Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

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Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

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Bred from particularly well-respected Hindu Kush strains, Purple Kush Autoflower’s balanced and beautiful buds make for a strain that appeals to the taste buds, the eye and the mind and body...

A Pretty Purple Package of Pot Perfection


Bud Basics

Many of the most well-loved and highly-praised Indica varieties available today share one common trait: they hail from the mountainous Hindu Kush region, an area with a long-standing reputation for producing indigenous strains that have adapted to their harsh environment, and due to their unparalleled sturdiness, growth patterns and resilience, have set the standard for quality in all other strains.


Considering this, it’s no wonder that breeders across the globe continue to borrow brilliant genetics from Hindu Kush strains to develop hybrids that are almost flawless in nature. Purple Kush Autoflower happens to be one of those strains, bred with Purple Afghani to create one of the most aesthetic strains available.


As you might have guessed from the name, this herb has a striking purple appearance that makes for great bag appeal - not that you’ll need it. The classic Kush aroma of this herb is fragrant and delectable with peppery notes and incense undertones, making her appealing to both modern cannabis connoisseurs and veterans alike.


Still, the real kicker with Purple Kush Auto is her high - both cerebral and body-stoning, these effects work to clear the cobwebs from the mind and induce feelings of delight and positivity that send you off into a dreamy, trance-like state of bliss. It’s not surprising, really, that this pot is popular as a nighttime strain, for the perfect end to any day.


The sedating, muscle melting effects of this ganja also make for a potent medicinal strain, as her bodily effects can relieve a variety of painful ailments, as well as lifting the mood of most tokers with psychological concerns.


Thanks to her landrace genetics, Purple Kush is a robust and sturdy specimen that takes up little space and is ideal for indoor growing. She’s resilient to variations in her environment thanks to the harsh natural climates of her parent strain, and though her short life span gives her little recovery time for more major mistakes, she’s still an herb that won’t trouble newbie growers too much.



Flavor and Fragrance of Purple Kush Autoflower

Very much the embodiment of classic Kush strains, Purple Kush Autoflower is aromatic with notes of pepper, fresh berries and sandalwood. Though her smoke is clear and smooth, it can be a little acrid and bring about coughing - still, this irritation is made worth it by the deliciously sweet and fruity aftertaste this herb leaves on the tongue.




Purple Kush Auto is one of those strains that can make any evening a little better, and is the perfect way to close the day. One toke brings on a burst of delight for the mind and the body, smoothing those stressed out feelings to sweeten any mood.


The euphoria this weed induces is surprisingly long lasting, and some tokers have reported she’ll go all night long - though rather than a sharpened focus, Purple Kush instead brings on a light and dreamy haze-like state. This makes her great for freeing the mind, halting overthinkers and wiping away negativity - unwinding becomes a simple task as you sit back with a joint of this stuff and bask in the tranquility.


Since she’s mostly Indica, Purple Kush Auto has no trouble enveloping the body in a soothing calm from top to toe, which eases and massages away tensions in the muscles and ligaments to thoroughly chill you out, before eventually winding you down to sleep.


At 18% THC, some tokers might consider her average potency to be no trouble, but that doesn’t mean adverse reactions aren’t possible. Some small discomforts such as dry eyes and cottonmouth are common, but for those with a sensitivity to THC - or even novice smokers tempted to overconsume - this herb can bring on dizziness, heightened anxiety and increase paranoia.



Medical Uses of Purple Kush Autoflower

Both the mental and physical effects of Purple Kush Autoflower make for an excellent medicinal strain, as her mood-lifting, stress-smoothing euphoria can work against the debilitating effects of stress, anxiety and depression to lighten the load of tokers looking for a reprieve.


Well-balanced as this weed is, the energizing effect that hits at the beginning of her high can restore tired minds to a comfortable state, and silence lingering negativity.


For physical conditions, as Purple Kush is Indica-dominant, she’s ideal for those in the medicinal marijuana (MMJ) community seeking pot that’s also an analgesic. For those suffering from chronic pain, everyday aches, muscle cramps, arthritis, and muscle spasms, the pain relieving properties of these buds can work a rare magic to soothe and alleviate their symptoms.


Though far from the most sedating strain on the market, this nighttime ganja is enough of a tranquilizer to ease most tokers into a state of drowsiness, and usually a deep sleep - so is a choice option for those struggling with insomnia.



Growing Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

Short and compact, Purple Kush Autoflower is unlikely to grow much more than 2 feet tall when fully mature, so she’s well-suited to indoor growing. Her full life cycle is fairly short, and though this doesn’t make a difference to her yield size, it does increase her vulnerability, as the time required to recover from injury or mistake is considerably less than the average strain.


Much like other Indica strains from the Hindu Kush region, this plant is short, bushy and fairly tolerant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. She’s resistant to molds, mildews and most diseases common to cannabis, but if you need to keep her height a little smaller than is natural, she also responds well to low stress training (LST) methods such as bending.


Purple Kush Auto reacts well to variations in her pH range, due to her small root mass, as she doesn’t require too many nutrients, so hindered uptake doesn’t have as much of an effect. Still, this does mean she can be vulnerable to over fertilizing - avoid this by feeding her with nutrients at half or even a quarter of the usual strength.


Throughout her growth cycle, ensure that this herb is kept to a 20/4 light cycle using either an HPS or LED grow lamp of 600 to 1000 watts. When she’s ready for harvesting, you’ll have to take a moment to step back and admire the beauty of this herb’s famous purple leaves and thick layer of sticky trichomes - her yield range tends to fall between 1.15 and 1.31 ounces per square foot.


Outdoors growers should note that Purple Kush Auto’s vegetative state can take up to two weeks more than when grown indoors, but that she’ll begin to flower rapidly once she’s gotten started. Outside, her yields are usually between 1.4 to 1.8 ounces per plant.




Bred from particularly well-respected Hindu Kush strains, Purple Kush Autoflower’s balanced and beautiful buds make for a strain that appeals to the taste buds, the eye and the mind and body.


Mouth-watering with Kush’s peppery flavors, these purple nugs combust to create a smoke that fills the mind with dreamy, hazy bliss and a body-stone that relaxes every muscle to relieve pain from the body as well as the thoughts.


Due to hardy landrace genetics, Purple Kush Auto is robust, sturdy and compact, and resilient to almost anything you can throw at her - provided you give her reasonable recovery time. Autoflowering, she’ll grow well indoors or out for yields that will surprise you with their size, given the shortness of this herb when growing.

Strain Profile
SexFeminized Autoflower
THC ContentHigh (15-20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentLow (0-1%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightShort
Flowering TypeAutoflowering

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