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Black Jack Autoflower Seeds

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A product of legendary genetics that asks so little and yet delivers so much, Black Jack Auto is a killer contemporary cannabis strain worthy of acclaim...

Roll the Dice if you Dare


Bud Basics

One word comes to mind when describing Black Jack Autoflower – uncompromising. From top to bottom, everything about this epic strain has hardcore enjoyment written all over it.


Best avoided entirely by novices with a low THC tolerance, this stuff regularly tips the scales at more than 25% THC. Which is a lot – more than enough to take seasoned stoners on one hell of a ride.


The breeders behind Black Jack Auto were onto a winner from the word go. After all, combining the genetics of Jack Herer and S.A.D. (Sweet Afghan Delicious) was only ever going to result in something remarkable - in this case, an exceptionally potent hybrid with a unique flavor and fragrance, erring slightly towards the Sativa side of the scale.


Though there’s some physical relaxation to the whole experience, Black Jack Autoflower is more about delivering the ultimate cerebral uplift that hits like a jackhammer.


If you’re simply out for a basic everyday mood-boost, take your business elsewhere. If you’re looking for something that almost always crosses the line to deliver the full-on psychedelic experience, this herb could be the strain for you.


As this is the autoflowering version of Black Jack, the cultivation process is accelerated and there’s no need to keep tabs on light/dark cycles. After just a few weeks of flowering, you’ll be looking at a generous haul of dense and sticky buds, with a curious yet captivating fragrance and more THC than you’ll know what to do with.


If all this wasn’t enough, it’s not unheard of for Black Jack Autoflower to test for as much as 5% CBD– taking the potential therapeutic applications to an entirely new level.



Flavor and Fragrance of Black Jack Autoflower

The most prominent terpenes in Black Jack Autoflower are terpinolene, ocimene and myrcene, which come together to produce a fragrance unlike any other hybrid that springs to mind.


There’s plenty of classic Skunk and earthy pine on the nose, though with a curiously musky undertone that sits somewhere between rolling tobacco and sandalwood. You’ll also pick up a world of enticing floral notes when the buds are broken, at which point the fragrance bursts into life with plenty of spice.


Set light to Black Jack Auto buds and it’s a much fresher and fruity experience than expected, with a sweet almost creamy aftertaste that has a dessert-like quality.


It’s not nearly as harsh, spicy or acrid as the fragrance would suggest, which goes some way to explain why it’s so easy to get carried away with Black Jack. This stuff is an absolute joy to smoke in every way, though won’t hesitate to blow your mind and tear your head clean off your shoulders with one toke too many.




Black Jack Autoflower is the dictionary definition of a ‘one hit and quit’ smoke. A single hit is all that’s needed to get a taste of those Sativa-heavy genetics, manifesting as a burst of cerebral pressure and the feeling of light-headedness that can make it difficult to stay balanced.


It’s a pretty intense experience at first, though eventually gives way to a fantastic feeling of motivation, positivity and even productivity. Not that Black Jack Auto is a sensible strain for a work day – this herb’s way too punchy to get away with at the office.


In any case, half an hour or so is all it takes for the Indica side of the experience to kick in. At which point, all physical drive and motivation goes completely and instantaneously out of the window. You’ll still be riding a wave of creativity, inspiration, optimism and mental focus, though you’ll have little to no intention of moving anything from the neck down. With potency of 25% or higher in some instances, couch-lock is definitely not out of the question.


Seriously – take those first few hits of Black Jack slowly and carefully, unless you’re 100% confident in your legendary THC tolerance. Otherwise, it could turn out to be far more than you can handle.



Medical Uses of Black Jack Autoflower

Therapeutic cannabis users rave about Black Jack Autoflower for its potency, multi-dimensional effects and the fact that this stuff often contains a decent dose of CBD.


Typical batches will contain somewhere around 1%, though it’s not unheard of for 5% CBD to creep its way into the mix. CBD being known for its broad and diverse benefits, particularly in the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and mood issues.


In any case, the ultra-potent cerebral kick of Black Jack is just the thing for blasting every trace of negativity into oblivion. As long as you can handle the initial uplift, it’s practically impossible not to feel confident, positive, optimistic and fantastic with this herb doing her thing. If you’re a creative type and you’ve hit a proverbial brick wall, this stuff will have you back at your best in no time.


The physical side of the stone is just as powerful and punchy, effectively numbing the body in its entirety from top to bottom. The intensity of this numbness (and subsequent incapacitation) varies in accordance with THC tolerance and quantity consumed, though you really don’t need a lot of this stuff to have the desired effect. Precisely why these buds are a renowned organic painkiller, with a wide range of potential applications.


Users can also expect creeping hunger pangs as the high wears on, making it borderline impossible not to stuff your face with whatever’s closest to hand at the time. If poor appetite is an issue, it won’t be with a little Black Jack in your system!



Growing Black Jack Autoflower Seeds

Black Jack Autoflower is the kind of strain you can plant in a reasonably stable setting and leave entirely to its own devices. As long as temperatures aren’t particularly chilly outdoors, you can germinate your seeds, throw the seedings in a few pots and forget about them.


Nine weeks or so down the line, you’ll be looking at plants no taller than around 90cm, with average yields of approximately 250g for every square meter of grow space.


That said, bring things indoors and with optimum conditions (or perhaps a Sea of Green or hydro setup), this can be doubled to around 500g per square meter. Not that you need a great deal of Black Jack to have the desired effect – particularly where well-cultivated crops exceed that already-impressive 25% THC potency.


As this is the autoflowering version of Black Jack, your plants will automatically switch to the flowering stage when the time is right. No need to mess around with lighting cycles, along with the added bonus of a much faster seed-to-harvest time.


Even if you’ve no experience whatsoever cultivating cannabis at home, this is the kind of super-simple strain that’s almost impossible to go wrong with.




A product of legendary genetics that asks so little and yet delivers so much, Black Jack Auto is a killer contemporary cannabis strain worthy of acclaim. Her unique fragrance and flavor profile alone make this herb a stand-out among comparable strains, furthered by a huge 25% THC content and easy-grow characteristics.


Both in terms of recreational and therapeutic applications, Black Jack Autoflower is just about as versatile and enjoyable as it gets.  As long as you’re sure you can handle the hit, this stuff doesn’t know how to disappoint.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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