start to develop their pre-flowers, they can quickly reach a height of up to 16 inches in a matter of weeks. 


Monitor the lighting every day during this delicate stage. The light boosts their enzymes which allows the plant to grow faster. 


In the last few days of the growth period, the buds will start to change color, and the plant will reach about four to five feet indoors. It’s best to wait until 70% of them have the same shade before harvesting. 


The buds from the best Jack Herer seeds are packed with resin and are dense and long. 

These are some of the favorite weed plants as their growth period is short, and you can harvest in 8–10 weeks from being planted. 


If you wait the full ten weeks, it’s believed you should receive better results and larger colas. If the plant seems to labor under the weight, provide support to prevent them from being damaged. 


The yield per plant averages around 18 oz. when grown outdoors and approximately 17.6 oz/㎡ indoors. This will vary depending on conditions and which version of Jack Herer seeds you use.


What climate does Jack Herer prefer?

When growing the best Jack Herer seeds, a moderate temperature between 75℉ and 80℉ is required. If consumers want to cultivate their Jack Herer plants outdoors, it’s essential to keep the designated area in a “safe” place where too much wind, heat, or cold won’t do any damage.


The good thing about growing these plants outdoors is that they require less effort. Natural light is always better than trying to fit UV lights indoors.


Placing the rapidly growing Jack Herer autoflower seeds on a window ledge for a limited time can assist with growth.


The favored condition when growing this strain of Vision Seeds outdoors is that the plants adjust to the natural light as they are photoperiod. When you expose your crops to the dark, it encourages the flowering process.


The only downside of growing Jack Herer from seeds outdoors is that consumers need to be mindful of when seasons change as the plant doesn't do well in cooler weather.


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