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The cannabis community is an enormous place, and this worldwide shared interest means there are innovative new breeders developing mind-blowing and delectable new strains all the time. We love it, we really do - but it can be hard to decide where to start.


At SeedSupreme, the sheer variety on offer for seed collectors can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve orchestrated our mixes and collections. Here you’ll find mixes, variety packs and collections that showcase the very best strains on offer in a well-priced bundle.


We’ve included autoflowering seeds, as well as their feminized varients, and plenty of combinations so that you can pick whichever takes your fancy and try something new.


About seed mix packs

The feminized seed variety packs are a blend of strains that professionals know are suitable to cultivate together. The cannabis seeds have similar qualities: they're all feminized, sativa or indica dominant, increased THC or CBD, autoflowering, or high-yielding. 


We ship the blend of seeds to you in one bag, so you never know what strain you're cultivating. It's a surprise that reveals itself during the growing process. The idea is that whichever seed you grow from the feminized seed variety pack matures well with the others. 


A significant benefit of these mixed packs is that the strains have complimenting growing conditions. Cultivate these cannabis seeds from the pack simultaneously and produce a bountiful harvest. 


Beginner mix pack

The Supreme feminized seeds mix pack is the correct choice when you're a novice cultivator. This feminized seed variety pack contains Northern Lights, White Widow, Bruce Banner, Jelly Bean, and Chocolope x Candy.


Even newbies in the 420 community know that this mix pack contains some legendary strains. Since all of the cannabis seeds are feminized, they're easy to grow for beginners. 


Feminized seeds produce only female crops, so you don't have to worry about sorting out the male counterparts or possible pollination. Each marijuana seed creates flavorful, high-yielding, and consumable harvests.


Heavy hitters mix pack

For some cannabis users, a high THC percentage is all they're looking for. The instant head buzz, psychedelic visions, and mental clarity provide consumers with much-needed relief. Purchase the Supreme High THC feminized seed variety pack if this sounds like you.


This feminized seed mix pack contains the impressive Bruce Banner, AK-47, and Girl Scout Cookies strains. Let's look at the specs. 


Bruce Banner feminized seeds produce a harvest with 18–24% THC. The AK-47 strain contains 14–18% THC. Although its name sounds innocent, Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds mature to a 16–21% THC yield.


Autoflower mix pack

When you're a more experienced cultivator, growing autoflower seeds is enjoyable and worthwhile. This type of genotype begins the flowering stage at a certain point of maturity instead of when there’s a change in its lighting schedule.


Crops from autoflower seeds are best suited to intermediate and expert growers as they’re less forgiving to mistakes and can be difficult to manage. If you've gained some experience cultivating marijuana, the next step is to buy the Autoflower seeds variety bundle.


This autoflowering seed mix pack contains Northern Lights, White Widow, Bruce Banner, Jilly Bean, and Chocolope x Candy.


How to grow from a weed seed variety pack

So how does cultivating a feminized seed variety pack differ? Since the bag contains a mixture of cannabis seeds from the listed strains, you won’t know what you’re cultivating until flowering starts.

We guarantee that each marijuana seed is 100% feminized, which produces a flavorful harvest. You won't be disappointed.


Where to find the best marijuana seed variety packs

Purchase the weed seed mixes in the USA exclusively from SeedSupreme. Order the blend you'd like to grow, and in just a few days, your precious package will be at your doorstep.


SeedSupreme guarantees that each seed in our feminized seed variety packs produces high-quality, flavorful, potent, and large-yielding harvests.


A final look at cannabis seeds variety packs

Buying feminized seed variety packs is a great way to grow similar strains at one time. Professional breeders have hand-picked the blends to ensure your growing experience is successful and straightforward.


SeedSupreme has a large selection of weed seed packs , including autoflowering, high THC seeds, and bountiful yielding. 

What are you waiting for? Now you know all of the essential information, buy feminized seed variety packs from SeedSupreme now!

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