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A consistently tricky strain to get hold of, Amnesia Purple is a beautifully colorful hybrid that leans heavily towards the Indica side of the scale...

Anything But Forgettable

Bud Basics

A consistently tricky strain to get hold of, Amnesia Purple is a beautifully colorful hybrid that leans heavily towards the Indica side of the scale - a fantastic strain for evening use when your calendar is pretty much clear.

The exact origins of this mauve marijuana aren’t clear, but what we do know is that this stuff often tests for a THC content of more than 20%.

There’s a very slight hint of Sativa to the effects, but not to such an extent as to dull or dilute any physical impact. Think a near-incapacitating body stone coupled with a gentle hint of euphoria and you’re on the right tracks.

All those who’ve tried this rare purple pot consistently report an exceptionally enjoyable, comfortable and uplifting experience. Uplifting in the all-round happiness sense - not in the energizing sense.

If this wasn’t enough, Amnesia Purple Feminized is a relatively simple strain to cultivate and consistently produces generous yields. She needs well balanced conditions to achieve her full potential, particularly where those pretty purple hues are concerned.

As an added bonus, being the feminized version of this herb means problematic male plants are out of the equation entirely.

Whether you bag yourself a batch of Amnesia Purple or a packet of seeds, consider yourself lucky - you’re in for something extremely special!

Flavor and Fragrance of Amnesia Purple

You’d normally expect a strain with these kinds of beautiful purple colors to be bursting with berry or grape fragrances. Amnesia Purple takes an interesting step away from the norm, releasing the most enchanting lemon-fresh aromas during the flowering stage.

This citrus scent is even further intensified when the buds are broken, complemented by a wave of classic Skunk and exotic hash when combusted.

The inhale is dominated by sweetly tropical and fresh fruits, with a wonderfully rich and satisfying smoke that lingers on the palate for hours. The aftertaste has more earth and Skunk to it, though with plenty of citric goodness to tantalize the tastebuds.

There’s nothing particularly harsh or challenging about the smoke, so coughing is usually out of the question. Vaping Amnesia Purple can be great for enjoying the subtler nuances, but the real effect of these hash-like undertones is best enjoyed by burning the buds.


Amnesia Purple Feminized has a tendency to be potent and powerful, but doesn't hit so hard as to be overpowering or uncomfortable. Quite the opposite - this quintessential creeper takes her time, slowly working her way through the body with a feeling of warm electric tingles.

For the first 30 minutes or so, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a relatively modest Sativa. The first sensation is one of positivity, optimism and contentment, filling the brain with wave after wave of light but enjoyable euphoria.

Worries are replaced with a dreamy sense of bliss, which is perfect for wiping out the blues of an otherwise crappy day.

Soon, a heaviness begins to work its way into the limbs and a very mild sense of numbness floods the body. Couch-lock isn’t out of the question, but doesn't hit so hard as to be shocking or paralyzing. You’re incapacitated, but you could still technically move if you absolutely had to.

The feeling of mild euphoria perpetuates throughout the entire experience, paving the way for hour after hour of self-indulgence and enjoyment.

Interestingly, some users with a low THC tolerance have cited Amnesia Purple as one to avoid if you suffer from panic attacks or paranoia. Though the vast majority of batches don’t contain a particularly high THC content, so are probably fine if approached with caution. Just don’t take things too far with those first few tokes.

Medical Uses of Amnesia Purple Feminized

The medical applications of Amnesia Purple fall primarily on the physical side of the spectrum.

The initial uplift is more than sufficient to deal with mood disorders and everyday bouts of the blues, but it’s more about the way this ganja gets to work on the body. As the high is something of a creeper, it’s worth giving things 30 minutes (or even an hour) before topping up with a bigger dose.

Mild to moderate aches and pains are no match for this Indica-heavy hybrid. The warm and slightly numbing body stone is great for getting to work on a variety of ailments, ranging from muscle pains to joint stiffness to migraines.

This herb’s also reputed to be a fantastic strain to hit after a heavy workout, perhaps even contributing to muscle repair and recovery (so they say).

Sooner or later, the high lulls the user into a state of hopeless sleepiness, subsequently bringing on a period of long and undisturbed rest. All of which makes Amnesia Purple a fantastic strain for dealing with the occasional bout of insomnia, or when heavy thoughts are playing on your mind and making it difficult to get to sleep.

Growing Amnesia Purple Feminized Seeds

Generally speaking, you’ll find growing Amnesia Purple Feminized at home is a fairly simple and forgiving experience - and being a feminized variety, you don’t have to worry about problematic male plants making an unwelcome appearance.

This beauty is a resilient and resistant strain, meaning a comparatively low risk of mold, pest infestation, pathogens and the like. The plants remain compact and stout throughout the entire grow, though do have a relatively long flowering period of around 10 weeks.

Those with the patience to see it through will be rewarded with approximately 500g of weed per square meter of grow space - sometimes significantly more outdoors.

Cooler Northern European climates are just fine for growing Amnesia Purple Fem outdoors, so you don’t need to worry too much about temperatures. If you are growing outdoors, aim to harvest your buds towards the middle of October at the latest for the best possible results.


An interesting up-and-comer to keep your eyes peeled for, Amnesia Purple is an outstanding Indica-heavy hybrid with a lot to offer. Best reserved for quiet evenings when you’ve little to do but relax and unwind, this pot is perfect for a spot of pure indulgence.

She’s also an effective yet not overpowering medicinal strain, bringing a sense of deep physical relaxation to the entire body. All with the added bonus of a fabulously fruity citrus flavor and a relatively straightforward (albeit lengthy) cultivation process.

More Information
Strain IconsFeminized
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)