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Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Indica heavy and replete with rich terpenes, abundantly resinous and famed for outrageous yielding potential, it’s easy to see why this potent pot has been a cornerstone of British cannabis consumption for decades...

Super Sedative and Stupidly Stinky


Bud Basics

Coming straight from the stinky shores of the infamous Skunk lineage comes the award-winning and eternally pungent Cheese - a hybrid stabilized through Afghani landrace genetics which swiftly captured the hearts of generations of European tokers.


Though blessed with a high THC count averaging around 18% makes this stinky specimen by no means the most potent out there, the sedative influence of this mighty marijuana is second to none and desired by many.


Indica heavy and replete with rich terpenes, abundantly resinous and famed for outrageous yielding potential, it’s easy to see why this potent pot has been a cornerstone of British cannabis consumption for decades.


Few who have ever sampled a batch of genuine Cheese do not find themselves instantly hooked, but to the uninitiated, the idea of those almost acrid, chemically strains which spring from the Skunk gene pool seem somewhat something to avoid.


Even if you’re not a dairy fan and the idea of a fuel-like cheesiness sounds gag-worthy, one whiff, one toke of these stinky bud beauties and you’ll be craving more, ever to find your saliva glands in overdrive whenever Cheese is nearby (or even mentioned).


Less than ideal for a wake and bake but perfectly suited for a Netflix and chong sesh where all you want (or need) to do is chill out and scarf down endless snacks (these munchies are seriously intense!), this potent hybrid strain is the definition of a recreational delight - and not without her medical benefits, either.



Flavor and Fragrance of Cheese Feminized

Cheese and the Skunk family have forever had the kind of flavor and aroma profile that is tough to describe to those yet to experience it (without causing them to turn their noses up, that is).


The unique blend between caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene terpenes has brought this pungent family of cannabis their characteristic chemically notes, likened both to the smelliest animal on the planet and fuel - with Cheese, the addition of distinctively musky cheddar notes sounds like an odd and perhaps unwelcome mix.


Don’t fool yourself though, while the idea of the scent can be incredibly divisive among marijuana enthusiasts, once you get a whiff of these nugs you’ll begin to understand. And the moment that oddly palatable, sweet, creamy and earthy flavor rolls across your tongue, tantalizing the tastebuds into submission, engaging every last saliva gland, you’ll realize the treat you’re in for with Cheese Fem.




Cheese Fem follows firmly in Skunk’s notorious footsteps, acting swiftly and sticking around for hours on end.


You’ll still be smacking your lips as the potent cerebral uplift sweeps over you, melting away any stresses until you realize you don’t have a care left in the world right now. As tension fades, the couch will soon beckon, coaxing you to the cushions as the powerful sedative influence creeps in.


Before you know it, you’re glued into a serene state of couchlock the likes of which you won’t soon want to move from. Any stress or worries of the day swiftly fade away in the wake of this potent wonder weed - which certainly places Cheese in the category of cannabis best enjoyed in the evening.


Use this stuff first thing in the morning and be prepared to do a fat lot of nothing all day long unless you have some kind of superhuman THC tolerance.


When the moment calls for extreme relaxation and a chronic case of the munchies, you’ll find few strains as well suited to the task as Cheese Fem, and when the night wears on, she’ll send you off to a blissful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.



Medical Uses of Cheese Feminized 

Despite having a decidedly low CBD content which rarely hits even the 1% mark, Cheese is not without her strong therapeutic benefits, although these are only readily available with this high THC strain to those with a reliable tolerance to weed’s psychoactive nature.


Without a doubt, those who are able to withstand the THC punch and can ride the wave of sedation will feel an abundance of medical benefits when consuming Cheese buds.


Being packed with potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties means that whether you suffer from physical or mental maladies, there’s relief to be had here. The calming and tranquillizing influence lends itself perfectly to combating daily and more deeply rooted stresses, as well as the likes of depression or PTSD.


The complete body sedation can quite effortlessly make any aches and pains, whether mild or severe, fade to memory while the Cheese cannabinoids do their thing, making this a popular choice for patients with everything from migraines to arthritis or even PMS cramps.


With her propensity for inducing ravenous hunger and putting a stopper in any feelings of nausea, many who suffer from a loss of appetite for a variety of reasons can find their solace in Cheese Fem. And lastly, when the long-lasting high starts to fade, the drowsiness which takes over could put even the Sandman to sleep - say sayonara, insomnia!



Growing Cheese Feminized Seeds

Cheese has been renowned as one of those famously straightforward and merciful strains to cultivate since first hitting the green scene decades ago, thanks largely to her Indica-dominant genetic makeup, which gives the plants a strong natural resilience to mold, pests or disease.


Consequently, you don’t have to be blessed with green thumbs when growing Cheese Feminized seeds, and even first-time cultivators can see the same kind of epic and bountiful rewards as the pros with these beans.


While most phenos tend towards their Indica roots, developing shorter statures which rarely reach higher than 1 meter and favor girth with dense and multiple budding sites, it is possible to find specimens which lean into their Sativa genes more. In these cases, expect taller plants.


Regardless of the pheno, Cheese Feminized rarely presents any difficulty in taking care of herself with minimal input from the grower. Though the branches tend to be more than capable of holding their own weight (even under the monstrously huge nature of the buds) and shouldn’t require the additional support of stakes or trellises, keep a watchful eye on their development all the same - nature is anything but always predictable.


Indoors tends to be the best option when cultivating Cheese Fem, where environmental control is easier to manage and temperatures of between 64 and 79°F can be effortlessly matched with relative humidity between 40 and 50%, though that’s not to say outdoor crops aren’t possible.


If you’re lucky enough to have access to balmy Mediterranean climates, these pungent beauties can thrive beyond expectations, even reaching greater heights of up to 2.5 meters (roughly 8 feet) in optimal conditions. Thanks to their natural robustness, these ladies can survive a lot outdoors, as long as they receive their due dose of light and heat.


If you’re able to implement a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup, this can help to maximize the potential of your plants and see you to the best possible harvest.


After between 8 and 10 weeks of flowering, you’ll be ready to reap the rewards Cheese Fem has in store, which can be anywhere in the region of 450 to 500 grams per plant of glistening, dense and abundantly pungent nugs.


If discretion is the name of your game, be sure you’re well equipped for this grow with adequate odor control measures like quality carbon filters.




Cheese has been delighting recreational audiences in Europe for decades with her uniquely pungent flavor and aroma alongside her knockout potency, also bringing a number of notable therapeutic benefits to the field of play for those who can handle a high THC strain.


With these feminized seeds, this already beginner-friendly cannabis strain just became a whole lot simpler to cultivate, removing any risk of crop-ruining male plants messing with your harvest of bountiful, dank and delightfully stinky nugs.


Even if you find the idea of chemically and cheesy weed to be a put off, don’t let yourself be convinced until you’ve at least savored that scent and mouthwatering taste for the first time - you won’t be disappointed!

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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