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Gold Leaf Feminized Seeds

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The ancient Egyptians used gold leaf to gild their sarcophagi for the afterlife, and with a smooth smoke and high amounts of both CBD and THC, Gold Leaf Feminized is a gift worthy of the gods, too...

A Glistening Ganja Goddess


Bud Basics

The ancient Egyptians used gold leaf to gild their sarcophagi for the afterlife, and with a smooth smoke and high amounts of both CBD and THC, Gold Leaf Feminized is a gift worthy of the gods, too.


Though this rare strain is actually named after the mellow golden color of her mature foliage, she is worshipped by both recreational and medicinal users, as her benefits are undeniably amazing.


With a fairly high THC level of around 21%-24%, you might be wondering where Gold Leaf gets her genius genetics from - but you’ll have a hard time finding out. Although it’s been established that she’s a weed with a 60/40 ratio of Indica to Sativa, that’s about as much as we’ve been able to discern, as her breeder has been particularly secretive about her origins.


Regardless of where she comes from, with just one toke you’ll find yourself riding a wave of incomparable euphoria - and with a second you might find yourself drifting off to the land of dreams.


She’s ideal if you’re looking for relief from a variety of physical and mental ailments, and she’s no burden when it comes to growing, either. Since Gold Leaf Feminized is one of the highest yielding ganjas available, with an all-fem bunch you can expect to be overloaded with her bounties in no time at all.



Flavor and Fragrance of Gold Leaf

One for the veterans, lighting up a joint of Gold Leaf will soon surround you with a dense, rich smoke and that classic skunky, piney aroma, underpinned with flowery hints and an exotic spiciness.


Pungent as she may be, the scent of this lady and the taste are two entirely different things, and you can expect to find your mouth filled with earthy, diesel scents upon inhaling. Spicy yet citrusy, there’s a hint of lemon and lime to her taste that will linger on the tongue long after you’re done, mild enough to be quite pleasant all round.




Definitely not a slow burner, Gold Leaf will set you off on a cerebral buzz almost as soon as you take a toke, immediately lifting spirits, brightening your mood and boosting your creativity with an undeniable kick - you’ll struggle to resist her allure even on the very worst of days.


Gold Leaf is a particularly quick-hitter, and the upbeat, positive energy will seep its way into your mind, bringing with it a touch of focus and an abundance of motivation that quickly turns heady.


As the high settles in, you’ll find a creeping, relaxing sensation will overwhelm you starting at the neck and working its way down your body to ease away any aches and pains or physical tension.


Definitely a ganja for a chilled day, don’t expect to be particularly motivated to move after a hit of Gold Leaf. Try lazing with something that requires a little less effort like a Netflix binge, and just a few hours later you’ll find yourself succumbing to sleep as the heavy body high gets stronger, and your eyelids drift closed…


Given her tendency to stone you into sleepiness, Gold Leaf is the ganja of evenings and winding down - not the strain you’re after if you’ve got to work and get stuff done.



Medical Uses of Gold Leaf Feminized

One of the main reasons Gold Leaf is such a goddess of a strain is the addition of a fairly high CBD level (around 1% to 3%) to her already high THC. Despite the lack of information available regarding her parentage, it seems clear she was bred with medicinal and recreational consumers in mind, and as such she’s popular with many medical marijuana users.


If you’re looking for a weed to help with physical ailments, Gold Leaf Feminized can provide much needed relief with a single toke for such issues as arthritis, migraines, muscle spasmsPMS and eye pressure. A single toke will temporarily relieve pain and inflammation due to her analgesic properties, and she’ll get to work quickly, too.


Able to induce a mental state that can only be described as bliss, this herb can be effective for those dealing with stress, or fighting depression or anxiety. Those struggling with ADD and ADHD have praised her benefits too, and as with many strains of cannabis, she’s also a dab hand at improving appetite - a little goes a long way to inducing the munchies with Gold Leaf.


Given her relaxing effects, a few hits will help with fatigue and insomnia by bringing on a remarkable state of chill that will last for several hours. A few tokes more, and expect sleep to come on fast, depending on your tolerance.


Gold Leaf  can have the odd adverse reaction though, and smoking her in large quantities could leave you with cottonmouth, or dry and bloodshot eyes, so we recommend drinking plenty of fluid while you consume her delights.


That high THC might be a blessing, but if your tolerance is low you could risk dizziness or headaches if you overdo it with this lady. Some may experience paranoia and anxiety, and as such we recommend switching to a less potent strain, as Gold Leaf is strong even in small doses.



Growing Gold Leaf Feminized

As one of the highest yielding strains available, you’d assume there has to be a catch when it comes to growing Gold Leaf Feminized - but that isn’t the case at all. She’s a fairly easy lady to cultivate with only the most basic of tools and environments.


These feminized plants will fare better if grown outdoors, and in open space with plenty of room you can expect a truly bountiful harvest, since she’ll grow up to 230cm if you treat her well. If you’re a little intimidated by her size though, this can be resolved by simply reducing her vegetative phase, which will limit her growth to a more manageable size.


If you want to keep Gold Leaf’s size in check but don’t want to lose out on the yield, using a ScROG (Screen of Green) setup will ensure that you still manage a tasty 450 to 650 grams per square meter after 8 or 9 weeks of flowering. However, if you think you can manage her natural, colossal size, then you can look forward to a whopping 800 grams per plant.


Though she’s Indica-dominant, due to her Sativa genes, Gold Leaf Feminized tends to flower early, with a total flowering time of anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks. When she does, you’ll find her a sight to behold: gorgeous nugs of vivid emerald, dense and popcorn-shaped with undertones of the golden amber that gives her her name, yellow-orange pistils and a thick and frosty coating of crystal trichomes.


Since Gold Leaf Feminized is a pretty pungent strain, you might want to ensure that outdoor growing locations are isolated for the sake of discretion - Guerilla growing is recommended. As these seeds are feminized, the absence of males means you’ll be keeping every one of these ladies, and that’ll be a strong scent to manage.


If you’re growing in northern areas, it’s worth noting that you’ll need to harvest her before October, as the colder weather and frost won’t do her any good.




Gold Leaf is a deity for both recreational and medical marijuana users, deeply satisfying marijuana both mentally and physically.


As she grows with almost no effort at all, she’s not one to miss given her tendency to provide high yields with minimum effort when grown freely outdoors. Harvest her cornucopia and expect to smoke away a whole host of physical and mental troubles with just a few tokes of earthy, spicy ganja flavors and pungent skunky aromas - she’s a true ganja goddess in disguise.

Strain Profile
THC ContentVery High (over 20%)
VarietyIndica / Sativa
CBD ContentVery High (10-20%)
Flowering Time8-10 Weeks
Plant HeightVery Tall
Flowering TypePhotoperiod

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