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Gelato Feminized Seeds

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A strain apart from her peers, Gelato Feminized stands in a league of her own for taste and experience before you even begin digging into her background - but her lineage holds pretty high bragging rights...

Our Lady of Taste and Euphoria


Bud Basics

A strain apart from her peers, Gelato Feminized stands in a league of her own for taste and experience before you even begin digging into her background - but her lineage holds pretty high bragging rights.


Amongst the many hybrids that have grown increasingly more popular in the last few years, few can compare to the ancestors of Gelato - bred from parent strains Thin Mint Cookie and Sunset Sherbet, she also shares genetics with classics such as Cherry PieDurban Poison and OG Kush.


Since her direct parentage combines a complex terpene profile of berries, candy and citrus with skunk notes with a particularly beautiful purple and blue phenotype of GSCGelato Fem was always going to be a looker and a keeper.


Blending genetics well known for their heavy-hitting body highs, this fruity hybrid is as you might expect - a euphoric surge followed by a full on, couch-locked stone.


Perfect for recreation and a variety of medicinal uses, she’s a simple strain to grow, too - with all-fem seeds, you can expect a healthy yield with minimum effort as you cultivate.



Flavor and Fragrance of Gelato

It’s not possible to have such deliciously tasty ancestry and not inherit those genes - and as you might expect, Gelato is no exception. She’s a complex blend of exoticisms, combining berries, sherbet and an orange citrus tang with the earthier tastes of lavender and mint to create an incomparable flavor profile.


But the delicacies don’t end there - exhaling will bring yet more flavors to the table, filling the mouth with a sweet (one might say, cookie-esque), piney aftertaste.


Since Gelato Feminized can be a particularly pungent strain when properly cured, she’s not particularly discreet. Though her smoke is interspersed with doughy, yeasty notes and is lung-expanding and smooth, we recommended taking precautions if you’re intending to enjoy her outdoors.




Some strains are strong, some strains are tasty. Gelato is both. Despite the facade of sweetness and innocence associated with her name, with a THC level that hovers around 25%, she’s a hit of satisfaction - but be wary not to overdo it. Recommended for seasoned consumers, this Cali hybrid isn’t known to be gentle on beginners.


The fast acting euphoric buzz that comes with a toke of Gelato Feminized might be compared to a sugar rush - but that would be underselling her delights. A mentally stimulating strain, expect to find your head ventilated and clear - ready for action, should you so choose.


In the early stages of the high, consumers tend to experience happiness and motivation most often, but though some might use her as a kick start in the morning, we wouldn’t recommend it given what follows…


As the cerebral high sets in, a smooth, soothing sensation will begin to spread through your body, relaxing you from head to toe as limbs become leaden and tension seeps away. At around this time, that earlier motivation will dissipate, and you’re likely to find laziness creeping in to take its place.


As previously stated, an experience with Gelato is not for newbies, and can be intense even for veteran consumers, combining a sociable cheeriness with a buzzing head high. But this can soon turn inward into a more isolated, introspective high once the accompanying physical effects take hold, and couch-lock is more than likely in most who smoke a joint of this lady.


Still, she’s not without side effects, and like many strains you might find yourself with red, dry eyes, cottonmouth or dizziness if you don’t stay hydrated when enjoying these marijuana delights. Headaches, some anxiety and paranoia are also a possibility if you consume her in higher doses.



Medical Uses of Gelato Feminized

Aside from the recreational uses of Gelato Feminized, she also embodies many of the medical talents of her genetic lineage. As such, she’s potentially a godsend for a variety of ailments when considering that somewhere in her ancestry is the legendary landrace Durban Poison - one of the best medical strains ever grown.


Gelato can be used with great success as a natural painkiller, for the temporary relief of symptoms of arthritis, managing migraines or chronic pain.


Given the uplifting high that comes with a toke or two of this stuff, you might expect that stresses would melt away as they’re replaced by a euphoric buzz that clears the mind. However, some studies have also shown that this bud beauty can be used to treat the symptoms of anxiety, due to the presence of anxiolytic properties.


Appetite stimulation is yet another medicinal benefit of a joint of this ganja gem, as extreme cases of the munchies are a side effect of her psychoactive delights. As such, she’s popular with those managing eating disorders or those suffering from lack of appetite as a side effect of medication or chemotherapy, particularly as this strain may relieve feelings of nausea and sickness.



Growing Gelato Feminized

Once upon a time, Gelato had something of a reputation for being difficult to grow - but no more. With feminized seeds, what once required a deal of time and energy is now simple to cultivate with only a basic level of expertise, and with a stable, all female crop assured, there’s no stopping you.


Growing Gelato Fem in organic soil is a classic choice, as it’s known for bringing out the very best terpene profile in her, which is a surefire way to produce a gorgeously aromatic plant. Despite this, many growers still prefer to use hydroponics with these ladies, as by ensuring that the plants receive all the required nutrients, you can be assured of an explosive growth period later, and a higher yield. Do make sure to provide the plants with 600 watts of LED/HPS, too.


The Sea of Green (SOG) method is an ever-popular and effective approach to Gelato Feminized, which can also withstand both LST (Low Stress Training) and HST (High Stress Training).


If you’re looking to create a little bag appeal, exposing the plants to lower temperatures during the dark cycle (before flowering starts) will nicely stimulate the production of anthocyanin pigments - and you’ve guessed it, this will bring out the beautiful mauves and purples that make for such a stunning plant.


Gelato is ever a stinky sort of strain, and once her flowers begin to mature she’ll get particularly pungent - odor control measures are highly recommended if you’re growing indoors, as you’ll struggle to grow the plants discreetly otherwise.


In 8 to 9 weeks, you can expect Gelato Feminized’s buds to fully develop, provided that you’re using a 12/12 light cycle. This should leave you with a comfortable yield of between 1.6 to 1.9 ounces per square foot.


Since she can also thrive outdoors, it should be noted that a warm and humid environment is ideal if this is your preferred growing method. When harvested around mid-October, you can expect around 21 ounces of buds per plant - nice!




After years of development and breeding between some of the very best strains available, it’s no wonder that Gelato Feminized emerged as a top contender at the end of it all. She’s got bags of fruity flavor, smooth creamy smoke and levels of THC that can’t be argued with - and she can be yours too.


Easy to grow with all-fem seeds, you can expect to enjoy a decent yield in just 8 to 9 weeks with minimum effort - and one toke will leave you floating on a cerebral high, wrapped in a blanket of warm, body-buzzing intensity in no time at all.


Perfect for an evening socializing, a solo afternoon of introspection, or for alleviating symptoms of a variety of physical and mental ailments, she’s the strain for any veteran consumer who wants to try something that will tickle their taste buds whilst expanding their mind.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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