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Blue Widow Feminized Seeds

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Balanced, fragrant, flavorful and beautiful to look at, Blue Widow Feminized works wonders with her modest 15% THC content...

A Multi-Award-Winning Masterpiece


Bud Basics

There are some crossbreeding experiments that pretty much guarantee stellar results – bringing together Blueberry and White Widow being a prime example. With two of the most celebrated strains of all time as her parents, Blue Widow was never going to be anything but a superstar in its own right.


A quick glance at a mature Blue Widow plant and you will want this beauty in your life. Colorful buds with bursts of purple and blue, in beautiful contrast with orange hairs and a frosty coating of trichomes.


Not only does this strain have bag appeal coming out of her backside, she also boasts a sweet and sour citrus fragrance that tickles the taste buds from a mile away.


Blue Widow Feminized technically leans towards the Indica side of the scale, though brings on a high that’s cerebral and physical in equal measures. With a THC content that averages around 15%, she’s a fantastically balanced and accessible strain that can be enjoyed by connoisseurs and newcomers alike.


Since her introduction, Blue Widow has become a staple on the scene in Amsterdam and has scooped up countless prestigious accolades over the years. 1st prize in the Best Outdoor category at the 2015 Copa Cannabis Cup in Uruguay and 3rd place at the Treating Yourself Expo Cannabis Cup held in Toronto in 2013 being just two of this pot’s top-shelf titles to date.


Blue Widow Fem also yields like it’s a competition and more or less grows herself. This is the feminized version, meaning you’ll be looking at all female plants with a probability rate of around 99%.



Flavor and Fragrance of Blue Widow Feminized

More or less as you’d expect, Blue Widow brings together everything you know and love about her parent strains’ flavor and fragrance profiles.


There’s plenty of sweet and sour berry scents on the nose, with wave after wave of earthy pine and a hint of peppery spice. Think your classic coffeeshop skunky stink with distinct overtones of fresh fruit and you’re heading in the right direction.


No surprise on the palate, either, as Blue Widow Feminized gets to work with a sweet and tangy blueberry taste with notes of sharp citrus in the background. This citrus tang is more pronounced on the exhale, which is complemented by peppery spice and refreshing pine.


A word of warning though - this is a fairly pungent strain (both when growing and when smoking), so be sure to take the necessary odor-control measures if discretion is a priority.




Blue Widow Feminized is the epitome of a perfect mid-afternoon smoke. That is, as long as you’ve nothing particularly formal or important to do… this is definitely not a strain to bring anywhere near the workplace. 


While the first hour or two bring nothing but good vibes, positive energy and motivation, it’s hard not to descend into hopeless giggles on multiple occasions.


You’ll still have all the physical energy, brain power and motor functions needed to get things done, only with the addition of a moronic grin you simply cannot shift.


Give things a couple of hours and things begin to slow down. The giggle-inducing cerebral uplift gives way to a more tranquil state of dreamy contentment, coupled by a soothing and enjoyable body stone.


Blue Widow Feminized isn’t going to lock you to the couch or even leave you feeling too heavy to function, but could bring more than enough laziness into the equation to stop you in your tracks.


The effects are surprisingly long lasting for a strain with a modest 15% THC content, so a little goes a long way. An enjoyable session smoke for an evening with friends, or when you’re simply looking to make the most of an afternoon alone with nothing major on your schedule.



Medical Uses of Blue Widow Feminized

Therapeutic cannabis dispensaries routinely recommend Blue Widow for the treatment of various psychological health complaints. This isn’t a particularly hard-hitting strain, instead getting to work gently, gradually and in a way even novice users can handle. There’s no soaring headrush or feeling of unbearable pressure - Blue Widow Fem eases you into a state of pure positivity and holds you there for the duration.


This herb is also a popular choice for dealing with social anxiety and general demotivation, giving you the confidence and outgoing attitude needed to make the most of the day.


On the physical side of things, Blue Widow isn’t what you’d call ‘numbing’ and therefore may not be potent enough for the treatment of chronic pain.  Nevertheless, the soothing and relaxing effects can be great the temporary alleviation of headaches, muscle pains, stiffness, migraines and many more.


Though this pot has the potential to ease you towards a blissful night’s sleep, it isn’t going to knock you off your feet like many Indica-heavy strains. In addition, the comparatively modest THC content of around 15% makes these buds great for novice users and newcomers to medical marijuana.



Growing Blue Widow Feminized Seeds

You only need to catch a quick glimpse of Blue Widow Feminized to know you want her in your life. Pretty purples, beautiful blues and tempting trichomes in generous quantities – all making for one of the most gorgeous plants you’ll ever lay eyes on.


The only possible ‘downside’ to this stuff is that given the right conditions, Blue Widow plants will routinely reach towering heights of around 10 feet. Not that this is an issue if you have plenty of space – especially given potential harvests of up to 38oz of weed from every single plant.


In any case, Blue Widow Fem can be tamed to a certain extent indoors with careful trimming and training. This hybrid is relatively resilient and hard wearing, though responds particularly well to consistently warm weather and relatively high humidity levels.


The fragrance the flowers emit isn’t what you’d call particularly pungent, but the epic quantities of them mean odor control may need to be considered.




Blue Widow is one of the most satisfying strains you’ll ever be lucky enough to lay your hands on. Both in terms of growing and enjoying, there’s really nothing not to like about the way this herb does her thing.


These days, more cannabis users than ever before are disproportionately prioritizing high THC weed. Meanwhile, strains like Blue Widow continue to demonstrate how THC really isn’t everything. There’s more to good weed than simply blowing yourself into kingdom come - Blue Widow being good for an enjoyable and long-lasting experience even novice smokers can enjoy.


Balanced, fragrant, flavorful and beautiful to look at, Blue Widow Feminized works wonders with her modest 15% THC content.

Strain Profile
THC ContentMedium (10-15%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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