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Glistening with trichomes like White Widow before her, White Russian’s nugs are stunning and sparkling, and whether you pick or grind you’ll love her aromatic skunky spice...

Frosty, Sweet & Spicy Stimulation


Bud Basics

A blend of some of the most popular and recognizable strains on the 420 scene. White Russian Fast Version once topped the list for most potent strains in the world, combining excellent genetics that led her to the title of 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup winner thanks to her fruity sweet aroma and hard-hitting high.


A hybrid cross with legendary parents in AK47 and White Widow, though she’s been outstripped for THC as time has gone on, her 22% still hits the spot and she’s still loved as the devastating herb that she is.


Glistening with trichomes like White Widow before her, White Russian’s nugs are stunning and sparkling, and whether you pick or grind you’ll love her aromatic skunky spice even before you light up. Of course, once combusted, her flavor profile falls to second best as you’re kicked in the teeth by enlivening cerebral effects, and heavy body-stone, courtesy of AK47.


Now for your convenience, we can introduce a fast-flowering variant of the classic White Russian, and though she’s still reliant on light cycles, she’s fairly fuss-free to grow for novices and experienced cultivators alike.


Infused with Ruderalis genes, this ganja grows around two weeks faster than the original photoperiod plant, and fully feminized to simplify matters further. Regardless of substrate or environment, this cannabis will reward you well with sticky buds that are potent enough to stink out your grow room early on.



Flavor and Fragrance of White Russian Fast Version

An exotic and aromatic fragrance, White Russian Fast Version emits the smoky embodiment of sophistication even as your break apart her nugs, blending notes of sweet earthiness with a skunky spice and a citrus twist that follows through into her flavor and delights the tongue with a smooth smoke.




At 22% THC, White Russian kicks your mind into gear with an energizing, enlivening buzz that recalls the euphoria of White Widow to clear away mental cobwebs, wash away worries and invite in feelings of happiness, peace and tranquility.


All the while, this weed opens up the mind to stimulate inspiration and creativity, making for a potent addition to any brainstorming session or to any artist’s repertoire.


Though productivity is at first a breeze, this Indica-heavy marijuana might have you feeling focused and motivated to begin with, but this will gradually drop down as her physical side hits and the body begins to soften.


Calming and relaxing the muscles, numbing the nerve endings and loosening up every limb and ligament, White Russian Fast soon has your body reaching the peak of blissful relaxation and for the life of us, we can’t think why you’d want to resist. Lounging back and giving in is the only way forward. Though your mind will stay alert, you’ll find yourself succumbing to a dream-like, hazy high that eventually lulls you off to sleep.


Like most marijuana, this pot doesn’t come without a few adverse effects. Dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are common, and easily remedied with plenty of water and OTC eye drops. In newbies or those with a sensitivity to THC, however, this can escalate to headaches, dizziness, and sometimes even paranoia and increased anxiety.



Medical Uses of White Russian Fast Version

Bursting with therapeutic benefits, White Russian is proficient as medicinal marijuana (MMJ) for the relief of both physical aches and pains and more troubling mental agonies.


Due to her mood-lifting, energizing cerebral stimulation, this pot is ideal for reprieving and managing stress, anxiety, depression and the symptoms of PTSD thanks to her anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. However, it should be noted that doses should be kept low in order to avoid exacerbating certain conditions.


As White Russian Fast is also abundant with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, she’s ideal for helping to control pain and return some semblance of normality to the daily lives of patients suffering from ailments such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms and PMS.


And of course, as most tokers will attest that this weed sends even the most seasoned in the community off to sleep, she’s a great choice for those with insomnia looking for a good night’s rest.



Growing White Russian Fast Version Seeds

An average-sized plant with plenty of lateral branches and Ruderalis genes, White Russian Fast Version is perfect for indoor growers. Though she’s hardy and more robust than many strains of marijuana, she’s still reliant on light cycles and she still needs ample pruning and trimming in order for her to get all the airflow and light she needs to avoid moisture concerns such as mold or mildew.


Her care and maintenance is similar to most cannabis plants, despite her fast-growing genetics, and growers should ensure she gets the right amount of nutrients at each phase of her growth.


If you’re intending to grow White Russian as flavorfully as possible, then we’d recommend organic soil as a substrate. This allows a little more leeway when it comes to her pH level and also boosts her terpene production - which in turn will further develop the aroma and taste.


Many cannabis cultivators prefer to opt for a hydroponics setup, as it allows for more explosive growth rates and direct feeding to the roots of the plant. However, this option means that it’s all the more important to closely monitor thr pH fluctuation. Pair this method with a 600-watt HPS or LED grow lamp, and you’ll find yourself with a yield of around 1.47 ounces per square foot after 6-8 weeks of flowering.


As White Russian is a notably pungent strain that emits a strong odor even when still in the grow room, we’d recommend installing an odor control system to ensure that her fragrance remains solely in the grow room.


Alternatively, try growing this ganja outdoors - she’s ready for harvesting around the beginning of October, and can produce up to 28 ounces of sticky nugs per plant.




A perfect example of how combining legendary strains can produce outstanding results, White Russian Fast Version first came onto the scene in the 90s and remains just as popular today. Sweet, skunky and with a twist of spice, her smooth smoke delivers a high that’s energizing, stimulating and capable of inducing a seriously deep state of bliss.


This herb's amazing recreational effects carry over into her medicinal use. As MMJ, these buds are well-loved both as a painkiller and as a reliever of mental troubles.


Since she’s not too delicate in the grow room, despite her strong as hell aroma, these fast-growing, all-fem seeds are ideal for newbies and seasoned cultivators alike. Just keep her pruned and trimmed, and this beauty will reward you well in just 6 to 8 weeks.

More Information
Strain IconsFast
SexFeminized Fast
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Harvest MonthOctober
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time6-8 Weeks
Plant HeightMedium
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)

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