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Master Kush Feminized Seeds

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A master of flavor and relaxation, it’s no surprise that this herb's got a host of awards tucked into her belt, receiving the seal of approval from Snoop Dogg himself alongside the famed Cannabis Cup - not once, not twice, but three times...

A Marijuana Master at the Art of Relaxation


Bud Basics

Master Kush Feminized (also known as Grandmaster Kush and High Rise) has been around for a long while now, first debuting in the Netherlands in the 90s, and has grown into her name wonderfully.


A master of flavor and relaxation, it’s no surprise that this herb's got a host of awards tucked into her belt, receiving the seal of approval from Snoop Dogg himself alongside the famed Cannabis Cup - not once, not twice, but three times.


Bred into existence from two already iconic strains, Master Kush combines the elite Indica genetics of Hindu Kush with the celebrated skunky perfection that is Skunk #1. With extensie landrace heritage on both sides, expectations for this marijuana master were understandably high - but she certainly lives up to her legacy, providing what some would call the perfect relaxing high with a dank and well-loved earthy fuel fragrance.


Smoothly softening perceptions and easing the mind into a haze of bliss, this weed swiftly calms, soothes and eases you from the inside out, filling you with warm, fuzzy feelings of contentment. It’s this marvelous ability that makes medicinal tokers swoon, since it’s hard to hold onto stress, anxiety or even pain when you’re at the Master Kush level of relaxation.


It’s true, this herb isn’t the easiest to grow - but she’s by far not the hardest, either. All those landrace genetics combine to make her sturdy and fairly resilient, but the sheer density of her nugs and branches require a little trimming. Still, her yields are higher than average, and for a high this fine, she’s worth it.



Flavor and Fragrance of Master Kush Feminized

One of the most well-known and well-loved aromas in the cannabis community, Master Kush Feminized is instantly recognizable due to her dank and earthy scent. Strong and complex, notes of diesel and pine make-up much of her fragrance, set off by the spicy hint of crushed pepper and the faintest hint of citrus, well-hidden by her pungency.




Relaxation is something of an art form - and you’ve guessed it, Master Kush is a master at it. It doesn’t take long for the mood to chill when you take a few tokes of this ganja, and in no time at all your head will be in the clouds, and you’ll have fully embraced tranquility - though some tokers report an increase in intellectual curiosity.


Though the physical side of this stone takes a little longer to kick in, the psychoactive side of Master Kush Fem will set in swiftly and smoothly with a cerebral kick that softens perceptions, elevates mood and soon has you on the path to embracing inner peace. This unfocusing euphoria will muddle the mind for a while, erasing stress with a carefree attitude before the body-stone begins.


Loosening limbs and releasing muscles from tension, the calming sensations of this high will ease and soothe you from top to toe, outwards and inwards, as you're pulled down into near-couchlock (or at least deeply into the sofa cushions).


Soon, sleep will begin to seem like the most wonderful idea in the world and your eyelids will leaden as you finally drift off.


22% THC content isn’t a number to be trifled with, and Master Kush might seem super chill, but can be potent and uncomfortable for beginners. Too much of this pot will go well beyond the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes, and you may find yourself dizzy, or with increased paranoia. A few reports seem to suggest that this is more likely when this weed is consumed as an edible.



Medical Uses of Master Kush Feminized

By utilizing her high THC and various cannabinoids, Master Kush Feminized acts as an anxiolytic to unburden the body and mind, inducing feelings of relaxation and euphoria that elevate mood and temporarily provide relief from psychological disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression and even mild PTSD.


These same properties are both therapeutic and effective at treating a variety of painful and uncomfortable physical ailments.


Abundant with pain-killing qualities, Master Kush can halt cramps, muscle spasms and arthritis in their tracks - at least for a little while. And if her analgesic compounds aren’t quite cutting it, the drowsy, narcotic-like buzz these buds provide will benefit more than just those with insomnia, sending you off to dreamland for restful, restorative sleep.



Growing Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Not quite the easiest strain, but not the most complex either, you’ll require at least some reasonable experience to truly manage Master Kush Feminized and allow her to thrive. Lucky for you, she already has a few traits that make her a pleasant plant to cultivate.


Due to the Hindu Kush influence of her genetics, this herb is highly resistant to rot and mold, and won’t grow big enough to cause issues. At the most, she’ll reach around 2.5 feet, and she’s a sturdy specimen with a robust structure of short, chunky branches. Sound unappealing? Well actually, she’s quite the attention grabbing little beauty, glorious in shades of orange, red and yellow that alter like fall leaves as she matures.


Though her compact, dense foliage is fairly resilient already, we’d still recommend regular pruning in order to encourage better exposure to light, airflow through the branches and the best possible nutrition uptake (she’s strong-rotted, so constant fertilization is a must). Thankfully, since these all female seeds don’t have hermaphroditic tendencies, this stress won’t cause any problems.


Since this plant has a short growth cycle, if you were considering a Sea of Green (SoG) setup, we’d nod enthusiastically. It’s the best way to maximize yield in a strain like this, so we’d recommend a minimum of four plants to really boost your harvest.


Once she’s fully grown, Master Kush Fem’s colas will be heavily laden with snowy, crystal coated buds, and if you’ve grown her in organic soil you can expect her terpene profile to be just as enticing.


She should flower for around 7 to 9 weeks, and once you’re ready to reap, will produce around 1.31 ounces of nugs per square foot.


Outdoor growers should note that this weed, like many, loves a warm, dry climate. You might find she flourishes more in the outdoors, but she’ll still need to be harvested by no later than September or October to avoid damage from the colder seasons. Outside, each plant is likely to leave you with around 17.6 ounces of sticky buds to stash.




Her aroma evoking her Hindu Kush heritage, this earthen, peppery herb takes relaxation to another level - and Master Kush Feminized can surprise and sedate even veteran smokers with her heavy body-stone and hazy mental high.


As much a master of medicine as she is of relaxation, Master Kush can numb the mind and the body, easing anxiety and stress while wiping away the agonies of arthritis and cramps with her high THC potency.


Short and stocky, this specimen can be cultivated in most indoor environments - though it’s worth noting that outdoor growers have found she can produce great yields outdoors. Regardless of your choice, she’ll take a little support and love to keep her from collapsing, but all-fem seeds lessen the work, and a little experience may be enough if you’re truly dedicated to the high that follows the harvest.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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