Blueberry Head Band Feminized Seeds

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Blueberry Head Band Feminized Seeds

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An exceptionally fragrant and flavorful strain that also yields likes it’s a competition, Blueberry Head Band Feminized is generous in more ways than one. With her beautifully balanced genetic composition and THC content that hovers around 20%, this is pure enjoyment at its finest...

Dare to Tame this Towering Toke?


Bud Basics

You can pretty much rest assured that any strain from the Head Band family is good for a satisfying experience. One that in almost all instances combines a high-pressure cerebral uplift with a relaxing and soothing body buzz that lingers for hours on end.


With a pretty perfect split of Indica and Sativa genetics, that’s pretty much exactly what’s on the cards with Blueberry Head Band. Particularly given this herb's THC content that varies from 19% to 23%, being more than enough to have the desired effect.


Created by combining the genetics of Emerald Headband and Blueberry, this fantastically balanced hybrid is just about as versatile as it gets. Famed for her enticing spicy, herbal and slightly sweet flavor, Blueberry Head Band has social situations, moments of indulgence and therapeutic applications in spades. This cannabis can be just about anything you want it to be - it’s only a case of moderating your consumption.


The high is uplifting and relaxing in equal quantities, which in both instances lingers for hours on end. Whether looking for a chilled wake and bake strain or something to help you unwind and relax at the end of a crappy day, look no further. As long as you can tolerate the initial high-pressure rush - which admittedly is pretty heavy - the rest is pure marijuana nirvana.


This is also an extremely easy strain to grow, though does come with one requirement you’ll need to factor in. To get the best out of your Blueberry Head Band Feminized plants, you’ll need to ensure they have got at least 3.5 meters vertical head space. Suffice to say, growing indoors in a typical household environment is more or less out of the question!



Flavor and Fragrance of Blueberry Head Band Feminized

This is one of comparatively few strains that can stake claim to having a 100% unique fragrance and flavor. It’s predominantly an amalgamation of the properties of both parent strains, though with the addition of something entirely of original. 


Potent, pungent and powerful on the nose, it’s an aroma spiked with citrus and classic skunkiness, with undertones of sour berries and a distinct hint of fuel in the background. You really have to stick your nose right into a jar of well-cured buds to get the full experience, after which you’re pretty much powerless against this herb's charms.


What’s interesting about the flavor of Blueberry Head Band is the way in which it is dominated by more sweetness than you’d expect. There’s also a much more prominent taste of ripe blueberries, with the skunky and sour fuel notes taking something of a backseat. There’s also plenty of citrus on the exhale, with a pine-fresh undertone that lingers on the palate.


A note of warning though - the sheer potency of such a fragrance can make this a difficult strain to keep under wraps, irrespective of your preferred consumption method.




Blueberry Head Band produces a light, soothing and satisfying smoke, making it impossible to resist going back for more. Which is precisely where the danger lies, as land yourself a 23% THC batchand five tokes could turn out to be three tokes too many.


It’s not as if you need a legendary THC tolerance to cope with this stuff, but the initial stages of the high can be heavy-handed to say the least. The initial feeling of pressure that gathers around the eyes and temples gives the impression your head is literally about to explode.


Once released, this pressure gradually gives way to a feeling of surprising clear headedness, along with a sense of confidence and contentment that makes it difficult not to grin like a Cheshire Cat.


An hour or so into the experience and things start mellowing out quite quickly, with a deeply relaxing and slightly weighty physical stone that pulses through the body. Keep your consumption under control and Blueberry Head Band isn’t going to lock you to the couch - she'll simply make every inch of your body (inside and out) feel absolutely fantastic.


Tiny amounts of this well-balanced hybrid can be great for daytime or even morning use. Take things beyond this and she's a strain to reserve for quiet afternoons and evenings, given the inevitability of those Indica effects at the tail-end of the experience.



Medical Uses of Blueberry Head Band Feminized

Any strain with a perfect 50/50 split of Indica and Sativa genetics is a guaranteed superstar on the therapeutic cannabis scene. This being no exception to the rule, which has also gained popularity for a generous 19% to 23% THC content. Just as long as you approach this stuff with due care and caution, Blueberry Head Band has the potential to get to grips with almost any everyday ailment you can think of.


This herb's mood-boosting and uplifting properties are great for dealing with chronic fatigue, lethargy, bouts of depression, everyday stress, anxiety and those times when you simply cannot call yourself out of a rut. Negative thoughts and sentiments are immediately replaced with confidence and optimism, which in both instances stick around for hours on end.


When the Indica side of the stone kicks in, it quickly gets to work on all types of physical aches and pains. Patients struggling with muscle spasms, cramps, migraines, arthritis and joint stiffness in particular have reported welcome relief after bringing Blueberry Head Band into their self-care regime.


Depending on how much you consume, you could also be headed for a pretty prolonged bout of the munchies after a couple of hours or so. Ideal for anyone looking to turn around issues with poor appetite.


Though this isn’t the most overpowering strain on the market, the initial uplift can be faster and more intense than novice smokers can handle. If you’re new to medicinal cannabis or have an underdeveloped THC tolerance, limit yourself to just a few gentle tokes at first.



Growing Blueberry Head Band Feminized Seeds

She may be a well-balanced hybrid, but this is also a specimen that has all the characteristics of a quintessential Sativa strain. Most evident in the fact that left to her own devices, you’ll be looking at a specimen that routinely reaches heights of more than 3.5 meters.


This pretty much rules indoor cultivation out of the equation. Thankfully, these beauties are relatively easy to grow outdoors - as long as doing so is legal in your jurisdiction!


Blueberry Head Band Feminized is an extremely resilient and durable strain, which isn’t likely to present many problems along the way. A little structural support may be necessary as the plants reach maturity, as the buds can sometimes be too heavy for the branches to handle. Warm Mediterranean-like conditions are best, but it’s not impossible to produce a decent crop in a cooler northern region.


Flowering times average around 12 weeks, after which yields can vary from 500g to more than 1.2kg of pot per plant. Growing indoors is technically possible with a lot of pruning and training, but this is a strain best given limitless vertical head space outdoors.




An exceptionally fragrant and flavorful strain that also yields likes it’s a competition, Blueberry Head Band Feminized is generous in more ways than one. With her beautifully balanced genetic composition and THC content that hovers around 20%, this is pure enjoyment at its finest.


All from a strain that is an absolute breeze to grow, just as long as there are no immediate obstacles whatsoever overhead! 

Strain Profile
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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